love/line: I’m Hopeless At Videogames But I Must Confess My Love To My Pro-Gamer Crush!!

Remy is a girl in love… Specifically, she’s infatuated with the virtual idol Beryl, the energetic and gorgeous face of the popular multiplayer game, CraftQuest. In a world of VR games that bring digital worlds to life in front of your eyes, it seems like Remy might actually have a chance of confessing her love to her crush!

There’s just one problem: Remy sucks at videogames. She’s truly, utterly, hopeless. But hey, when has such an insignificant detail ever gotten in the way of true love?! It’s not like she’ll need to win a major gaming tournament to meet Beryl…

The game might be virtual, but the feelings are real! Will true love win in the end, or is the game of love more complicated than the players think?!

UpdatedSep 14, 2021
Writing StatusOngoing
Featured fan art of this novel.