Lilies of the End

The Cities of Purily spiral upwards from the ocean floor to escape it, and corruption drips down from the top to the people below. The Royal Houses command absolute rule over Purily, and are uninterested in saving the world and the people who live in the layers below them.

17-year-old Annamarie, first and only daughter of the Noble House Kavesta, has a dream of an unfamiliar memory from the capital, a place she's never been. When she awakens, the dream is forgotten, and life goes on until the last daughter of the Royal House March comes to invite her to the elite academy known as Arys.

On the bus to the academy, Annamarie meets the boy whose memory consumed the dream she'd forgotten, and in meeting him, she finally remembers it. In the dream she remembers, a letter drifts into view. Its words belong to her first love, someone she had tried to forget and only remembers now as her autumn girl.

GenreDramaFantasySchoolSci-FiGirls Love
UpdatedMar 28, 2023
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count29,229
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