Christopher "Chris" Findale is a teenager who attends an upper class public high school in Chicago, and learns his vice principal is an angel in disguise. From that moment, Chris possesses so-called "superhero powers" and is "destined to save mankind". Armed with ambiguous powers, a holy handgun, and a mysterious phone app named Excalibur A.I., Chris becomes tangled in a perilous secret world.

Chris's classmates, friends, and various strangers gradually become involved. The news and media catch on. The police perform seemingly unrelated investigations. Rumors spread like wildfire. Schoolwork is tiring, dating is treacherous, and there are shadows lurking around every corner ... watching ... and waiting.

Welcome to Lyonbole Public High School. We hope you have a good year!

Gerry Hines
Gerry Hines
Last UpdatedFeb 17, 2018
Writing StatusOngoing