Assault Engine Varangian

In the years of old, humanity entered a state of prosperity, and expansion. The civilizations of earth grew united as their technology grew. Though some conflict followed them, it's effects were very limited. This all changed on the day of the calamity, an event that tore human civilization on earth, and elsewhere Asunder.

It was for that reason that some would adopt the new Calendar Era. The Dark Century. In DC 750, humanity begins to retake the surface of earth… However, things have changed, with much of their old history forgotten, or disregarded, and the planet’s surface wildly different. The human race has entered an era of Warring States. A constant battle against itself, a return to its ancient history.

GenreMechaMilitary / WarSci-FiPost-Apocalyptic
UpdatedDec 19, 2021
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count3,525
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