Death To The Furies

The city of Praud is where the dregs of the universe are incarcerated for eternity, their souls unfit even by Urd to reincarnate. Debauchery runs amok in the streets like blood, and death is a legendary drug told only by the foolhardy.

Grand Alchemist Luther intends to change all of that. Originally a purveyor of modifiers—potions that surpass any stupor even the finest wines can induce—he aims to brew the most dangerous modifier of them all: Liquid Afterlife. But Praud is a city ruled by cutthroat corporations, and a vial of pure death could easily set the city's economy ablaze...

Death to the furies. Death for the wicked. May the allure of the end guide your path.

TW: a lot of things

TW: a lot of things

UpdatedJun 04, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count15,428
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