Sons of Dracula

Dracula, the immortal lord of darkness and founder of the city of night, is dying. Everyone knew it, though no one wanted to be the first to admit. The city is in chaos, the world at large is unsure of what to think. Over the millennia, Dracula had fathered many sons and while quite politics and power struggles over who his heir, the "Alucard" would be. There was never any real weight behind it. But now, the politics are enflamed. Every great vampire house is pushing to gain as much power as possible.

The prize? The throne of the city of night; the obstacle? A strange law written by the lord himself seemingly as a joke. One he will not see removed.

"The only one who shall be allowed my throne, is a female of my blood."

Dracula has had many sons, with many women. But he has never had a daughter.

UpdatedJun 24, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count780
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