My name is Shin Tsuki, and I'm a 1st Year at Sakura Blossom High!
Well... I was a High Schooler... Until I died that is...

My life was like any other, I didn't stand too much out of school, never really socialized much besides my little friend group. I had a girlfriend, loving family and pets and even was pretty good at video games! However, I always took fascination of the Occult and often tried catching something on my own, but to no avail.

That was until the day I discovered a website called, "Gateway to the Afterlife" that specialized in seances and ritual tutorials. Eager to try them for myself, I then invited my friends to try it with me!

However.... things didn't quite play out as we expected...

UpdatedJun 21, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count20,871
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