Limerence Aestus

Succubus. Mythical beings said to be the embodiment of lust itself. What would happen if such entities were to blend in with the normal, human world?

Ichigo is a succubus who has to carry the duty to gather "Amare," a powerful energy preventing the world from falling apart, all while living as a regular university student.

The only way to get this energy? Of course, through using her powers to visit people's dreams and lead them to sexual release.

Every day is the same for our succubus, or so it was until she is assigned to visit the dreams of her crush from class?! A girl that goes by the name of Vanilla, a perfect girl who she can't take her eyes away from. Will Ichigo be able to protect the balance of the world like this?

- Chapters with ♡ have explicit sex scenes

「This is a explicit story so you shouldn't be looking unless you are over 18, okay? ♡」
「Tags: Comedy, Explicit, Romance, School, Slice of Life, Yuri, Shoujo Ai, Drama, Magic, Fantasy.」

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GenreAdultComedyMagicRomanceSlice of LifeYuri
UpdatedOct 20, 2018
Writing StatusOngoing
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