SLATE[=]GRAY - The OELN Series

A calamitous repercussion during the "Great War of the 1800's, between the cerebral Kiu and emotionally devout Haikan, literally split "God's Table" in two! But, it's now the Dignified Era; year X125 of the islet's renewed history. The Kigainawa siblings, a pair of 15-year-old mixed race twins, are more than the other's extreme! While Kessetsu, a "talentless" dropout, scavenges for the strength needed to protect his remaining family, the "overly" hopeful Sheer Heart, Rensa, is determined to get accepted as a "Student of the Folding-Fan"! The twins' individual commitments are all-to-suddenly switched around, though, when an ominous challenge heralds the ultimate test of loyalty & self-sacrifice! Will a racially-taboo fighting technique spell calamity rather than victory, or will the sufferings of a shattered past further separate this family at the threshold of their new turn? And what does Kessetsu secretly know that makes the rest of God's Table "ignorant"...?

GenreActionDramaFantasyMartial ArtsSchool
UpdatedJan 24, 2017
Writing StatusOngoing
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