Again and Again (if it's for you..)

A not so ordinary overly complicated story of love?

*** Revati's world is turned upside down as she starts to experience odd instances in her daily life such as getting threat messages on her broken phone which has stopped working since ages or sensing this eery feeling of being constantly watched but among these strange instances the one which puzzles her the most is that these all started the day she started to experience strange interest towards that classmate. What is the cause behind these strange instances,who is this classmate of hers whom she had been strangely interested in lately and what's the larger picture beneath all this.. follow Revati in her trek towards the understanding of all the peculiar things happening,which leads to her unknowingly getting sucked into a confront against something bigger.. beyond her imagination

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GenreActionRomanceSci-FiThrillerTime travel
UpdatedSep 03, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count5,707
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