Last Updated: Mar 10, 2017
Chapters: 63

Unwanted by Heaven, despised by Hell, and feared by humans. Jacob Ravenscroft has never known peace. His life, if one could call such a wretched existence a life, has been nothing more than a colorless blur, a monochrome existence filled with hatred, bullying, and self-deprecation. All of that...


Testamentum Novum

Last Updated: Feb 28, 2017
Chapters: 4

Testamentum Novum. A New Covenant. The battle for Heaven came to an end. Lucifer and his allies broke down the gates and stormed the paradise that so many souls called their own. The Archangels, Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, fell protecting their father, God. Now, with God dead, Lucifer rules He...


Dead Soul Dispersia-Triwrite .version

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2017
Chapters: 1

Book for a role playing game Iam creating. This is its third rewrite I've done. -Dead Soul Dispersia -Dead Soul Dispersia 2nd/Lock and Key -Dead Soul Dispersia- Triwrite A soul could never be banished to hell for the twin goddesses had mercy on those after death. Welcoming with open arms U...


The Legend of the Pervy Archangel

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2016
Chapters: 24

Warning: This novel is crass, disrespectful, perverted, and vulgar. Everyone knows about the Archangel Michael. He's God's right-hand man, the leader of Heaven's Armies, and the best swordsman in Earth, Heaven and Hell. He's also a pervert, a panty thief, and a peeping Tom, but most people don...


Princess in the Moon

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2016
Chapters: 1

Personally, I think having a friend in the moon is better than any gift God can give me.