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I love to write and I love the experience of taking part in different stories as I create them.

I am also Stella Procella in AO3 where I'm working on a Love Live! Sunshine!! fantasy story with weekly updates.

The story I am currently publishing on this site is Scarlet Finale! Updates will be coming once or twice a month! Please feel free to leave a like and a comment anytime, I love to hear what others have to say about my work!

I also like drawing and making the designs for my characters, please check my comments under the Vol. 1 prologue for a link to those. I intend to put out more Scarlet Finale! art in the future as well!

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Scarlet Finale!

Last Updated: Jul 15, 2018
Chapters: 12

Welcome to Glint City: The City of Light. A place shrouded in mystery where strange occurrences have started to take place. Scarlet Finale! is a story focused on two different main protagonists: Faith and Wish. As they step into the main stage, an unstoppable series of events begins to unf...