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Just a silly girl who writes for fun. As long as my stories can make you smile, my job here is done! ♥

A big thank you to Stella Procella (Elaitea) she is the lovely artist behind all the Official Illustrations for Limerence Somnium, make sure to check them out!

If you want to read more stories in the site and don't know where to start, here are a few personal recommendations:

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Limerence Somnium

Updated: Oct 21, 2018
Chapters: 11

Demons and dreams blending with reality. It's just another day in Ichigo's usual life. Watch out or she'll steal your dreams next! 💗 Momo Ichigo is a demon who takes the appearance of a university student in order to blend in with society. Her job is to gather "Musou," a powerful energy needed...


Sweet Haunted Limerence

Updated: Oct 03, 2018
Chapters: 1

Ichigo, a dream demon who has blended with the human world has been invited to a Halloween Party! "Halloween?! What kind of human celebration is this?" Just what could happen to our silly demon in this haunted night? This story is a Limerence Somnium spin off but it can be read and understood ...


Limerence Aestus

Updated: Oct 20, 2018
Chapters: 12

Succubus. Mythical beings said to be the embodiment of lust itself. What would happen if such entities were to blend in with the normal, human world? Ichigo is a succubus who has to carry the duty to gather "Amare," a powerful energy preventing the world from falling apart, all while living a...