Miao Miao

Miao Miao

Whelp. ☆Veronica☆ reading chair beotches. I live here now as reader.

⚠️ I give likes more. I promise. I'll try to comment more because I know how important they are. 🤞

🤞Some times I reread stuff then comment, because I want to be sure I was reading right. And not with half-drunk vision.

⚠️I will aim to read a work all the way to the end. If it is completed and I read to the end, I'll likely bump it off my library so I can keep up with what is active.

⚠️I might share your book link on my personal twitter, but I promise it's to praise the story to entice more readers to it, because I really believe the story needs the love. Hope that's okay.

⚠️ I avoid doing constructive reviews unless requested. I'd rather appreciate the artistry in its raw form.

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