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Hello there!

My name is Lord Claude aka Claude. I'm amateur writer who aspired to write my own series. For the long time I have been think about what series should I write, my first series "Reclamation Battalion" is born.

I hope I can connect with you guys. Enjoy. :)

registered at: Nov 17, 2019
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    Reclamation Battalion
    Lord Claude

    Reclamation Battalion

    In this world, exoskeleton weapons called Armupeau are only wearable by women. Not only does it has change the warfare, but the society has changed. However, legend has it that there is a male wearing Armupeau. But it is just an urban legend. Alexander "Alex" Toshiro Ting is high school studen...

    Updated: Jul 10, 2020
    ActionAdventureHaremMilitary / WarSeinen