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Hey! My name is Kyle, and I'm working on Halvard's Chronicle, as well as other works taking place in the lands of Neuewelt.

I've been writing since my freshman year of high school back in 2013, but i never really got anywhere with it since I was jumping from project to project all the time.

Now, I feel like I've gotten a bit better in terms of writing and focus. My goal for this year is to finish something for once, and for that "something," I'll try to finish at least the first book of my main project, "Halvard's Chronicle."

A lot of my inspiration comes from video games and anime, like many people, so I'm hoping that I can reach an audience who can relate. I'm also looking forward to seeing works on this site driven by the same inspirations too! There's nothing better than tuning into some cool bgms while reading some works of fiction!

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    Looking from Gunforge

    Halvard's Chronicle

    Truth Seekers: As a hunter for Snowind Village, Halvard dreams of one day setting off on his own adventures to see the world, just like his sister. His sister, Tanya, believes that the outside world is too dangerous for him, so she insists that he stays in the village. However, after learning abo...

    Updated: Jul 08, 2020