Abraham B. A.

Abraham B. A.

I want to write a novel that will hopefully become an anime/manga one day; to make everyone smile, especially nowdays when people need it the most. So I hope that you find my writing entertaining, and whether you do find it so or not, please give me your genuine feedback about my work.

If you ask me to review your novel, I'll happily do so! And if I really enjoyed the first chapter, I'll add your novel to my library and read the rest of it later! ❤

Follow me on twitter to stay updated. You can find me on Webnovel and RoyalRoad too!

Also, I follow random people on honeyfeed. I will unfollow everyone in two weeks after following them, and refollow only the ones who followed me. And if you follow me first, I'll gladly follow you back.


registered at: Jul 20, 2021
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    I Once Believed The Sun Was A Legend

    For more than seven centuries, people lived under the sky. Only this sky was an immense mass of rock that covered half of the earth. During this same period, some people developed Sukira, as they later called them. Jadon was one of those people. As a person whom people looked at differently, Jado...

    Updated: Sep 15, 2021