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Goro Hizadame

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*On Hiatus Indefenitely
I'm new to the world of writing and art, but I hope this journey can bring a bit of positivity and entertainment for you and I, thank you for checking out my content, also feel free to share your thoughts, any feedback is welcome!!
Also here's my IG where I upload artwork:

registered at: Aug 22, 2021
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    Participant - MAL x Honeyfeed Writing Contest 2021

    Just a secret anime fan living somewhere in the north… Thanks for visiting! (*^ω^*)♡ I follow back!
    A 22 year old aspiring writer,trying to make it big,not through fantasy,but reality.
    art by me btw
    I am Arcadia, I love to write, and I intent to finish the two stories I have posted for this contest. As well as the content I have on Wattpad on the side:) you can follow me @Arcane_Onyx on insta and find me on wattpad xD I would love to hear what you think
    I write crazy stories that get me banned from places.
    I'm writing the novel "Riddle Night" now. If you try to solve the latest riddle I wrote, I'll read your novel and give it a like. Write in the comments who will die and how. You don't have to guess it correctly. I just want to see you guys try. THANK YOU!
    I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.
    Security Guard. Writer. Metalhead.