An Achievement Badge is a form of reward that Honeyfeed Users can obtain by completing in-site accomplishments. These badges are meant to give Users the incentive to read, write and participate in the Honeyfeed site and its community. Some Achievement Badges will be awarded for completing simple tasks like commenting or bookmarking, but other Achievement Badges will require more challenging tasks like participating in a Honeyfeed Event. As of December 2019, Honeyfeed will launch the Achievement Badge feature with 3 obtainable badge categories, adding more badges in future updates. The collection of Achievement Badges will display in every User Profile.

Achievement Badges have various tiers that change once a certain goal is reached.

Not all Achievement Badges have the same amount of tiers, however, all of them conclude in a shiny gold tier. The design of the badge serves as a way for other Users to see the goals you have reached as a Honeyfeed reader or writer. A Gold Achievement Badge will be awarded to Users who have completed all of the accomplishments of a certain category of badges; this will let other users know your commitment as a reader or writer in Honeyfeed.