Chapter 56:

055 – Dreams Versus Reality

Rainbow of the Horizon—Illuminating Our Darkened Path | Our World

"W-What do you mean… Gin?!"Bookmark here

The silence was immediately destroyed by the echoing voice of Rin, with an apparent tone of worry.Bookmark here

Realizing how loud she accidentally screamed, she went back to where her room is, while the sick momentarily lied down by the table when the loud footsteps were still heard.Bookmark here

"Gahhh… I feel so destroyed again…"Bookmark here

"Oi… Are you sure you're really okay?" concerned, Mato asked and attempted to touch Gin's forehead. But with his trembling hands, he halted Mato's hand.Bookmark here

"You just saw Rin earlier… It's better not to even touch me at this point…"Bookmark here

"Gin-san… Please wait a second, I'll call a nearby hospital."Bookmark here

He forcefully tried to get up even after how frail his body ended up and said, "Th-That's…! That's the last thing that I'd want to do… Please don't call anyone, Kyohei-san…Bookmark here

Yeah, sure… I might be far from being okay, but it's best if I stay here at rest…"Bookmark here

"Kyohei-san," Nagi called out. "Please let Gin do what he asks for. It is better if we let his illness be."Bookmark here

Those words were entirely different from what Mori expected to hear, and so he exclaimed, "How can you be so calm right now, Nacchi… This just doesn't make any sense! I don't see a reason why we shouldn't send Gin to a hospital!"Bookmark here

"It should, and it shouldn't, Mori," Rin entered anew and made Gin put a thermometer on his mouth.Bookmark here

She continued, "Gin himself does not make any sense. Jean, can you help me carry Gin to their room? Mori, I might have to borrow the room for a little bit. I have to talk to him.Bookmark here

And Mato-sen, please don't worry too much about this guy. Who you should be worrying about is G, though I didn't check up on him when I went out just now. I just know that he's not feeling fine; but that's still an understatement."Bookmark here

She then pulled the thermometer and looked at it with a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness it wasn't on the worse side…"Bookmark here

Jean stood up and helped Rin in lending a shoulder. Without a word, they left.Bookmark here

"Oh, well… Another fever of his just happened," Shiro shrugged.Bookmark here

"Life goes on, I guess," Nagi continued on his meal.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Mato, Mori, and Yuuga fell genuinely confused. They didn't want to believe how much nonchalance Nagi and Shiro were showing in spite of what just occurred. In the end, they lost the appetite to eat.Bookmark here

However, it was not the couple's nonchalance that took away their will to finish their meal. They had sensed an uneasy and heavy air before Gin was sent out of the living room. For that short moment, they felt somewhat frightened with how Rin acted after Gin weakened. They were certain about the feeling, but they didn't know how it came to arise.Bookmark here

Noticing the mass disorientation, Nagi said his assurance.Bookmark here

"Gin is a very honest person. If he's not okay, he will say so, just like earlier. Even I was worried for a second, but Gin does not lie to himself. Just the thought where he can still say that he's not okay is enough to tell us that he's very fine."Bookmark here

Shiro interjected, "He had seen worse days."Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

Meanwhile, inside the guest room.Bookmark here

"Thanks for walking him here, Jean."Bookmark here

"No problem. But it seems like I at least know whatever is up. Mind if I listen too?"Bookmark here

"I forgot… I would appreciate if you can bring our meals here if it's okay."Bookmark here

"I'll take that as a yes. It's fine, though. I'll get them." and Jean left to get a tray.Bookmark here

In a hurry, Rin took out and spread a sheet of futon in which Gin immediately lied down.Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

42° is what it said, Potato."Bookmark here

"Ahahaha… That's a good sign compared to October last year."Bookmark here

"It really is. But seriously… are you really okay, Gin?"Bookmark here

"No problem, no problem. I ain't dying yet. This is way better than when I was turning silver."Bookmark here

"This time, you got sick for a reason, right? You mentioned G… and memories?"Bookmark here

In time, Jean came back with a joke, "Half-eaten bowls, coming right up."Bookmark here

"Thanks, waiter," Rin humorously replied.Bookmark here

"Oh, good timing, Jean… I was about to tell what's going on."Bookmark here

"That's why I'm here anyway. So? What is really happening?"Bookmark here

"It is without telling… that you two know about my stupid memories. And that G is apparently a coincidence from my existence…"Bookmark here

"That, we really know," Jean pondered.Bookmark here

In addition, Rin followed up the information, "I heard from Hiro-nii that your fever strikes aren't caused by a virus, but is instead a natural and physical reaction of your body."Bookmark here

"So he told you that… But he's right. I'm not sure if I got this back in the lab, but it's pretty apparent that I was like this when I was recalling all my memories. I had felt the same sensation when I remember over and over again as a child."Bookmark here

Jean had thought that Gin was very talkative for someone that is sick, but he inquired instead, "So? What are you pointing at?"Bookmark here

Without further elaboration, he replied, "I don't how it happened, but G managed to enter my mind."Bookmark here

For Rin to believe the unbelievables, it was still something that took her by surprise.Bookmark here

"You mean… the something that you call a 'realm', Gin?"Bookmark here

"Exactly, Rin. Kuro had told me that he entered due to having dreams."Bookmark here

It was not late for Rin to analyze the conflict, and came to a hypothetical question upon the prior bases.Bookmark here

"Are you telling me that since G is a coincidence that was based on you, there is a chance that your and his mind… or cognition, is somehow linked? So that's why he tapped into your mental realm…?"Bookmark here

"That's also what I thought… which is most likely the case…"Bookmark here

"Whydunit…" Jean mumbled.Bookmark here

"So you're getting hooked into mysteries, Jean… But that made a point. What's significant is why he did it… or what his objectives were…"Bookmark here

Rin felt unsatisfied with the sudden pause and looked at Gin with eyes that are as though they are telling him that he is the only that can answer it.Bookmark here

"…Ginji asked me a favor to see my memories once and for all…"Bookmark here

All of the hair of Jean's body stood up, and thus asked knowing fully well about the memories in question.Bookmark here

"Has G gone insane?! Why would he even do that?!"Bookmark here

"Jean… Even if he hasn't, I've already been living with insanity for a long time. I say, I don't see any difference…Bookmark here

But one thing is for sure… I don't know what his true intentions are as to why he wants to see my torment. If I have questions that only I can answer, then so does he."Bookmark here

"And for this to happen in the middle of our trip… Would you call this a problem, Gin?"Bookmark here

"Probably is, probably not, Jean. At worst, if he is to be placed on a situation where his life is threatened, that will be a problem…"Bookmark here

"Then I'll leave it at that if that's the case. There's no point dwelling on something we can't be certain with. I'll let you two have some time alone, and I might check up on G's condition while I'm at it."Bookmark here

"Thanks for the assist, Jean…" Gin thanked while his voice broke down.Bookmark here

"Dude… Stop talking already… Hahahaha."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"To think that releasing all those memories at once expended too much of my energy…"Bookmark here

"Ahh… So your fever came from fatigue…Bookmark here

A fatigued, hot potato… Pfft…"Bookmark here

"Ahahaha… You're still on with that potato jokes, huh…"Bookmark here

Gin and Rin's thoughts may not be identical, but they had thought that those minimal laughter that was aside from the jesting, was a display of resiliency—in which in the midst of a predicament, they still can manage to have a laugh.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

With the sudden commotion surfacing, those who were in the living area did not wait for an empty time to come by. Mato had led the others, and Kyohei followed on the tail. They made their way on the guest room that Ginji has not yet left, but it was unavoidable for them to hear the voices of the three that had accommodated the sick, although the conversation was not comprehended to the ears. After all, they walk the same, one hallway.Bookmark here

Mato had slid the door slowly, assuming that it will not make a sound, but still does. He had quickly peeked through a gap he made.Bookmark here

The inside of the room was deafeningly quiet. For a moment, he was worried as he did not see Ginji on his first glance, and so, he slid open the door wide and they walked in one by one.Bookmark here

One moment they saw a turtle, and then they saw a worm.Bookmark here

They saw Ginji trembling, shelled inside the blanket with his head out. There was an illusion that looked like he had thinned out, the corner of his eyes was tearing out and his lips had dried out. And in a blink, he was out of the blanket and began squirming aggressively, like how Gin in the past—a worm bathed on salt. It made loud thuds both on the floor and the walls before he halted in stiffness, not moving.Bookmark here

Mato slowly crouched, extending his arm while the empty eyes still has not looked at him.Bookmark here

"G-Ginji… W-What happen-"Bookmark here

"Please don't touch him, Mato-sen…!"Bookmark here

Rin had heard the loud noise from the other room and rushed over only to see Mato nearly making contact with Ginji.Bookmark here

"I'm telling you, Mato-sen… It will not be a good idea if you do anything to him. In his eyes, either he sees wild animals or fiends, or he sees people over him with a facade of smiles. Either way, any one of us is considered hostile towards G."Bookmark here

Greatly disoriented, he stooped with a question.Bookmark here

"Why does… it seems like you know something, Ringo…?"Bookmark here

"Gin had looked me with the very same, empty eyes. I was shunned by him, and everyone else. Even I was also seen as a hostile monster towards those frightened eyes.Bookmark here

Right now, he might be moving, but he's unconscious in his head."Bookmark here

"What does this mean, Ringo…? What is actually happening?" the lone question of Mori had reflected all of their ignorance.Bookmark here

"Ginji is remembering memories that are not his own. Visions are being simulated in his mind right now in a four dimensional matter.Bookmark here

I don't know how exactly, but this was apparently a decision of his to undertake."Bookmark here

"Wh-What decision?" Yuuga's voice trembled.Bookmark here

Without waiting for Rin to speak, Jean took the liberty to answer.Bookmark here

"I've heard personally from Gin about what it is, but I think it's best to be left between him and G at this point. Even I still can't comprehend such reasons that I did not believe they exist."Bookmark here

Rin in addition, interpolated, "For now, I think someone should look over for G while I tend to Gin. We can't however delay our work on the mural. Please don't worry, Mato-sen. I can handle Gin though as difficult as he always is."Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

It's a surprise, that I have never seen you behave so stern, Ringo. But I will be counting on you. Yuuga, is it okay if I stick you to G?"Bookmark here

"If I didn't, then there will be a problem."Bookmark here

"Good answer. Then, the five of us will head out."Bookmark here

The whole place had gone silent with the exit of the five. The air, and Ginji had also calmed down.Bookmark here

"I'm fine by myself, Ringo. You can go back to Gin."Bookmark here

"Alright. Also, if you think that G is actually in deep sleep, you can try to check if he's burning up or not."Bookmark here

"Seems like you know a lot about this, Ringo… I don't even know how you can assess him just by looking."Bookmark here

"Yuuga, I've done that for more than a month. Even there were times when my hands are hit away," and then she left with a dry smile.Bookmark here

"I just realized… Ringo, in situations like these, is calm, but still looks grumpy."Bookmark here

She had come back, opening the sliding door anew, only to see the sick fast asleep.Bookmark here

"And this is where the nose bubble trope comes in…Bookmark here

Oh, there it goes."Bookmark here

Rin had a deep thought, but not a single idea came to her mind. She then sat down beside Gin, and shuffled slightly as she close a proximity from her head to Gin's, still trying to avoid popping the bubble. She brushed her fringes up, and let her forehead came in contact to his. It was around twenty seconds that she stayed still in that position silently, but she raised her head in disappointment.Bookmark here

"Hahh… All I got is that you're sweating a lot. Hey, go drink lots of water when you wake up.Bookmark here

I wonder if you're in a dream right now."Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

‹Ginji›Bookmark here

I don't know what's going on anymore.Bookmark here

There was no point in asking myself how many years has it been since I began watching Gin's intricate memories rapidly falling down. It feels like it has been an eternity after I returned here. I might wake up at some point when my hair is already whiting out.Bookmark here

It hurts, and it doesn't. I feel it, and I can't. As much as… four-dimensional those memories are… I can't get a proper grasp of it…Bookmark here

It's good to know that you can still think properly even after seeing me beat someone up to… his end…Bookmark here

You were confused and frightened… your thoughts are ridiculously clouded by hate and hopelessness… I don't think I can stay alive after that…Bookmark here

It was the burden I took from the children that had died. But it became unbearable, heavy, that I had given up on getting up from that weight. Before I realized what I have done, my mind already went blank.Bookmark here

"Wait, so you actually started from the point that I can actually remember… Was it when I was four?"Bookmark here

Gin?! When did you…Bookmark here

"I'm sleeping right now beyond that door. I figured that I need to visit since you're starting to act up outside."Bookmark here

Gin… How many years has it been…?Bookmark here

"Pfft… Hahahahaha…! I gotta tell you, G… I had that moment too in the past.Bookmark here

I can guess that you've come past the time I left the laboratory. It's the morning of the 24th now, and you've already seen more than two years of memories. I assume that you can get through ten years’ worth of memories in a few hours, since that duration is too bland and boring."Bookmark here

Hahh… I thought it was ages since then…Bookmark here

"If I were to say, aside from my grandfather, my first year, third year, and August 2017 onwards, not much is significant. I have to warn you that my endless thinking of my own emptiness might affect your perception."Bookmark here

Are you going back already?Bookmark here

"Yeah. I blame you for making me exert myself so much that my usual fever came back. I'm giving you a time limit, G. If this takes too long, my health will drastically deteriorate again."Bookmark here

And just like that, he left his own mental realm.Bookmark here

Actually, Ginji. Let's play a game of chess. I've wanted to play with others aside from myself.Bookmark here

What do you mean, Kuro?Bookmark here

Try to guess how many times I have won in a game with myself.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

None… All ended with a draw?Bookmark here

Exactly. You're on a different cognition, I can finally meet a challenge. While we're at it, do a lot of recalling while concentrating on a match. I just realized that this could serve as a mind training to improve your focus. I'll tell you more when we get to some points of my timeline.Bookmark here

For the time being, you don't need to worry about your body. Yuuga is watching over you.Bookmark here

…! Yuuga, huh…Bookmark here

Something wrong?Bookmark here

Yeah… You know Shuri? I'm pretty sure you met her in ManCon.Bookmark here

Yeah. She's a fu… fu… fuuuu-Bookmark here

You don't need to force yourself to say that. Anyway, she showed me a photo of Yuki Amagami…Bookmark here

And it was actually Yuuga, right?Bookmark here

Figured that you already know…Bookmark here

Rin and I were his assistants in illustrating three chapters in summer.Bookmark here

It sounds so amazing that I just want to start the match.Bookmark here

Ahahahaha. Anyway, take a rest and wake up once you're done with August 6, 2017. You need more mental strength so be prepared.Bookmark here

I will.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

4pm.Bookmark here

The sudden banging sound that entered through Rin's ears startled her along with the brain freeze at the same time. Yuuga strenuously opened the sliding door in his exhilaration which prevented him to speak, as he heaved heavily.Bookmark here

"Ringo… G finally woke up…Bookmark here

Wait, what are you two eating?"Bookmark here

He caught his breath and saw Gin, wide-awake, with Rin, sitting cross-legged on the tatami mat with a cup of ice cream with them.Bookmark here

"Really? Thank goodness he finally woke up.Bookmark here

Also, here's your share of ice cream, Yuuga. Kyohei-san gave me this."Bookmark here

"Ah… thanks. But is it really okay for Gin to be eating that when he's sick? No, are you actually fine now?"Bookmark here

"My sickness isn't communicable so no one can catch it. I'm at 39° right now, so I can finally move quite well but my head still feels like splitting."Bookmark here

"Then you shouldn't be eating that ice cream…"Bookmark here

"That's still a high fever you know… it's outright strange. Anyway, we really should check up on G right now."Bookmark here

Gin suddenly interjected, "Sorry for making you stand long, G. But I'm glad that you're still fine on the outside."Bookmark here

Difficultly standing up behind Yuuga, at the doorframe, Ginji was found by the keen eyes of the sick.Bookmark here

Yuuga, and surprisingly, Rin immediately turned their heads.Bookmark here

"Sorry for causing a lot of trouble, Gin…" Ginji apologized with his weakened voice.Bookmark here

Gin with his eyes closed, waved the side of his hand. "I'll wait another four years. But I guess you won't be able to sleep tonight if you go back to sleep now. Well, it's your choice."Bookmark here

"You shouldn't push yourself, you know. Come on, get yourself something to eat."Bookmark here

Yuuga lent a shoulder, and supported Ginji, whose extremities have gone frail.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Potato… Since when had he been standing there…?"Bookmark here

"So you didn't notice her, Rin? I get that Yuuga didn't, but that's surprising. I heard his slow footsteps ten seconds after Yuuga opened the door."Bookmark here

"Whaaaat…?"Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

"You really look… not depressed… but frankly, still…"Bookmark here

The two had sat on the cushions of the living area as Kyohei served a meal for Ginji, while Yuuga watched over him with a glass of iced tea in front of him.Bookmark here

"Broken is the word, Yuuga…Bookmark here

It feels like an eternity since I last ate…"Bookmark here

"You seemed fine yesterday, though… What happened?"Bookmark here

"I heard from Gin that Ringo explained about how I am seeing memories that is not mine, and she was correct…"Bookmark here

"Yes, Ringo said that.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Wait, how did you hear from him when you're asleep the whole day?"Bookmark here

"I sure underestimated the reality, huh… Here I thought I had it rough…"Bookmark here

Suddenly, Yuuga lowered his head subtly, gazing at Ginji's face.Bookmark here

"What is it…?"Bookmark here

"I could have sworn you have dark brown eyes…"Bookmark here

"W-Why ask…? It really is dark brown."Bookmark here

"No… it's black, G. You're eyes are now black, though not as black as Gin's."Bookmark here

Conveniently, a mirror was found lying on a nearby table, which Yuuga took and showed to Ginji.Bookmark here

"No way… It's really black…"Bookmark here

"You see now?"Bookmark here

"Yeah… this beef is so tender…"Bookmark here

Yuuga's face blanked out.Bookmark here

"Seriously, what are we talking about, G?"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

He finished the plate and out of nowhere, Ginji opened up a conversation.Bookmark here

"I know this might be sudden to ask… but you're Yuki Amagami aren't you, Yuuga?"Bookmark here

Yuuga's face blanked out.Bookmark here

He had thought of covering it up, but nonetheless stuck with the reality.Bookmark here

"H-How did you know… I doubt that Gin and Ringo will ever tell someone about it…"Bookmark here

"My old classmate showed me a picture. You were in all smiles when giving an autographed volume of your book."Bookmark here

"Hahh… I figured that would happen…"Bookmark here

"So you really are… Were you drawing your manga when you found that I woke up?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, I… was… doing… beta…Bookmark here

I DIDN'T SAVE IT…!!!!!!" he ran out from the living area to the room where he left his tablet.Bookmark here

He then came back.Bookmark here

"Thank goodness it didn't get corrupted…"Bookmark here

"Otsukaresama."Bookmark here

"Thanks to being holed up in the inn for this day, I managed to finish and cleanup nine pages."Bookmark here

"Woah… so productive…"Bookmark here

"Actually, I was supposed to end Flower of the Unknown in chapter 18, but decided to move it to chapter 21."Bookmark here

"Wait, you released chapter 19 a week ago… it's getting near…"Bookmark here

"To be honest, I was experiencing some kind of a block ever since we came here, that's why I can't write and draw efficiently. But then, when I was watching over you, I changed the climax to be a bit bitter, or somewhat painful because that was what I saw on you."Bookmark here

"Well, I guess a guy that draws a shoujo manga has their own share of problems when it comes to writing romance."Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

Yeah, you're totally right. I realized that I found it hard to write… now that I'm finally starting to miss her…"Bookmark here

"A girl, huh. I can at least relate, but just very little."Bookmark here

"Oh, you like someone, G?"Bookmark here

"I wouldn't say that… but I have eyes on that girl."Bookmark here

"Hmmm… I think we're still a bit similar. I still don't know about my feelings for her (Minase), but it really is lonely when you haven't seen her in a while."Bookmark here

"Hm. I get what you mean.Bookmark here

Well… I think I'll go back to sleep. You can keep working in your manga while you're at it. I'll look forward to the next chapter."Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

Is it just me, or you really sounded like Gin just now?"Bookmark here

"Hahaha. Who knows…"Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

June 25, 00:08Bookmark here

‹Ginji›Bookmark here

Do you even know how to rest, Ginji? Wait, no. You've got too much rest by now. All you do is sleep.Bookmark here

How about yourself, Kuro? Are you already asleep by now?Bookmark here

I've been sleeping since 10:30pm, you know. If ever he went here, that will not count as sleeping since his consciousness is still functioning. But in my case, I don't necessarily need any sleep because I don't have a physical body. Rather, I live inside a physical brain.Bookmark here

Hmm… I guess his condition is still worse than mine right now.Bookmark here

Can't believe you're saying that understatement. Where did we stop, anyway?Bookmark here

Oh, yeah… This brings me back. I was blindly excited for what seemed like an impossible winter when it rapidly got colder. Wait… This line of thought… Me, or the world…?Bookmark here

Yeah. I still don't know my answer to that. I don't even know where I should base a change. Let's just say that Gin Sakato developed a drastic change that pulled him back to being human again after being a Medical Child; and there is an example of the occurrence of winter in a tropical country.Bookmark here

I can say that something changed in my existence, but I don't know if a small change like that in this colossal oblate spheroid is enough to be a breakthrough. I don't know if I should care about it or not.Bookmark here

So in the end, that is still your answer to the many questions you have asked.Bookmark here

I might even die old without knowing an answer to it. When you thought that you already have your answer, you will realize the diversity of this world. It is mysterious. The minds of men are mysterious—for not being able to halt themselves away from the path of destruction. And yet, the only constant thing in this world is change.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

All I saw is that everything turned red. I could feel that my whole body is reacting to the extreme casualty—as if the feeling of pain was also being transmitted. I could feel my bones breaking, shattering, even if they weren't.Bookmark here

I had experienced this too… I know how it feels when your entire life flashes suddenly right before your eyes.Bookmark here

I blinked, and the gray room became white.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

So you really don't sleep, Kuro. Rather, you don't want yourself to sleep.Bookmark here

I guess? Before last year, I was half-existing. I didn't have this black silhouette of my appearance until recently. All I did know was that I am already an entity in this mind.Bookmark here

But, why did the room turn white…? Wait, is that the husband of Ringo's sister? He's also your boss in Giotto's, right?Bookmark here

You got that right. Hiro, along with Sean treated my injuries until I stabilized. Well, Hiro is my brother-in-law-in-law.Bookmark here

You're full of yourself.Bookmark here

I'm quoting Uncle Shuu for that.Bookmark here

You've been looking at that door for a while… Oh, I see, so that's what you meant with the hyperbolic time chamber…Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Wait, aren't we in the exact place right now?!Bookmark here

This place is just a projection of Void. Gravity won't be bananas here.Bookmark here

Oh my goodness, is it really necessary to show me where you're taking a dump?!Bookmark here

You're also fast in recalling, huh. We're already at 0215. Kuro didn't listen.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

So that's how you got that scar… Now the room became black. No, this blackness is weird…Bookmark here

Can you see me right now, Ginji?Bookmark here

Not really… I can only see a white outline of you. Is this how you emerged, Kuro?Bookmark here

Yes. I wasn't Gin in the past. I'm the 'black' that he always think about when he was a child. I wasn't even Kuro in the past. My very first name was despair.Bookmark here

And look now. He either accepted or defeated me. What he did was give up on giving up, and then I became a part of him. Thus, I also became Gin.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Despair, huh…Bookmark here

September 20… Alright, let's move away from that. I've already said that I don't have feelings for Ringo. Don't make me jealous.Bookmark here

The next memory, Ginji.Bookmark here

Don't make that reference!Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

I found another that is similar, Kuro. Class 4A or Class 4-1 whatever, I didn't think that our coincidences will even reflect to unruly classmates. So that's the truth about the murder in Blue Ink…Bookmark here

But I believe that you had your days in Mykes worse than mine. Even I don't know how it feels to be discriminated… No wonder why you hid your scar.Bookmark here

Question, Kuro. Am I going insane, or did I see that girl in this inn? But she looks like a student through and through… Is Ichika Mitsumi an Anew employee?Bookmark here

Please keep it to yourself.Bookmark here

Ah, alright. I guess that's quite a secret.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

I saw them all. I don't even know exactly how many years' worth of memories I have seen from Gin.Bookmark here

Jean's predicament, how he broke up with Ringo, Marco Lugis, the contents of the drive, Eijiro Kurogane, the encounter against Horach, the graduation, Kyoto, even the same way I recalled this memories… he had it worse; the silver hair, and how in one day in the Art Room when he was alone…Bookmark here

Ryota, I didn't know he suffered; and Gin had spoken in the graduation ceremonies, summer, Doctor Kagetora, Yuuga, and everything else…Bookmark here

I see them all.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

"Good morning, G."Bookmark here

Mato, upon seeing Ginji walk in to the living area, greeted at the time fifteen before eight.Bookmark here

Ginji looked around, and almost all of them had sat on the table aside from Gin and Rin. He spaced out for a while on his feet, but then lowered his head.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry for worrying you guys."Bookmark here

Mato smirked, "I don't exactly know what's going on, but it's no problem."Bookmark here

"I see… thanks, Mato-sen.Bookmark here

Ah, one sec. Let me wake up those two."Bookmark here

"Oh, G," Mori called out, "I kicked myself out of the room."Bookmark here

"Why would you do that, Mori…"Bookmark here

He slowly walked out, even after regaining his energy, towards a door of similar distinction as the other rooms. Nevertheless, he knocked on the shōji twice and slid it open.Bookmark here

It was an uncanny scene that he saw. Although there is a meter of distance between the futons, Gin and Rin were sleeping with the same pose. Hands are together as they both grasp on the blanket while both their feet are sticking out. Haku, on the other hand is also still sleeping on top of Rin. The blanket however was so properly spread out that Ginji can't believe what he's looking at.Bookmark here

"Why is there a slapstick here…?"Bookmark here

Anyway, he slammed it on the wall as to wake the two up.Bookmark here

"Alright, wake up you stupid couple…!"Bookmark here

"Wahh- Wha-! Is the robot vacuum now on sale?!" Rin immediately got up, freaking out.Bookmark here

"Uhhhhh… Finally got a nice sleep…Bookmark here

Oh? You're awake now, G. Yawn~"Bookmark here

"You did what Ringo just blurted out, Kuro…?"Bookmark here

"You're now calling me with that, G…?"Bookmark here

"Seriously, though. What's up with robot vacuums, Ringo?"Bookmark here

"Eh…? Did I actually say it out loud? I was having a dream it seems."Bookmark here

"To think that this was the same situation back when you two are in Kyoto…"Bookmark here

Rin freaked out again, "How did you know that- Ah, so you saw it also."Bookmark here

"Better get up now. We can't have the breakfast waiting for you two," he walked out after dropping off the slapstick and slid the door close.Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

Is it really okay for him… Not to ask about Yui…?" Gin facepalmed in worry.Bookmark here

"Wait, Potato. So he really saw everything?"Bookmark here

"Yeah… But I'm still worried when he got to see my memories of Yui."Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

After breakfast…Bookmark here

"Sorry Mato, but I have to take a full shift today at work. I need to catch up since I wasn't able to work yesterday."Bookmark here

"Alright. Just don't be late."Bookmark here

"I promise that I'll double my work on the mural tomorrow."Bookmark here

"I heard that, so you better go now."Bookmark here

"Alright, I'll be off then."Bookmark here

"Take care, Potato!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Mato then stood up while rotating his head, as if looking for someone. He walked around the hallway of the inn, and found the back of a certain cat and a man wearing a yukata, sitting on the engawa.Bookmark here

"The tea is so good at this time of the day… Do you agree, Haku-san?"Bookmark here

"Meow."Bookmark here

"Kyohei-san, do you have a minute?"Bookmark here

He slightly flinched, as the tea stalk waved around the cup Kyohei is holding.Bookmark here

"What is it, Mato-san?"Bookmark here

"Is there a nearby convenience store from here?"Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

Rin joined in anew to work for the mural, but she immediately noticed an unusual silence from time to time. She had felt there is a hint of awkwardness around her as they either paint or spray on the wall. Ginji had noticed too, while Yuuga still hasn't. However, the two of them can't find a time to talk about it.Bookmark here

At the same time before dinner, the club and Gin came home. A few minutes after they had eaten, Mato suddenly asked Rin.Bookmark here

"Ringo. Where did your boyfriend go to?"Bookmark here

"Hmm… I also don't know."Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

There were no signs that it will rain. The stars are not plenty, but the moon is out and shining brightly.Bookmark here

That is what Gin is seeing, as he feels the wind embracing him while sitting silently on the roof of the inn.Bookmark here

"Figured I'd find you here."Bookmark here

"Oh, Mato."Bookmark here

"Remember the time when I accompanied you on the roof of your house?"Bookmark here

"When was it… Was I nine at that time?"Bookmark here

"You'd always climb up the roof and sit just like right now when you have something on your mind."Bookmark here

"You sure know me as a child.Bookmark here

What's with that plastic bag?"Bookmark here

Upon sitting on the roof, Mato took out a can of beer from the bag and gestured of giving it to Gin.Bookmark here

He bitterly stared at Mato for fifteen seconds, and took the can to his hand.Bookmark here

"I'll drink just one."Bookmark here

"You're so strict."Bookmark here

"You know, I had a time when I actually slept the night on the roof of my house. I sleepwalked, but still took a mat and a blanket with me."Bookmark here

"You're really weird.Bookmark here

Anything wrong?"Bookmark here

"Nothing serious," the can popped and sizzled.Bookmark here

"That's nice to hear. I'm a teacher but I'm not good with pep talks."Bookmark here

"I can see that."Bookmark here

As if trying to find something, Gin loudly sniffed.Bookmark here

"I could have sworn there were times that I saw a stick of nicotine in your mouth when you have alcohol with you."Bookmark here

"Ah, you're right. I stopped when I realized my feelings for Nana, and your father always advised me to stop, since he did."Bookmark here

"Well, I had a respiratory infection because of smoke, so Dad stopped for good. But that's quite a feat to stop smoking after two years of taking it."Bookmark here

"I found my sense of discipline."Bookmark here

He then took a huge gulp, and spoke anew.Bookmark here

"I guess I really don't know you, Gin."Bookmark here

"I won't deny that it is actually the case, but don't say that. Still, you've known me for a decade, so much that you found me on this roof on your own."Bookmark here

"Gee, many thanks.Bookmark here

After I empty all of this, want to take a dip on the hot spring?"Bookmark here

"Yeah… My whole body is so stressed.Bookmark here

And I think it's time for me to stop running away."Bookmark here

"Uhh… Huh?"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Mato nearly passed out on the bath after seeing Gin's huge scar.

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