What is Honeyfeed?

Honeyfeed is the online light novel platform for readers who thirst for anime-like creations and writers of original fiction who want to have their work seen globally.

How do I make an Account?

Simply by clicking the "Sign up" menu on the top right, you just need to put in your information and you are in!

How do I make my novel?

All you have to do is Login, and then after setting your username, click it in the upper right corner. From the menu, click my novels. Then click "Create Novel" .

What if my novel has more than 5 genres? Can I choose more?

At this time, you can only choose five genres per novel. Please choose up to five max that most closely align with your novel.

Okay after writing a bit, I want to change my genres. Can I do that?

Yes, you can! You can edit your synopsis, writing status, maturity rating, and genres in the Edit Novel page.

How do I add chapters to my novel?

On the "My Novels" page, click "Create New Chapter". Then, add your title in along with the text for the chapter.

Do I have to paste it from another document or can I type it right into the page?

You can type directly into the Honeyfeed site.

If I have not finished my chapter and I want to come back, can I?

Yes. Just select "Save Draft". You can return at a later date and continue working on it.

Is Honeyfeed mobile browser friendly?

You betcha!

I am in love with this novel xxxx by this author! How do I keep up to date with it?

When you go to their novel’s page, at the very top, you can click"Add to Library". This will add the novel to your Library and then, every time the author uploads a chapter, you will get an email notification.

You don’t seem to understand, I REALLY like this novel! How do I share it with my friends on Twitter or Facebook??

On the same page where you can add a novel to your library, there are Twitter and Facebook logos. By clicking them, you will get the option to share it on your social media.

I have uploaded xx chapters of my novel, but no one is liking it or commenting! What gives?

Honeyfeed is based around a community. It is all about give and get. You may need to give a little in order to get some back. If no one is liking or commenting on your novel, then maybe you should try commenting on and liking other novels that you do truly enjoy. Then those authors will be motivated to look at your works and hopefully comment back and like yours as well!

Do you have email notifications?

Yes. You get an email every time an author uploads a chapter to a novel that is in your library or someone leaves a comment.

I don’t want emails. Do you have a notification system?

At this time, we do not. However, one is in R&D!

What is this Monthly Ranking and how do I get my novel featured?

The Monthly Ranking is a ranking that allows Honeyfeed to show what novels are currently popular on the site. The ranking is based on the numbers of views that a novel’s chapters have received in the most recent 30 days. This ranking updates weekly and is updated every Saturday night at midnight (01:00) PST.

How do I get featured in the Weekly Ranking (genres) sections?

The Weekly Ranking is based on the numbers of views a novel’s chapters have received in the past 7 days. This ranking is also updated every Saturday night at midnight (01:00) PST.

Why are not all genres shown in Weekly Ranking?

If we show all of the genres at once, it will make the top page too crowded and harder to navigate. Genres are shown at random and change randomly in order to give variety to the site.

It doesn’t look all my comments were reflected in Recent Comments on the top page. What’s the logic behind?

If comments were ones made from the same user, they will not be shown there other than his/her most recent comment.

I want to make suggestions for how to make Honeyfeed better. Where can I do that?

"Click here" and submit your suggestions.

If I upload on your site, do I still have exclusive rights to my work?

100% yes. We, Honeyfeed, and qdopp Inc. do not claim the rights to anyone’s work uploaded onto Honeyfeed. The works that you upload are strictly yours.

What is qdopp?

qdopp Inc. is the parent company of Honeyfeed, Honey’s Anime English, and Honey’s Anime Español. We were founded in Tokyo, Japan in 2014 and have quickly become a leading source for anime news, recommendations, manga information, gaming information, as well as information on Japanese culture.