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AYR Cover

Welp, I did say AI meeting either Maia or Richard would lead to the worst case scenario. However,...

Polished artwork cover (original art by Taka)

That´s perfectly fine, I´m glad you like them 😊

Rex and Zain make a good pair.

And just when I'm starting to think Erica might be one of the more "normal" students... My man...

The Leigh Theory

I feel like you're lacking in character descriptions. I'm not sure if I missed something, but I h...


🤣 It still happens in adult life, imo... You want your love ones to compliment you and u get mad ...

Cryogenisis 1
CryogenisisChapter 8:

I read a part of the blurb for Shimoneta. It seems interesting lol. As far as liking my own chapt...

The Mooch Rests 2 (Main Cover)

Is Asagiri actually into Kamikawa? 👀. The joke you want dinner or a bath or me never get old 😂. B...


Good catch!! I thought it was subtle 😆