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The Official Cover

That’s a nice interpretation Kyoshiro 😎 Glad to see you back and thanks for reading 🫶🏻

I'm gonna make you bend and break (it sent you to me without wings) Say a prayer, but let the go...


It was actually Hawkman who told Black Adam (Teth Adam, played by Dwayne Johnson) that heroes don...


Not yet but I read the synopsis. Who knows maybe Cindra will have to change her name to Black Ci...

Who's the protagonist by the way? 😅 Baal or the students? Cindra too has some nerve saying let'...

Unconsciously Interested

"Not because I can read chapters of those books doesnt mean I have a fully grasp of it,unless aut...

The Official Cover

What the fish! So much is happening I can’t handle it 😂 my head is literally spinning with everyt...

Noting wrong for sure, but overdoing is never good, you know?