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Thanks for checking out CCC! And I hope you enjoy Aro-com too! :3

The Mooch Rests 2 (Main Cover)

Yeah, he's the chaddiest character in the series haha xD We'll see a lot more of Mogami later on

Nooo!!! His unborn descendants!!! Pretty funny chapter ☠️. Good job man.

Can confirm narrator has been rude about pretty much everyone, not just Maxie😂. Anywho all cau...

Anything but Boring! - Cover

Tinder meets arranged marriage meets scam artist(?). :honey_lol: I'm glad you're enjoying thei...

An American Survivalist in Tokyo

Well, at least Jacob's trying his best, even if it hurts his hands a pride. 😆 This chapter was a ...


Idk man, every other novel is 1k or two and they turn out really bad; most of them spending 500 w...

The Mooch Rests 2 (Main Cover)

Liked the transition to the train ride this chapter. Both characters are starting to open up a li...

To:Kya Hon

As to your first point, I agree. If I weren't hounded for both time and word count, some or all o...


I take it back 😭😭😭 No suspense please… I wanna know what happens next now 😤