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Spice of life [Remake] cover

Author's Commentary #11: Time to talk about Chapter 11: On the fly cook-off. Originally, this...

En Passant Grandmaster season 2: The fallen maestro cover

Reasons why bad guys are bad guys: Cypress: "Girls are icky 🤢😡" Zanni: "I'm hungy for you 🤤"

The Butterfly Knight and the Leviathan.

"What we accomplish on the inside changes the reality on the outside." ( Otto Rank ) sums up the ...


To be fair, I would also commit harakiri if my own flesh and blood somehow thought Bulgaria was t...

Spice of life [Remake] cover

Hey, since you mentioned entering this into a contest, would you like some criticism? I think I c...

Picture perfect indeed 😌 Delilah is a very fast learner and I’m sure she’ll soon be able to text ...

hey dragnix, you know, I sometimes wonder why people create a second account to like their own wo...

Temporary cover

Interesting, an apt and powerful chapter no doubht. I will say, I felt the pacing of the previous...