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Unconsciously Interested

Finally caught up with all the chapters😆😅 A great development for Kyashii now she met big bro her...

Phantom Adagio Vol. 2

The music for this chapter: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4VdKfHAn1Y7vKyuAAWKKa1?si=88264d586...

I'm getting the feeling that the ball of light and the cat are somehow linked.

Museworld Cover

I can’t really blame the mom. I might have done the same in her shoes.

Cover of the book Content of The Magic Box

Yeah, I just hope he survives that long.

Cover of the book Content of The Magic Box

Maybe David will be a man one day but only now he is a boy. Sometimes you can only say poor David


Hello, thank you for that, it seems - is not being registered for telepathic convo.

Official Cover for Vigilant Myst Episode One

Its crazy how I haven't focused on writing novels for nearly 3 months.


Aww no hope you’re feeling better now ❤️❤️ And I agree it’s going to be particularly difficult at...