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Kyashii's revenge started right away... :honey_lol: Sorry, mr.nice guy.. i know youre nice but...

Official cover

Heavily nuked and revised. Prolly nuke it again, because nuking this stupid story is quite reliev...

My impression when Melyeze introduced herself: a brat character, and she must be short. Then Sere...

Deserting his friend in the desert sounds like just desserts to me

cover 3.0
To:Cian Yonda

You don't need the informations wroten here to understand the rest of the story 😅 ( I guess ) It...

The Girl He Used To Know - Official Cover art by Taki!

Interesting concept, isekaid together, yet separately. They say that time heals all wounds, but I...

Tristan and Isul Cover

Yessh. A Tristan vs Tristan smackdown! Let's go!

Cupid's BLAME! Cover

Get yourself a man that gets out of his zombie mode at the sound of your voice the way Ren revive...

Cupid's BLAME! Cover

Right after an Airi chapter comes a chapter with Emma? Nah, stop playing with my heart XD