Chapter 0:

The End Is Just Another Beginning

The Curse of Immortality

Immortality sucks. Seriously. I would know. 

Yeah sure, it has perks, especially at first. But how could I have imagined the inevitable future that awaited me, which would await anybody if they never died. Loneliness.

Nobody thinks that far ahead in the future when making a wish. If one wished to be rich, nobody imagines what that would naturally bring along. Taxes, scandals, and politics. If one wished for powers, likewise. Responsibility, conspiracy,  and being at odds with the law. If one wished for world peace, it would go against the very concept of free will. 

While I didn't choose immortality for any moralistic reasons, I do hold on tightly to my set of beliefs and I figured that if I was immortal, perhaps I could eventually make a difference in this world and be able to contribute at least something to mankind. But living forever comes along with a natural sense of procrastination, which makes it even harder to get anything done. 

Well, procrastinate I did,  for decades upon decades, until the word became filled with chaos and humans eventually became an extinct species due to a myriad of reasons, all self-caused. 

Thus alone, I traveled. Never aging. Never dying. Keeping my own counsel and company for an unknowable amount of time. Why keep track when the world has ended. Everyday can be a Saturday for all I care. No need to go to work and I can just relax and vacation to no end. 

This went on for many, many years. Perhaps decades. Perhaps centuries. Until one day everything changed. The day I started going insane. The day I started hearing voices in my head. The day that eventually led me to start talking to myself. 

This is the story of how I.....actually, never mind that. I don't want to spoil the ending.  

Taylor Victoria
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