Chapter 9:


Extracurriculars 怪獣教師

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The misfortune, if it could be called that, which had befallen Inotani Takuya was gradually creeping to a halt. The past events, decisions, as well as the "fate" which all bound Takuya to his current circumstances, would soon release their shackles- if only temporarily. At the moment they're broken, and Takuya is freed from the involvement with other people he loathes so much, he'll breathe in and out then feel a sense of relief. "Finally," Takuya would rejoice, "I can just sit at home alone." For he was a free man once again.Bookmark here

This relaxation and rediscovered freedom would be mercilessly ruptured by one thousand large screws being simultaneously flung into his back with astronomical force.Bookmark here

That's not a metaphor, simile, or symbol of any kind. The screws represent exactly what they are. Cold, hard steel, nothing more and nothing less. I suppose that's up to your interpretation, though. Takuya's relaxation was quite- no, very literally interrupted by one thousand screws in his back. And I'm not ashamed to admit that I ordered the assault. Takuya hadn't earned his break, nor requested it. He took it of his own volition, without my approval. He chose to slack off. He chose to ignore everything and everyone around him even after he realized and understood that wouldn't work out anymore.Bookmark here

I gave him the proposition of a lifetime but he ignored me, and I don't understand why.Bookmark here

Who wouldn't want to overthrow the government?Bookmark here

It doesn't really matter. I'll nail into him possibly the most important thing he'll ever hear in his life: "Do not ignore Nishioka Manami".Bookmark here

You can't remove that with a screwdriver.Bookmark here

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