Chapter 1:

Night of the revolution-1


A good wind, a terribly kind moon, a day that changed everything...

14 DECEMBER, 1988  

"The outrage is unbelievable! OUTRAGE! We are being approached by a flying object at 6,000km per second! Orders have been issued for all non-combat and technical forces to take shelter in shelters. You are all being ordered into shelters, noncombat and technical!"

"It was bad news, contact Brigadier General Haruno right away, and deploy the Action Forces to 145-d Alpha." 

Those words that were uttered in a hurry deployed to the majority of the surroundings to work. The tension was evident in the surrounding area.

All bomber forces will deploy to the Space station 168-Z Tiger and begin the primary needs to attain the position! It's now up to you to ensure humanity's survival. Give it all you've got!"

In the lab, everyone's faces were filled with regret, because something was coming in as fast as lightning to destroy everything, but the human race had developed the means to at least survive.

 The combined forces of all nations were at the ready to defend earth, just as in an action manga. 

Civilians took shelter in the bunkers beneath the ground.

The bunkers were the results of nuclear bombs, and the cold wars, It was made up in secret by all governments to ensure survival in case of a nuclear attack. 

  It was made up in secret by all governments to ensure survival in case of a nuclear attack. 

It was estimated that nearly 75% of the entire world population was safe in those bunkers. However, if these bunkers were all destroyed, it is lost to history.

The forces planned to use tons and tons of Tsar Bomba made by the Soviets, b53 bombs developed by the United States, and loads of magnetic gun systems developed secretly by the Indian 'government to identify the target and to shoot the target using thousands of those weapons,

 And a big and wide magnetic field was also used to protect the earth's upper surface, Nevertheless, it was the last resort since it would seriously damage the earth's surface and the climate in that area, as well as make it uncertain if the bunkers can withstand those blows.

Suddenly a voice on the monitors shouted, "Vice chief Braun! The target has passed the Earth's satellite! It will reach the Earth in 64...63...62...61...60...". At once everyone looked at the monitors.

"Now is the time, you cheeky little bastard, we are here to take care of you," Haruno muttered.

"Now's the time, we have lived long enough, now it is the time for the next generation to take cover...Start the countdown"

"Ready to fire at 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1..."

"NOW !!!!!!!!"

The tensions in the air were so dangerous that the tensions between the members of the united forces, who were about to attack the target via very large spacecraft, were equal and perfect combinations of hope, despair, fear, and regret.

However, nothing could be done in the end. The glowing sun landed on earth intending to destroy everything.

Although the magnetic field-deployed at the surface of the earth was successful, because of the efforts of the united forces. Ten percent of the earth was destroyed in the radius where the 'GLOWING SUN' landed, as were the bunkers underneath it, costing two billion lives, more than half the global population.

50% of the world's population survived this apocalypse, but every element of the world's ruling forces was killed...



"Y-You W-will D-die..urghhh..."

There was a guard who was being choked by someone.

While he screamed, "Of course I'll do it, someday everyone must die, and now it's YOUR TIME!" even he said the words in a cocky and funny manner despite killing someone without mercy.

He took out wireless from his pocket and said, "Left entrance, clear OVER"

"Well done captain Akio, all the entrances are open, our forces have infiltrated the military Headquarters, OVER" Someone replied.

'There is a curfew in effect and everyone is strictly prohibited from venturing outside. EVERYONE is strictly prohibited to leave their residence. This is southern reigns military police, terrorists attacked our southernmost city, Senlos II as well as our Headquarters.'

A message of this nature was broadcast on all the TVs, radios, and other electronic media in Senlos. The entire city became silent.

Over wireless:
"It's the 7th platoon reporting from the southernmost point; we've secured the mountain exit."

"Tchkk... these small rebels killed them, but now they have nowhere to go, they are as good as dead." said the captain of the seventh platoon. 

"3...2..1." Akio's expression changed, "N-Now's the time... HERE IT COMESSSS.........!!!!!!!" While Akio shouted this, suddenly something unexpected happened,

In Senlos II, the southernmost of the new kafria reigns, surrounded by hills at the south and rivers at the north, escaping was probably impossible, especially when the whole city was surrounded by military police.

An unexpected event happened, accomplices working with Akio detonated a bomb at the base of the cliff! The entire 7th platoon and many more military police troops had their lives blew up, something they had not expected, small rebels could not do this, This was the first reaction by nearly all the military police to all of this chaos.

He replied in his normal manner, "I'm going now, dumbasses." As he ran off with his teammates through the huge pile of dirt created by blowing the mountains, escaping was now quite simple.

"I'm taking them with me too! haha, fools!!" Akio said and laughed more devilishly.

Kafria reigns Central Headquarters, Sometime after the escape of Akio:

It's a damn shame!"

"You idiots! Can't handle some rebels!"

How much do you know about who those rebels have freed? Do you have any idea?"

The military officers are seated around a man, who was in charge of the southern reign and present when Akio freed the prisoners they held.

The north-eastern forces are being sent into the southern reigns, and you will be relegated to the rank of lieutenant colonel, with the general commanding the southern reigns.

Thank God you are not being killed, we have spared you and your family."

The man replied, "I'm grateful, sire, I'm glad I got another chance, and I swear to my motherland that I will never let you all down!"

Who does the young man Akio has freed? do they relate to him or the incident of the glowing sun?