Chapter 2:


Re: Genesis

The Gestas members set up camp in a forest and are currently recovering from the raid. A bit further into the forest Deveon is rubbing his head and Eon is standing in front of him with his arms crossed. Eon's right hand was wrapped in fresh bandages, but the damage done to his hand rendered it incable of use till the wound healed up. Bookmark here

“I told you to stay put till we were done with the raid.” Eon is harshly scolding Deveon.Bookmark here

“Yeah but Kite was about to get killed.” Deveon said, still rubbing the same spot on his head.Bookmark here

“Do you want me to hit you again? I've already told you to prioritize your safety. Better Kite got done in rather than you, he decided to live like this. Someone who lives by a blade has to have the resolve to die by a blade. You on the other hand were unfortunately dropped into this situation. I don't want to have to tell you this again. Stay out of unnecessary danger.” Eon’s tone was harsh. Bookmark here

“Alright, alright, I hear ya.” Deveon walked away wincing from the pain he felt on his head. Deveon suddenly halted his steps; he seriously questioned Eon. “What’s up with that decision you made earlier? That choice was out of character for you.”Bookmark here

“I just felt like it. '' Eon responded with an impassive demeanor. Bookmark here

Deveon seemed to be disappointed in the response he got. “I see.” Deveon returned to the camp.Bookmark here

Everyone in camp was broken into several small groups and working on different tasks. Eon’s trusted aids, which numbered to be seven, were sitting in a small group discussing something. Deveon walked towards the group and started talking to one of them. Bookmark here

“Mantel, you’ve known Eon the longest out of everyone in Gestas, can you explain to me what’s up with that reaction he had earlier?” Bookmark here

Mantel looked at the other six men and started rubbing the scare on his cheek. One of the six men nodded and Mantel directed his back at Devon. “This isn’t something we would tell the other members of Gestas but since it’s you we’ll make an exception. Eon was an orphan.”Bookmark here

This revelation didn’t pose a huge shock to Deveon; It wasn’t uncommon for people of their class to not have parents. Deveon himself didn’t know his parents. Bookmark here

Mantel continued his serious demeanor with a hint of pity. “Eon wasn’t always parentless. He lived with his parents up until he was eight. His parents were respected by their neighbors and lived a pretty decent life for a surf. The lord of their manor was in danger and both of Eon’s parents did not hesitate to come to their lord's aid. Eon’s parents traded their lives for the safety of their lord and got nothing in return for it. Their son didn’t even have a place to lay his head after their death. The lords didn’t offer a hand to Eon after his parents' sacrifice and casted him away after deeming him to be worthless. Eon jumped from relative to relative but, of course, none of them had the resources to take care of an extra child so eventually Eon ended up in the slums. I believe the kid just reminded Eon of his past. The reason he picked you up is probably similar.” Mantel got up and walked away. The other six men followed suit. Bookmark here

Deveon spent a long time thinking about what he heard; before he knew it, night came. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

All the Gestas members were eating and drinking. The atmosphere was merry.Bookmark here

Eon bursted out in laughter. He had the most to drink and clearly became the most intoxicated. “As long as I’m here, the members of Gestas have nothing to worry about” Eon boasted loudly. “Rest assured, I will assure all of you live a decent life.” Eon started laughing heartily again.Bookmark here

“I think boss had too much to drink again.” Bookmark here

“Facts. I don’t know how to handle him saying sentimental stuff like that”Bookmark here

The two men conversing laughed wearly.Bookmark here

Deveon was sitting at the edge of the camp instead of his usual position next to Eon. Deveon was staring intently at Eon. He spent the whole time in silence with his thoughts.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Early morning came and all of Gestas was sleeping aside from Eon and Deveon, who, having left camp, were waiting patiently in the forest. The forest was dense with leaves and was mostly quiet aside from the birds passing by overhead and the occasional roars of beasts in the distance.Bookmark here

Eon broke the silence, he carried a mentor like attitude with Deveon. “You know why I bring you with me on important matters like this?”Bookmark here

“So I can gain more experience and become a better strategizer.” Deveon’s usual childlike air disappeared and was replaced with seriousness.Bookmark here

“Yes, remember no matter where you are, what you're doing, or who you’re facing, gathering intel will always be the most important. Making a decision without being informed is the most fatal thing any living creature could do. How and where you attain your information from is important too. You’re a bright child who is curious and cautious. You always gain information on your target and prepare yourself to take it down. Keep these traits. They’ll be of great aid to you in life. My only concern is the recklessness you adopt when someone you’re close to is in danger.” Eon turned to look at Deveon “Listen up, your curiosity, hard work, and cautiousness are the greatest tools you have in your arsenal. Don’t let your emotions cloud them.”Bookmark here

Deveon didn’t respond to Eon’s lesson, but his mind was on what he was just told. Suddenly the bushes in front of them started rustling; a man came out of the bush. He looked at Deveon then turned his attention to Eon.Bookmark here

“Boss, I finished scouting out our next target. Two of the families in the village have men who served in a garrion a few generations back. But their progeny can’t utilize mana nor can they fight. The village does have some armor and weapons that the previous generation left behind. Our weapons are starting to dull. This will be a good opportunity to get replacements.”Bookmark here

The good news did not draw any emotions from Eon's face. “How many people live there?”Bookmark here

“Forty people including women and children. I did not cite any activity of patrol units in the area.” Bookmark here

“Very good. We’ll prepare to set off immediately.”Bookmark here

“Immediately!?” Eon’s response shocked both Deveon and the man.Bookmark here

“Boss, isn't the group tired? Are you sure it’s the wisest decision to make us work consecutive days like this?”Bookmark here

“This is the perfect opportunity for us. I want us to take advantage of the situation before something changes.”Bookmark here

“The longer we wait, the more unknown variables pop up.” Deveon calmed down and understood where the point Eon was making. Bookmark here

“I understand, boss. Is there anything else?” Bookmark here

“No. Let us return to camp.” Eon turned around and led the way.Bookmark here

After a while of walking, Eon came to a stop and stared at Deveon. “Boy I don’t want you getting involved tomorrow, hear me? Don't come near the village until we are done!” Bookmark here

“Yes, Eon. I hear.” Bookmark here

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