Chapter 6:

Chapter 6

Queen of Dodge!

Yakuza sat behind a large desk with his arms folded and his head down. Other members of the student council sat about the room. On one of the sofas with a laptop was Kyutaro. He had long silver hair, which he kept tied back into a Chonmage. He wore a surgical facemask, which was usually popular amongst the young girls at the school, which was a dead black color. Across from Kyutaro sat the student Rasen. The whites of Rasen’s eyes appeared to be yellow, and around his eyes were dark and heavy bags. The color of said bags were so dark that they could be mistaken for eyeliner.

“Tell me,” Yakuza said, “What’s the competition looking like?”

“Based on the security camera footage,” Kyutaro began, “Choki Minami has recruited some half-decent students for her team. Defeating them this year at the qualification match will be slightly more difficult than years prior.”

“How much so?”

“My thoughts are only about one percent.”

Rasen chuckled as he rested his hands behind his head and raised his right leg and swung it over the other. “Kicking their asses is a bit too easy. However, I’m glad that there’s going to be some resistance even if it’s by one percent.”

“Is there any chance she could recruit more members?” Yakuza asked

“There’s already six of them,” Kyutaro responded, “Anyone else who joins will be a regular old student. So even if she were to fully make a ten man team, it’d be no use. However, this one student she spends time with, his name is Ryusuke, I believe? He’s extremely pathetic, even more so than the other students. So really, she only has a five-man team.”

“So, really, that one percent you mentioned is bullshit!” Rasen said as he stood up and slammed his foot on the coffee table. He leaned forward, placing his elbow on his knee as he looked Kyutaro in the eyes, “This year is gonna be one hell of a show! I want to be the one who sees her be absolutely crushed!”

“No,” Yakuza said, “No one is allowed to beat Choki except for me.” He opened his almost red-looking eyes as he shot a glare at Rasen. Rasen shivered as he jumped a bit, “Do you understand me?”


“Good, now get your damn feet off the table.”

“Y-Yes…!” Rasen said as he then sat back down on the sofa.

Kiryu Academy

The new transfer student walked onto the campus. They made their way across the courtyard and eventually to the locker room, where they swapped their shoes before going through the school. They went up the stairs before coming to the third floor. They then approached room 3-D and went to open the door when suddenly it shot open. The new student groaned as something ran directly into his crotch; as he hunched over, he hit his head on the frame of the doorway before he stumbled back and sat down. “Oh no! Oh my god! I’m so sorry!” A young woman’s voice came,

“You’re fine,” he responded in a somewhat monotone but also very superhero-sounding voice as he looked over at her. She was a small, cute, chubby girl with her hair tied back into a ponytail. She then blushed heavily as she covered her mouth before covering her face as she looked down.


“It’s fine,” he said as he then stood up and reached down to her, “I promise.” She uncovered her eyes before looking at his hand; she then looked up at his body to see the new student completely tower over her! It didn’t help that she told everyone she was 4 foot 10, but the fact that she was on the floor didn’t really help her.

“H-He’s so tall! H-He might kill me!”

“Are you okay?” And he was cute too!

“Y-Yeah…! I-I’m fine…!” She said as she took his hand and stood up, “I’m sorry for running into you, it’s just that I forgot my bag of pencils at home so I figured, since I don’t live far from here, I could go home and-“

“Oh, that’s fine,” he said as he turned and reached into his back. He pulled out two silver pencils and handed them to her, “Here, you can keep them.”

“E-E-EH?!?!?!! ARE YOU SURE?!?!!!”

“Yeah, I ran into you; it’s the least I could do.”

“O-O-Okay…” she said as she took the pencils. The bell then went off, and she gave a soft scream, “That’s the bell!” She then turned and ran back into the classroom. He sighed before he ducked beneath the doorway and walked into the classroom. He looked around before finding an empty seat behind the small, cute, chubby girl. He smiled before he walked over and sat behind her shortly before the teacher came in.

“Alright,” the teacher said as she picked up a clipboard, “We have a lot to go over today, so let’s make roll call quick.” She then took notice of the exchange student from the corner of her eye. She looked up at him and blushed before hiding her face with the clipboard, “I-IS HE FROM THE SCHOOL BOARD?!?!?!!!” She lowered her clipboard to get another look at him before saying to herself, “HE’S EXTREMELY CUTE!!!”

“Excuse me,” the student said as he tapped on the chubby girl's shoulder. She jumped before she turned and faced him,


“What’s the teacher doing?”

“HE’S A STUDENT?!?!?!?!!!!!!” The class all screamed in unison. The exchange student winced before placing his right middle and index fingers on his temples.

“S-Sorry! P-Please, forgive me!” The teacher said, “Your name is?”

“Yes, sorry,” he said as he shook his head slightly before he stood up and said, “My name is Choki Rentaro! I just transferred here from Okinawa! I’m a third-year student, and it’s nice to meet you!”

“Y-Yes, it’s nice to meet you too…!” The teacher said,

“Hey, how tall are you?” A random girl in the class asked,

“I’m 193.04 Centimeters! Or about six feet and four inches!”

“H-HE’S SO HUGE!!!!” The class erupted once again, causing him to wince and touch his temples again.

“Ah, sorry!” The teacher said, “You must have sensitive ears!”

“He did hit his head on the way in!” The chubby girl said, “But it’s only because I ran face-first into his…into his….” Her face boiled to red before she slammed her eyes shut and screamed, “I RAN FACE-FIRST INTO HIS BOY PARTS!!!!”

“M-Miss Hokusai!” The teacher said,

“I’m sorry! I should’ve seen where I was going!” She said,

“It’s alright,” Rentaro said as he knelt and placed his hand on her shoulder, “I promise you I’m fine.” She looked into his eyes as he flashed her a smile.

“H-HE’S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!” The class all screamed internally in unison,

“Your head must be ringing!” A random girl said, “Let me run down to the nurse's office and get him an ice pack!”

“My head is fine-” He said before another girl said,

“Yes! And I’ll let him study from my workbook! I worked hard on it all night!”

“Oh, no, I’m actually-“ he began before suddenly all the girls in the classroom had all picked a chore to do for him before they each ran off. Rentaro gave a soft chuckle before rubbing the back of his head as he was left alone in the room with Miss Hokusai. “So tell me, what’s your name?” He said as he sat back in his seat,

“I-I’m H-Hokusai Mitsuri; it’s nice to meet you!”

“Oh, Hokusai, like the famous painter?”

“W-W-Well, I, uh-“

“I’m trying to make new friends,” he said, “Can I have your line number?”

“M-My number…?” As she looked into his eyes, she felt them suddenly being surrounded by bubbles and a watercolor background similar to a Shojou anime. It was that instant that Mitsuri fell head over heels in love with Rentaro despite them not knowing a thing about one another.

“Yeah,” he said with a nod,

“W-Well, okay.” She said as she turned and wrote her number on a paper before giving it to him.

“Thank you; I’ll make sure to call you right after school!”

“R-Really…?! Right after?!”


“B-But I have a photoshoot.”


“Y-Yes,” she said with a nod before she started to fidget with her fingers, “I…” she looked around to notice even the teacher had left. She then turned to the ground as she said, “You see…I….I’m really into Lolita fashion…a-and I’ve been working hard on my modeling, and now I finally have an important photo shoot today after school.”

“Ah, I see.” He then reached into his back and pulled out a paper. He then began to fold it a many number of ways before he finally wrote on it. “Here,” he then handed her the paper, which was now an origami swan with his line number written on the wings, “You call me then, make sure it’s after your important photo shoot.”

“Y-Yeah! Okay!”

It was then after school in the gym. Minami growled as she and Pocha then locked hands as they started to push against one another. Sweat beaded from Minami’s forehead as she looked into Pocha’s eyes, “Th-This is going to be tougher than I thought!” She then clenched her teeth as she felt herself starting to be pushed back. Her ear twitched slightly as she heard the gym door open. She quickly glanced over with her eye before she then froze. She gasped as she stood up at such a speed that Pocha fell onto his face. Minami turned and ran over to the door; she screamed and then jumped into Renatro’s arms. Rentaro caught her and spun around with her before he held her with his arms crossed just under her butt. The two giggled before touching their foreheads, “You came! Oh my god! You actually came!”

The other team members gawked at just how tall Rentaro was, along with how extremely muscular he was. Even with the largest shirt the school had, it was still fairly tight on his muscles. “Th-Their h-hair is matching….!” Ryusuke said, “C-Could they be d-dating…?!”

“N-No way! Matching hair is a s-sign of marriage…!” Gaoma said,

“Or maybe…IS THAT HER DAD?!?!?!!!” Pocha screamed as Rentaro then set Minami down. Minami smiled at her team before walking over to them.

“For your information, he’s not my boyfriend, husband, or father.” She said, “He’s my older brother.”

“It’s very nice to meet you all,” Rentaro said as he came over to them, “Minamimōto has told me a lot about you.”

“M-Minamimōto?! I thought you’d said you’d stop calling me that!”

“I never said such a thing.”

“Y-Yes, you did…! It was when I turned 12, remember?!”

“I never said such a thing.”

“D-Do I need to pull up a picture of the contract you signed?!?!!!!”

“There is no contract, and I never signed it.”

Minami growled before rolling up her sleeve, “Fine! I’ll make you remember it!!!”

“Do you really want to fight me?” He asked as he turned and looked her in the eyes. Minami froze as her sweat moved up her forehead and her eyes widened, “Because I’ll absolutely destroy you.” She clenched her teeth before she turned around and folded her arms.

“Y-You’re just lucky that I love you, you big dumb ass….”

“Geez…he seems intense…” Daisuke whispered,

“I think it’s the fact that I haven’t seen him blink once….” Yaguchi whispered in response,

“Well, at least we know there’s someone stronger than Choki-San other than Yakuza….” Ryusuke said at an average volume. He then approached Rentaro as he said, “So, what brings you out here?”

“My sister said you needed another member for the dodgeball team. So I transferred here and am now on your team.”

“Hold on!” Gaoma said as he approached Rentaro, “No one gets on this team without proving themselves first! SO YOU GOT THE SKILLS TO PLAY DODGE RENIGATA?!?!?!?!!”

“My name is Rentaro, and yes, I do.”


“Okay, but my name is really Rentaro.”


“You said Renigata.”


“Hey!!!” Minami snapped at Gaoma. Everyone in the room turned to Minami as they felt the room grow dark with the only light being Minami’s eyes, “If any of you try to fight or even think about fighting or hurting my brother, I’ll freaking kill you, do you understand?” They all nodded before Rentaro said,

“By the way, who is that Yakuza guy you mentioned?”

Ryusuke froze in place before he looked to Minami, who looked like she was about to set his head on fire with just her glare alone, “H-He’s nobody! Just the captain of the rival team is all!”

“Oh, I see.”

“Sp-Speaking of which, you two are very similar!”

“How so?”

“Yeah,” Minami said in an almost demonic tone, “How so?”


“You’re both very tall,” Daisuke said, “I’d say you’re about the same height.”

“I highly doubt it; I’m about 193.04 centimeters.”

“Oh, which is….?” Yaguchi asked being used to feet and inches,

“It’s about six foot four,” Minami said,

“Holy crap! He’s only four inches taller than Yakuza!!!” Daisuke said,

“Yeah! And look at his frickin biceps! He’s definitely twice as strong! We’ve got this in the bag!”

“He still has to prove himself,” Gaoma growled from a distance, “Hey Renigata!!!” Gaoma yelled as he ran over to Rentaro and threw a ball, “DODGE!!!!” Before Gaoma had time to react, Rentaro had palmed the ball in his hand and then flicked his wrist, throwing the ball through the air where it fell before curving up into Gaoma’s stomach. Gaoma gasped for air, and the Kaiju-sized Wolf that rested inside of him hunched over as it gave a puppy-sized whine from being totally winded. Gaoma then flew a few inches before he landed flat on his back.

The rest of the team looked on in awe before they turned to Rentaro, “H-How did you do that?!” Daisuke asked,

“It is called Bernoulli’s principle in general, and Magnus effect if it applies to spinning objects. The surface of the dodgeball is not absolutely smooth; it’s rough on a microscopic scale. Due to the surface’s roughness, the ball pushes surrounding air with its spin movement. As a result, air passes the ball faster on one side than on the other. This leads to an area of reduced air pressure on the side of the ball where the air passes faster. It’s the same physics you apply to throwing a curveball in baseball, but on a larger scale since a dodgeball is bigger than a baseball.”

“Woah! That was so cool!!!” Ryusuke said, “Choki-San, how come you didn’t tell me about your brother sooner?!”

“I tried,” Minami said, “Didn’t I tell you that I was on the phone with my best friend?”

“What…?” He said with a pause,

“Just because he’s my big brother doesn’t mean he can’t be my best friend.” She then turned and walked over to Gaoma, who laid on the floor, unsure about what hit him. She knelt down at his side before saying, “Are you okay tough guy?”

“I feel I’ve lost my ability to scream….what even is there for me in life now….?” He said, totally winded,

“You’ll be fine,” Minami said with a smile, “You’re really tough and definitely one of the toughest out of all of us.” She then stood up and turned to everyone else and said, “Alright! Let’s get back on with practice!”


What?! Minami has an older brother?! And...he’s so TALL!!!!

Here’s Chapter 6 as I promised!

For information on Renatro, he’s 6 feet and 4 inches, making him 4 inches taller than Yakuza. Like Minami his hair is blonde and parts of it is dyed red, but for some reason it’s only dyed red on the upward spikes….hmmmm. His favorite food is Dragon Fruit and like Minami he also really likes Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. His favorite Kamen Rider seasons are Agito and Kabuto, and his favorite Sentai seasons are Himitsu Sentai Gorenger as well as Tensou Sentai Goseiger. Rentaro shares a fighting game character motif with Yakuza and Minami, Rentaro is Terry Bogard! Rentaro is inspired by Rengoku, Jiraiya, and Master Roshi. I needed a strong mentor type of character for the team!