Chapter 1:


My New Life As a Bus Driver. Why Can't I Be Sent To Another World?

Sleep came in fits that night. After dragging himself back to his apartment, Ken ran through the events of the day over and over again in his mind. He could not forget the sickening crunch as he ended some innocent man's life. And then, everything that followed that was just bizarre. The accident wasn't his fault, but Ken knew that the government normally wouldn't have any issues with ruining his life over that. Yet here he was, in his apartment instead of a jail cell.

Ken pulled out his phone and did some searching. There's no way that a public bus killing a pedestrian in downtown Tokyo wouldn't have made the news. However, no matter what he searched, he couldn't find anything about the accident. It was like it never happened.

Ken had been there though. The images of the day were impossible to wipe from his mind. He killed someone. 

He was a murderer. 

He did something so terrible, and he didn't even know who the victim was. What poor family had a sudden opening at their dinner table because of him? What dreams did he cut short?

Ken closed his eyes and tried to remember as much about the victim as he could. Medium height, dark hair, glasses, and not much else. Not enough of a character description to help in Tokyo. Ken concentrated harder. He was able to remember the man's facial expression seconds before the collision. He had been staring at his phone, when a look of surprise came across him, and then he lurched forward. Ken concentrated even harder. There was no way that a person would have naturally fallen into the street that way. A normal slip wouldn't have put their head in the location that it did.  There was no question about it.

The victim had been pushed.

Pushed by who though? If it was just some jealous ex or vengeful classmate it wouldn't explain the news blackout. Ken shuddered when the thought of the government getting rid of someone who knew too much crossed his mind. Maybe Uncle Tama was right, and Ken just needed to push the day aside so he could worry about tomorrow instead.

Ken decided to end the evening in a way he hadn't in several months, playing his favorite game, Guild of Warriors, until he fell asleep in front of the screen. It wasn't long before the goblins and monsters of the game seemed like his biggest problems, and he failed to notice that his friends list was a little shorter than the last time he played.