Chapter 1:


A White Owl

(This is my old story like two years ago. I have more stable writer now, but well, I really want to know how my old story responded, so I will rewrite it again after I had done continuing the whole old unfinished story into a finished one.)

Through the darkness of the dungeon, a glimmer of light could be seen lingering on the top. Xavier Memories did not know where his whereabouts because he was blindfolded. He tried to reach out something with his untied legs and only could feel the dampness of the stones around him. His earlier wounds made him weaker.

“Help me…” he prayed. He knew a little about how he could be stranded in the dungeon. His brother, Rain, accused him of killing their parents. It was quite illogical. However, all the proofs were pointing out his name. Xavier knew he could not be doing all those thing. It was all well planned by someone unknown by him or his brother. Rain was only used as a tool to bring down the Memories Family which was a really rich and well-known family in this region. Many would have grudges against the family, but the things happened recently were too fast. It was a doing from someone inside the house. Xavier could only think of the gardener, Chad Pea a son of Samuel Pea that had been killed accidentally by his family, a year ago. It could be a possibility.

He could hear something moving. He became alerted of his surroundings. The door opened ajar.

“Xavier? Are you in there?” It was a red-haired man, Alain, his childhood friend. He was the one that strongly opposed Rain’s words. Xavier thought he would also be prisoned. Alain tiptoed to him and unreleased all the binds and chains on him. “We have to get out here, and fast.”

“Why, what’s the rush?” Xavier asked and stood up, regaining his balance. He could see that he was at the house basement, a place which store a lot of mysterious things about his family. He was wearing the exact clothes—a black shirt, white legging and a pair of black shoes he had wear yesterday when his parents died. Blood stains painted his shirt abruptly. However, Alain wore a tattered black robe. His face was also stained by blood and all of it seemed fresh.

“Your brother, Rain, had being killed by Chad. And his next target is you and your sister at the east,” he said, grasping Xavier’s hand and walked away silently. He was trained for such stealth activities. He was an assassin after all. Nonetheless, many guards were placed along the way to the dungeon. It was so weird because it was too quiet.

Despite being terribly shocked, Xavier followed Alain without any question. He already knew the killer was Chad when he overheard his conversation with one of the guards to plan the death of his parents three days before. He just pretended as it did not happened because it could be only a joke, but it turned out for the worst. The stairs was the only way to go out of the basement. Alain used his poisonous blowgun to make the guards lost their consciousness. They secured their way upstairs, but Xavier suddenly slowed down a little. It must be because of the wounds again.

“It’s just a little more. After this door, we’ll be outside. Please, ” Alain mumbled and they continued their way. Unexpectedly, a guard was waiting in front of the door. Alain had to go head on with him. He kicked the guard on the knee and the guard fell down. With the shot of the blowgun, the guard seemed to not be able to do anything for a while. “Whoa, it was sure hard.”

They had to be really careful of the lookouts. It rained outside. The big Memories house was surrounded by forests and on a mountain. It was built really careful to not let any intruder in and the age of the house was almost more than fifty years and to build it, it would take six years. Luck was on their side. The mists that came with the rain seemed to cover them nicely. They went off safely to the nearest inn at the wood entrance.

Moonlit Works
James K.

A White Owl