Chapter 7:


Re: Genesis

More students gathered around the three.

“That attack earlier, he can use magic. Magic is a hurdle I must overcome. This will be a good way to see where I stand.”

“My fiol family has always been more on the generous side. If you kowtow, strip, and resign from the academy this instant, Arthur Fiol would be willing to forget your crimes.” Author had a smug look on his face.

Deveon just stared at Arthur dumbfoundedly.

“Arthur, he’s to dumb to comprehend what you’re saying. Just get rid of him yourself.” Alice was already over the whole situation and wanted to move on with her day.

Arthur started chuckling. “I’m sure he’s just bewildered by how magnanimous I am.”

“No. I’m shocked at how stupid you lot are. Why would I kowtow for something I didn’t do? You just tried to severely injure me a few moments ago now you’re acting like some righteous saint.”

Arthur's face distorted in rage. “No one can blame me for being cruel since you refused my good will. Take out your weapon, you’ll need it as a walking stick.”

“Are you gonna use one?”

“I don’t need one to deal with you.” Arthur responded with disgust.

Deveon took up a boxing stance and slowly approached Author. “He didn’t deny that attack earlier so it really was him. When he attacked that other guy earlier I couldn’t see it and when he attacked me I vaguely felt it. Do I have to learn how to fight solely from that feeling I got earlier?”

“If you won’t come here I’ll just deal with you from where I stand.” Arthur suddenly thrusted his hand out.

Deveon suddenly felt something coming his way and he dogged to the right. Immediately after he dodged, a strong gust of wind just swiped by where he was standing a moment ago.

“So you can sense mana. Seems like you're a bit better than the other useless peasants. Unfortunately for you, garbage is still garbage.”

Arthur swiped his hand and a blade of wind was launched directly at Devon. The crowd went into an uproar when Arthur commenced his second attack. Deveon doged to the right and charged at Arthur. Deveon was able to instantly close ten feet of distance between them. Deveon’s sudden burst in speed caught Arthur off guard. Then, Deveon sent a straight jab at Arthurs face but Arthur quickly reacted and immediately put distance between them again. Deveon was shocked at how fast Arthur was able to move. This was the first time he’s seen someone near his age move that fast. After putting distance between them Arthur tried to commence another wind attack but Deveon closed in on Arthur faster than he could launch his attack. Deveon tried to sweep Arthur off his leg, however, Arthur quickly reacted and took half a step back avoiding Deveons back heel sweep. Deveon, refusing to give Arthur room to collect himself, immediately planted the leg he used to attack and sent a spinning heel kick at Arthur. Arthur completely backed off avoiding the kick, giving himself room to recover.

“He can use some haki and vaguely sense mana. But it looks like he doesn’t know how to use magic.” Arthur's face twisted into a cruel smile. Arthur still refused to take a fighting stance. Deveon got back up and resumed a different fighting stance.

Deveon rushed Arthur again but Arthur took the initiative to defend himself. Arthur tried to land a right hook on Deveons jaw, and in response, Deveon ducked and tried to grapple Arthur. Arthur intended to land a blow on Deveon after his right hook missed but Deveon blocked the knee using two hands. Right after Deveon blocked Arthur's knee he immediately shifted his whole body to the right. A powerful gust of wind was released from Arthur's knee after Deveon repositioned himself.

“These people aren’t all that. Aside from knowing magic they don’t have anything going for them. My battle sense is superior as long as I keep the pressure on him he can't use his spells to attack me. I can win this.” Deveon’s eyes started to burn with determination.

Deveon hooked his left leg around Arthur's ankle and tried to land a blow on the back of Arthur's head with his elbow. To Deveon’s surprise when his attack landed on Arthur's head he felt like he just hit a rock. Deveon backed off but Arthur followed, he launched his fist at Deveon’s solar plexus. Deveon quickly doged to his right avoiding Arthurs attack. Arthur immediately sent a wind blade straight at Deveon. Having no room to dodge, the wind blade hit Deveon right in his guts.

Deveon hunched over grabbing his stomach and vomited. Deveon suddenly felt his conscious slip for a second and found himself lying on the ground with Arthur foot planted on his chest. It took him a moment to realize that Arthur kicked him while he was down.

“You must've thought you had a chance of winning.” Arthur applied more pressure to his foot before continuing. “Just because you’re slightly better than the other trash doesn't mean you’re not trash. Hmph; a peasant learns some tricks slightly faster than the others and he suddenly thinks he’s qualified to eat with his masters. As I said before, my Fiol family is extremely generous. I’m still willing to forgive you.”

Arthur applied more pressure to his foot, Deveon's face distorted as he let out a weird sound.

“If you kneel and publicly apologize for insolence I’ll forgive you. That is after you sever your own manhood and become my slave.” Arthur chuckled.

Deveon couldn’t respond to Arthur due to the pain he was feeling from Arthur’s attacks so he gave Arthur a menacing gaze. Arthur's smile immediately froze, he didn’t need to hear Deveons words to understand what he was thinking. Deveon’s gaze completely conveyed the message. Arthur suddenly went into a rage and lashed his leg across Deveons face.

“You must not value your life!” Arthur growled. He sent his fist straight at Deveon’s face, the punch carried a lot of wind with it. Right before Arthur's attack landed on Deveon’s face Alice spoke up.


Arthur’s fist stopped right in front of Deveons face and all the wind around it dispersed. The wind dispersing caused everyone's clothes to flutter.

“What?” Arthur looked at Alice with stoic eyes.

“Don’t finish him off. I want Hercule to do it for me. He tried to take advantage of me. It’s only right that Hercule be the one that deals with him.” Alice sounded more like she was commanding Arthur rather than asking him.

Arthur's eyes trembled at the mention of that name. He got off Deveon and tsked.

“Poor soul. Listen up, none of you should mess with this kid till after Hercule is done with him. He’ll probably be dead by the time that is over though.”

Everyone cleared the area. Some were trash talking Deveon as the left, others were discussing what he would go through when he meets Hercule.

Alice walked forward and stopped at Deveon’s body. “What a useless piece of trash.” She then continued onward without looking back.

Deveon laid on the floor shivering. “Does magic create that much of a huge gap between me and them???”