Chapter 6:


Every Side of the World

Kizou looked around to see how many enemies there were. The announcer and Astro stood behind Kizou’s group while three individuals stood in front of their group. Two of those individuals were the same size as Astro while the other individual was twice the size of Kizou. All three of them were smiling as if they already knew they would defeat Kizou’s group. Kizou didn’t want a fight to ensue as fighting within the Royal Kingdom was forbidden. However, Geet and Ty looked to be having different thoughts.

“Hey guys, can we not fight? I mean I’m only 5 years old,” Kizou said with a shrug and chuckle. Ty and Geet instantly looked at him as if Kizou wasn’t on the same page as them.

“Hey!” Ty whispered to Kizou as he talked to the group.

“Doesn’t matter, you took our money and embarrassed Astro in front of the crowd. How are we supposed to attract more customers now?” the announcer replied.

“Well, it looks like it’s come to this,” Kizou said while pulling out the Royal Crest. 

The Royal Crest signified that you were part of the Royal Family, but Kizou detested wearing such a thing.  However, he saw a situation where it might actually come in handy for once.

“Isn’t that the Royal Crest?!” the announcer asked with alarm.

“Yes, it is. So, I think you all know not to get in our way,” Kizou answered.

“Hmmm, that should fetch a high price, shouldn’t it?” Astro asked the announcer.

“Yeah, it definitely should if it’s the real thing,” the announcer replied with skepticism. “The Royal Family only consists of the King, Queen, and their newborn baby. I think this is fake.”

“Oh, I forgot,” Kizou mumbled as he slapped himself on the face. 

Ever since he was born, he’s been kept private only to the residents within the castle walls. For those residents that were outside, they heard rumors of there being another child but only took them as rumors.

“See, it’s time for fists to do the talking,” Geet told Kizou confidently.

“Get them!” the announcer yelled to the group.

The two bigger individuals rushed towards Ty while Astro rushed towards Geet. The smaller individual rushed towards Kizou.

The two bigger individuals threw punches at Ty who was able to dodge them and counter each of their strikes. However, everytime he was able to land a punch on them, they just seemed to smile as if they were being tickled instead.

“Okay then,” Ty said as he realized his punches weren’t working. He backed away as they seemed to pursue him.

“It’s time for me to get my revenge,” Astro declared as he beat his chest.

“Can’t even take your loss, can you?” Geet asked with a smile.

Astro got angry at the remark and started rushing at Geet. Geet swayed to his side and was able to dodge Astro’s attack. Astro turned around and threw a punch at Geet who blocked it. Punches continued to be thrown with Geet being able to block each one. While Geet was big, he still had enough training to be able to hold his ground in a fight.

“Well this doesn’t seem to be turning out well,” the announcer grumbled to himself after seeing how Ty and Geet were holding up.  “However, that kid must be having a harder time, right?”

Kizou was in a different league of his own. The first strike that his opponent threw, Kizou immediately dodged with his speed and hit him in the back of the head to knock him out. He was sitting on the body watching Geet and Ty fight the whole time. Kizou realized that the announcer was looking at him and waved towards him with a smile.

“What the-” the announcer replied with his mouth wide open.

Ty continued on with his fight and couldn’t seem to land any hits that bothered the individuals. However, the two individuals couldn’t even land any hits on Ty.

“Looks like Kizou’s done with his fight,” Ty said as he looked over to see Kizou sitting. “Alright boys, time for me to get serious.”

The two individuals looked at each other and started to laugh. As they were laughing, Ty rushed in and punched both of them in the stomach. They both instantly stopped laughing and fell to the ground after losing their breath.

“Wait, what’s happening here?” the announcer cried out as he realized that everyone was about to lose.

Geet and Astro continued to fight with Astro breathing hard. Geet didn’t seem to have any trouble at all with his matchup. Geet rushed over to Astro who wasn’t able to keep up and punched him in the face which sent him to the ground.

While the fight was over, Kizou still had a very uneasy feeling. He didn’t understand why, but he started walking up to the announcer.

“Stay back! Stay back!” the announcer said as he pulled out a knife and backed away towards the alley’s entrance.

“Relax for a bit, we’re not going to kill you or anything,” Ty said with a laugh.

Suddenly, a voice could be heard behind the announcer.

“Found you!” yelled the little girl as she grabbed the announcer’s shirt. “Wait, who are you?”

After realizing the situation, the announcer grabbed the little girl and put the knife towards her neck. Kizou, Ty, and Geet quickly stopped in their tracks.

“Don’t come any closer or I’ll kill her!” the announcer yelled. “No one cares about the demons of the Forbidden Territory anyways.”

“Relax! We already said we’re not going to kill you,” Ty yelled. “Don’t bring an innocent demon into this!”

“Shut up, all of you shut up!” the announcer continued to yell without even listening to the situation. “You all had to embarrass me and my business!”

“Help me! Please help me!” the little girl cried out as tears streamed down.

“Don’t worry!” Kizou yelled out. 

He realized it was the girl he bumped into the day before. The little girl who apologized so kindly to him with a pure heart. She had to be around 3 years old at most. However, the uneasy feeling continued to get even worse.

“If you even move an inch, I will do it,” the announcer declared without loosening the grip on his knife.

Kizou kept thinking about the best approach to this situation to make sure that everyone stayed unharmed. This wasn’t a fight between humans and demons, but it was between demons and demons. He promised himself that he would never kill a demon even though he might’ve hated those in the Kingdom. It was clear to Kizou that the announcer was distressed and going crazy due to thinking that he had all the power. 

As Kizou continued to think about what to do, Ty could tell that it was too much for him to handle.

“How about we all leave, and you let go of the little girl? We won’t report you to anyone,” Ty told the announcer.

“No, I want to take the boy as leverage,” the announcer replied.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me!” Geet yelled. Geet tried to grab something from his pocket but realized that it was missing.

“I knew you cheated!” the announcer yelled as he could see Geet trying to look for something. “Astro, do it now!”

Just then, Astro got up and drank the blue liquid that the girl stole from Geet. Geet instantly froze as he realized that his only way of becoming stronger was now gone. Astro put his arms around Geet and grabbed him hard. Geet had no chance of getting out.

“Geet!” Kizou yelled.  

Kizou’s suspicions were confirmed after seeing the blue liquid again.  It was the same liquid that the human consumed in their last fight, but he didn't have time to question Geet about that.

“Now, it seems the tides have changed. It’s the boy or this girl,” the announcer answered.

“Give the girl and Geet up,” Kizou replied. “You can take me instead.”

“Are you stupid?” Ty asked Kizou. "I know you want to save her, but you're more important than her."

“I’ll walk there first, and then you can release the girl and Geet after,” Kizou yelled out ignoring Ty's pleas. 

“Fine by me! Start walking!” the announcer yelled out.

Kizou started walking slowly to the announcer with his arms raised in the air. He continued to walk until he reached his side and put his arms down. The announcer quickly let go of the little girl and tied Kizou’s hands together to the front..

“Now, let go of the little girl!” Kizou yelled.

“Fine,” the announcer said. He let go of the little girl who turned towards Kizou.

“Go over there to my friend, you’ll be safe,” Kizou told her. 

She went up to him and put her hands on his. He smiled at her to see her smiling back. He looked to call over to Ty to get ready for her but something was wrong. No one was moving. Not Ty, Geet, or even the announcer. He looked down and saw the girl still smiling at him. However, it was a different smile.

“Confused, aren’t you?” the little girl asked.

“Wait, who are you?” Kizou asked, scared and confused. 

“You don’t need to know that for now,” she answered. “Just call me Prophet.”

“Prophet?” Kizou asked confusingly.

“It’s exactly as the name suggests. I have the ability to foresee the future,” she answered.

“But how? Magic doesn’t consist of any of the sort!” Kizou yelled out.

“Ohh? The Forbidden Son of the Kingdom knows about magic?” Prophet answered.

“Umm,” Kizou mumbled with a blushed face.

“Well, you’ll figure out what this is soon. But you’re too cute,” Prophet replied with a laugh after seeing Kizou’s face.

“Aren’t you like three years old?” Kizou asked.

“I’m actually 30,” Prophet answered.

“Huh?” Kizou replied while he looked at her from top to bottom.

“That’s pretty perverted of you,” Prophet answered while hitting Kizou on the head.

“Well, what do you want from me?” Kizou asked. “If you could escape, you should’ve done it a long time ago.”

“I did it, so I could meet you,” Prophet answered. “Our first encounter the other day allowed me to realize that you were the one I’ve been searching for.”

“Enough of the teasing,” Kizou replied this time with a serious tone. “I want to help my friends, so either help me or leave.”

“While I can’t help you personally, I will help you by telling you something more useful,” she replied.  Her voice suddenly got deep as her eyes glowed and turned white.

Kizou was shocked at the sight that was in front of him.  He fell silent as it looked like she was preparing to give a prophecy.

“You will venture out to unknown lands, make new experiences and friends, commit a mistake that you’ll realize when it’s too late, and the hero will bring unity,” Prophet answered.

“Are you sure you’re a Prophet?” Kizou asked with a skeptical look.  

While he was shocked at everything he saw, he didn't understand a single thing she said.

“Shut up!” she hit him over his head. “I can’t see everything, I’ll tell you when we meet again.”

“What do you mean by that?” Kizou asked confusingly.

“You’ll realize soon enough. Even though the tragedy will change you, you’ll remember this conversation as well as who I am,” Prophet replied with a smile.

“Mhmm,” Kizou replied after realizing she must be crazy.

“Here’s a parting gift by the way, but you won’t be able to use it until tomorrow,” Prophet replied. She kissed her hand and placed it over his right eye.

“What are you talking about?” Kizou asked before he started feeling excruciating pain. “Ahhhh!”

“Oh yeah, you’ll be passed out by the end of this,” Prophet replied with a smile as she untied Kizou’s hands. “See you later.”

Prophet seemed to vanish slowly into a black mist. Kizou continued to feel the pain that was lingering from his right eye. He put his hand over it, but it continued to feel like it was burning. He continued to try to withstand the pain, but the pain never stopped.

“Ahhh!” Kizou yelled out loud into the quiet atmosphere. 

As the pain finally stopped, he fell down onto his knees. With only his left eye open, he saw Ty and Geet who looked like they were in desperate need of help.

I’m sorry guys. Kizou thought to himself as a tear rolled down his left eye. His body fell to the ground.

Just then, time resumed, and Ty saw Kizou on the floor with the girl gone. Thinking he was tricked, he got angry.

“What did you do to Kizou?! We did what you wanted!” Ty yelled towards the announcer.

“I-I didn’t do anything,” the announcer stuttered after seeing Kizou suddenly on the floor and the girl gone.

“You better stop it or else-”

Just then, Geet’s body was thrown at Ty from the side which caught Ty off guard. While he managed to not get injured, Geet was now on top of Ty which was too heavy for the tired Ty.

“Come on Geet, get up!” Ty yelled as he tried to push the body.

“Looks like we got you cornered now,” the announcer said towards them. “That’s what you get for messing up our business.”

Suddenly, a figure jumped down from the building roofs and landed right next to Kizou. She was around the same age as Kizou, and she wore a black robe and black pants. Her black hair was put up into a ponytail with a sword at her waist.

“Wait, you’re-” Ty said as he looked at her.

“Disappointing,” the female figure mumbled as she looked down at Kizou. 

Wait, is Kizou alright?!  She thought to herself to hide her true feelings.

“A-Aren’t you one of the recent graduates?” the announcer asked with his voice trembling.  The most recent graduating class was known to be right below Hell's Group in terms of strength.

She looked around to gather the situation. She saw that Astro was probably the biggest threat. Without any sort of reply, she released her horn and charged towards Astro. She punched him once in the stomach which sent Astro flying to the wall. Astro’s body created a crater around his body as debris could be seen dropping.

The announcer fell to the ground at the shock of what just happened. The girl put ropes around his arm while the announcer had tears coming out at realizing what was going to happen to him.

“We’re saved,” Ty mumbled as he managed to push Geet off. He looked over to where Kizou was. Kizou continued to lay on the ground.