Chapter 1:

Epicureanism Act I

Darkness Between Roses

There was a time when Johnny had everything, everyone around him got his wishes quickly and he always won anything he asked for, when Johnny was at school he had many friends, he was very good at sports and always got the first place in everything. In the exams, Johnny got the best grades and without any mistakes, Johnny also had a girlfriend, a girl with green eyes and brown hair named Rose, she always wore a gold chain necklace with an owl hanging from it.

Johnny's whole adolescence was great and without mistakes, he was the happiest person in the world.

His "friends" at school were all greedy people who pretended to be his friends to earn money and were forced by his family to be part of the GreyBarrial family's social circle, his "skills" in sports were a fake, the tests where Johnny always got a good grade were faked by his teacher 

to show how her way of teaching helped the son of a rich nobleman.

But among all these lies, the one that hurt Johnny the most was Rose's betrayal, Rose was forced by her father and mother into a relationship with Johnny for the same reason as her friends family, Johnny when he found out about the whole farce he fell into a whirlwind of thoughts:"WERE THEY LYING?"





Johnny didn't understand people; let alone himself, Johnny saw this in his family as well, the GreyBarrial family is one of the richest families in England, and being one of the richest families, Johnny realized that he would be surrounded by fake and disgusting people.

In 1942, in a meeting of the most important people Johnny saw everyone with their elegant clothes their most expensive jewelry and squandering so much Glamour and Lust, everyone in the meeting was praising his father and his family for having conquered everything so far, Johnny was a young man who was disgusted with everyone and decided a long time ago to leave the Greybarria mansion so he heard a lot from people:

"Is that the Greybarrial's Second Son?"

"He really is ridiculous!"

Johnny sat at a table with white tablecloths and one of his cousins walked up and put his hand on Johnny's shoulder "You really are a man with no future at all Johnny!!!" he spoke in a loud 

tone a little close to Johnny's ear.

"For someone who was born in a cradle of gold, had all the good and the best you really are an Idiot of the highest rank Johnny" Johnny's Cousin Onwel started laughing loudly as everyone looked at Johnny and Onwel. Johnny was angry and tired "Don't talk as if you know everything, 

everyone here is a disgusting person" Johnny spoke loud and clear for everyone to hear.

Johnny's family was dumbfounded by the situation, Johnny's father was angry with the situation and threw a glass in Johnny's direction, hitting him and spilling wine all over his suit"DON'T TALK Nonsense, EVERYBODY HERE IS A GOOD PERSON AND HAS ACHIEVED EVERYTHING WITH THEIR WORK" He spoke angrily to Johnny

"You are the worst of all, I will never forget the night I found out I had another mother who is not here"

His father was angry, but kept quiet, he thought that at that moment his name would go to the ground and everything he had achieved so far would be thrown away, "DON'T SPEAK FUCKING Nonsense, NEVER YOUR FATHER WOULD DO THIS TO ME" shouted Carmen, Johnny's mother, "Even though Johnny was right about his father, people started booing him, his older brother Henri was disgusted, Henri's expression of hatred and disgust marked Johnny's soul.

Johnny didn't understand anything anymore, his family, his life and not even his feelings, Johnny kicked the table overturned with everything that was on top of it and ran out when he almost reached the gate he looked back and saw his family, all disgusted and hated Johnny, in the middle of the crowd he saw his father with a serious look, in one look Johnny knew exactly what Mr.Greybarrial wanted to say

"If you leave this gate, know that you will never come back"

And with that look of Repulsion johnny realized, that he never needed anything, he didn't need to live off the best, Johnny realized that everyone who lived off luxury were greedy and selfish people, Johnny learned, throughout his childhood, adolescence through his adult life, johnny sought pleasure, the pleasure of living a life the best way, Johnny learned that No pleasure is in itself an evil, however certain things capable of engendering pleasure bring with them a greater number of evils than pleasures.

To Johnny, money corrupted men and made them blind, and so Johnny's hatred was born.