Chapter 38:

Chapter 38- The Race Against Time

Sorrow Dayz

"May I ask who it is you five are looking for" not counting Yuuta he was blended in well with the group against the wall. "Michiko Ai." Megumi interrupted and responded. "The Great Supika of Sorrow she’s missing?" The man asked. "Yes, and we have reason to believe she has passed through this village" Mr. Howkuu said. 

"We have not seen her in almost a week" The man said. Then the man frantically started walking back up the stairs, and said "I will go check with the others." Out of nowhere that horrific scream entered the air again "GRANDMOTHER!!" Megumi cried out. Then the man ran upstairs and slammed the door behind him shut. "He knows something we have to go find out what" Megumi said. "No we can’t right now we have to stay and protect Yuuta from any harm" Mr. Howkuu said. 

The man came back out after minutes and brought the others with him. They then confronted the group, "what are you doing to my grandmother?" Megumi yelled. "Come with us we will explain later" he said. "NO!! TELL US HERE AND NOW!" She replied. "Do they need to be subdued?" One of the other men asked. "Subdued?" Mr. Howkuu asked "for what we’re simply looking for Michiko Ai."

 "That’s enough you asked for it take them in by force." As they were about to attack them all everyone in the group activated their art. "Hmmm so you all are of the Wakai and you seem to be the teacher I assume." "I knew a day would come like this" the man said. "Best to be prepared in times like these" he said. Unaware of Yuuta's movement with his eyes still closed he heard what was going on the entire time. 

He noticed that the man was reaching in his pocket the same way that woman was, and the man clinched his fist. He waited until Megumi got closer then proceeded to flick his hand open the same way that woman did. Enraged no one noticed except Yuuta. When the dirt mist like supplements flew from his fingertips it was too late already. Mr. Howkuu yelled "NO Megumi". 

As Tasyoukee tried running and pushing her out of the way the it was a centimeter away from her face. Yuuta opened his eyes they were bright blue and circles started appearing around everyone in the group. "What is that?" One of the men asked. The group turned around "Yuuta" they said. 

He just slowly started walking towards the men then started walking past them. In another direction "I know where she is" Yuuta said. "She better not be hurt" he also stated. Everyone noticed that Yuuta had this very nasty frown on his face as well. "Remember that?" Enjo whispered to Tasyoukee. "Shut up." He replied. The men tried touching Yuuta and his hand turned to crystal like ash. "What is he?" The man said. "He cannot be of the Wakai." "Wrong he is the first of Wakai actually" Mr. Howkuu said. 

The group began walking past the men as well "you shall now recognize us as The Legendary Oskata" Mr. Howkuu said smirking as he passed them by. Yuuta turned the corner and started running towards a wall. "What are you doing?" Megumi asked. He ignored her and kept running the wall was enormous while running his eyes still opened he whispered to himself Hushur. 

Then He grabbed Megumi's hand and told them to grab each other’s hand. Amazingly Yuuta jumped up and cartwheel flipped over the wall and the rest of the group followed. Then they fell down into this pit full of sewage it looked dark, and it smelt like dead creatures were down there. "Impossible!" Megumi thought to herself,how is Yuuta doing all of this "no matter what I will you owe you my life for this."

 Next came another door they had to enter then down some stairs, following into a hallway "left or right?" Megumi asked. "It’s a trick." He replied. "What!?" The group asksed Yuuta closed his eyes again and took a deep breath and walked forward at the wall in front of him. 

He placed his hand on the wall veins began showing on his forehead. He discovered a hidden door in plain sight, "wait did he create a door?" Enjo asked. "Hurry go inside!" Yuuta exclaimed. 

They all hurried in Yuuta following behind, the door closed shut disappearing in plain sight again. Disturbingly they saw nothing but cells, as if it were in a prison. Checking all of the cells "she’s not here!" Megumi screamed. "It’s more cell at the end of the hall hurry"  Mr. Howkuu said. "She’s still not here!" Megumi said. 

"I thought you knew where you were going?" She asked Yuuta. "His art or whatever it is has been pushed to its' limit" Mr. Hokwuu said. Interrupted by another wailing scream. "GRANDMOTHER!!!" She yelled.

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