Chapter 7:

Chapter 7

My First Girlfriend Is A Planet Buster Volume 2

It didn’t take long for Hachimitsu to eventually come to a warehouse, “Yuta?!” She said as she entered the empty warehouse, “Yuta where are you?!” She looked around to see Yuta and Hayase tied together with ropes and chains. They had been hung from the ceiling and had duct tape over their mouth. Yuta looked over to Hachimitsu and he moved around trying to say something to her. She rushed over to them and reached up to Yuta’s mouth and took off the tape,

“Honey!!! Thank god!!!”

“What’s Hayase doing here?!” Hachimitsu as she turned to Hayase and took the tape from her mouth,

“We were just hanging out!” Hayase said, “Nothing bad happened I swear!”

“Well how did you-“ Hachimitsu was then cut off by being shot in the side with a massive energy blast sending her crashing into the wall.

“HONEY!!!” Yuta cried, he then turned to Nana and growled, “YOU BITCH!!! I’LL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS!!! SQUARE UP RIGHT NOW!!!!” He said trying to shake free of the chains.

“Can it small fry or I’ll blow you up next!” Nana said as she raised her hand to fire a blast at him. Nana’s wrist was then grabbed and she was thrown into a stack of girders by Hachimitsu. Hachimitsu panted heavily as she held onto her side.


“Who is this woman?” Hachimitsu asked,

“She called herself Nana,” Hayase said, “I don’t know her and neither does Yuta! We thought you would know!”

“I don’t…” Hachimitsu said as Nana threw the steel beams from off of her and walked over to Hachimitsu. Hachimitsu looked down at Nana and glared while Nana looked up to Hachimitsu with her arms folded and a smirk painted across her face.

“Well then Hachimitsu, it’s nice to see you in person.” She said,

“I don’t know who the heck you are.” Hachimitsu said with a slight growl,

“I’ll make it very simple, my name is Nana. I’m the daughter of Bumbu and Lisha, your father Tzatz ruined my life!”

“Tzatz….you know my father’s-“

“Yes, I do. You see Hachimitsu, I’m a Planet Buster just like you.”

“I see,” Hachimitsu said, “What does my father have to do with any of this?”

“You seriously don’t know?!” Nana said rather shocked, “Fine! I guess I’ll tell you!!! Twenty years ago the Universe was under attack by an alien race called Leech! Your father made it his personal duty to save the universe by destroying one planet at a time! On that same day I was born! Three days passed and he came to our home planet and destroyed it! However, my parents and I were still on the planet. My first memories were of that day, my father gave me my name and got a ship for us to leave. Unfortunately Leech breached the ship and I was put into a pod and sent off the planet! My parents were unable to escape!”

“But, everything was brought back in the end. My father told me himself.”

“He lied! Not everything was brought back!” Nana said as she clenched her fists and grit her teeth, “You see, your father wasn’t specific with his wish. He wished to bring all the planets back and restore the universe! Everything did come back, everything except for my parents!”

“Worst villain backstory ever….” Yuta thought as he tried not to drift off to sleep,

“Since he took my family from me! It’s only fair that I take his! Not only that but I’ll take his life and his title and I’ll use a wish to bring my parents back! Afterwards I’ll destroy this miserable rock you call a home!!!”

“I’m not going to let you do that,” Hachimitsu said, “My father messed up, I’m sure he can-“

“You aren’t very bright are you?! The Great Lord of the Great Lords of the Great Lords only grants one wish to each individual in the universe!” Nana then gave a scream as she then began to power up. As she continued to scream her power grew more and more.


“NO!!! I ALWAYS ASSUMED I WAS THE STRONGEST!!!” Hachimitsu responded,


“I’LL EXPLAIN LATER!!!” Yuta said to her,

As Nana finished powering up she then clenched her fists and charged Hachimitsu. Hachimitsu quickly dodged, but she then gasped for air as Nana spun and dug her heel into Hachimitsu’s gut. Hachimitsu then crashed through the wall before crashing into some stacked shipping containers. Hachimitsu got up and flew towards Nana at top speeds, Hachimitsu threw a punch and Nana quickly moved her head aside before she spun and kneed Hachimitsu in the gut before she spun and kicked Hachimitsu across the face causing the entire building to shake. Hachimitsu flew across the warehouse before she crashed into a support beam. Hachimitsu charged Nana again, Nana flew backwards as Hachimitsu continued to throw various punches. Nana blocked and pushed Hachimitsu’s fists aside before she then punched Hachimitsu in the face.

Hachimitsu stumbled back before she threw another punch, Nana flipped back onto her hands before she pushed off and hit Hachimitsu in the face with both of her feet. As Nana landed she swept Hachimitsu’s feet from under her before she performed a roundhouse kick to Hachimitsu’s stomach sending her crashing through the warehouse and into a body of water. Hachimitsu quickly swam to the surface and pulled herself out onto the bank where Nana grabbed her by the hair and tossed her in the air before he struck her across the face sending Hachimitsu flying clear into the city where she crashed into the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building causing it to crash to the ground with Hachimitsu inside of it. Nana flew over to the destruction and landed a few feet from the rubble and debris. She walked past all the running and screaming people before she came to the downed building.

The debris and rubble exploded as Hachimitsu released her power and flew to the surface in her first transformation. She flew towards Nana at a high speed, Nana raised her arms and performed a fast spinning motion with them causing Hachimitsu to be thrown behind Nana and crash into another building. Nana unleashed her power as she took off jammed her elbow into Hachimitsu’s chest pinning her against the building before Nana then punched Hachimitsu threw the building resulting in a massive hole. Nana then flew after her opponent. Hachimitsu rolled and flipped onto her feet and went to attack Nana, only for Nana to strike Hachimitsu in the face sending her flying again. Hachimitsu flipped onto her feet and charged Nana with her fist raised only for Nana to raise her leg and kick Hachimitsu in the chest sending Hachimitsu crashing into the Shibuya 109 Building.

Nana then crashed into the building shortly after Hachimitsu and she stuck Hachimitsu downwards on the head as she tried to get onto her hands and knees. Nana then kicked Hachimitsu across the face before she grabbed Hachimitsu by the back of her shirt collar and threw her into the ceiling before Nana then grabbed Hachimitsu’s leg and spiked her into the ground causing the entire building to crumble and become level with the ground. Hachimitsu laid in the rubble clenching her side as blood dripped from the corner of her mouth, she coughed before Nana came over and stomped on her chest. “You’re pathetic.” Nana said, “I really thought you’d give up a good fight, after hearing about your fight with the Star Breaker I got a bit worried. I guess all that worry was for nothing.”

Hachimitsu grit her teeth as the tips of her hair started to pulse blue. She then opened her mouth and screamed firing a massive blue beam sending Nana flying through the air before she crashed onto the street. Hachimitsu got onto her feet slowly. “Don’t…” she said, “Don’t underestimate me!!!” She then screamed and powered up to her second form with the rose red hair and thorn-like patterns on her wrists, neck, and ankles. Nana smirked as she got back onto her feet,

“Interesting! Interesting indeed!!! C’mon! Give me your best shot!!” Nana said, curling her fingers gesturing for Hachimitsu to give her best. Hachimitsu then powered up as she started to charge her ultimate attack. The ground beneath Hachimitsu’s feet broke and gravity started to warp and bend around the attack. Hachimitsu screamed before she thrust her hands forward firing the beam. Nana grinned as she effortlessly turned her body sideways avoiding the beam. She took off and flew around the beam before she ran along the top. Hachimitsu’s eyes widened as Nana was suddenly inches away from her. Nana then flipped, performing a bicycle kick to Hachimitsu’s jaw. When Nana came to a horizontal position after she had spun in the air for a bit, she raised her arm and fired a massive concussive pulse from her hand sending Hachimitsu flying through the city before she eventually crashed into the side of a building. The building shook before it snapped and fell over with a massive crash. “You’re strong, but not strong enough.”