Chapter 5:

Chapter Five

Detective Otaku

Izaya and Mei got into Izaya's car and started to drive towards the Akabane family's lawyer's office.Bookmark here

"So anything I should know about this lawyer before I meet him?" asked Izaya
"He's nothing you probably haven't seen in your career, I'll ask him about what would happen in the event of my death, anything else you'll have to get out of him yourself" responded Mei
"I can get him to tell me about Shou's circumstances as it may relate to his death, as for Decim's circumstances well I don't think I'll need them, but I can always get his permission to have them divulged," said IzayaBookmark here

They arrived at the lawyer's offices a tall building covered in windows with a big silver sign advertising the law firm. They walked in and up to the reception desk where the receptionist was busy working at a desktop computer with a headset on which she removed when she saw them approaching.Bookmark here

"How can I help you today?" she asked
"We need to speak with Hideyuki Shu," said Izaya who took out his badge to show the receptionist
"Just one moment while I alert him to your presence" she respondedBookmark here

She put her headset back on and pressed a button and began talking into it, Izaya waited impatiently rolling his eyes.Bookmark here

"Mr Hideyuki will see you, he is on floor twelve," the receptionist said
"Thank you," said IzayaBookmark here

Izaya and Mei took the elevator to the twelfth floor and found the office of one Hideyuki Shu, he sat behind his massive oak desk in front of a big glass window overlooking the city. Bookmark here

"Good afternoon Detective, Ms Akabane, please take a seat," Hideyuki saidBookmark here

Izaya and Mei took the offered visitors seats and stared accross the desk at the lawyer.Bookmark here

"Mr Hideyuki as part of my investigation into the death of Shou Akabane, I'd like to know what was to become of Mr Akabane's assets in the event of his death," Izaya said
"I am willing to share those details with you detective, but I'd like to know why Ms Akabane has come with you" Hideyuki inquired  
"Mei I believe may also be a potential target of the man who killed Shou as I believe Shou may have been killed in place of Decim Akabane by accident and she would also like to know what would happen to her assets in the event of her death" Izaya answered 
"Is this true Ms Akabane?" Hideyuki asked 
"Yes, it is," Mei said 
"Well I can tell you that as it stands the assets owned by your generation of the Akabane family would be divided amongst the remaining members of your generation except if you birth a child in which case the child would inherit" Hideyuki answered 
"What would be the estimated value of said assets?" Izaya asked 
"Each member of this generation has assets with an estimated value of thirty million yen" Hideyuki answered 
"Wow, that is a lot of money and a lot of motive" Izaya responded 
"I'd suppose you could say that, but fair warning detective I'm obliged to act as counsel if you accuse any member of the Akabane family of being involved in the death of Shou Akabane and I will shred you if you don't have anything less than infallible evidence proving their guilt" Hideyuki replied 
"Wouldn't dream of doing anything else, thank you for your time, Mr Hideyuki" Izaya responded
"No problem detective contact me if you need any more Information" Hideyuki said
"Just the answer to one question, do you know the current location of Sugou Akabane he is the only one I don't have a location on" Izaya asked
"I'm afraid I don't know, I have to contact him anyway to notify him of his cousin's death, I'll let you know when I learn of his location" Hideyuki answered 
"Be sure you do," said Izaya as he placed his business card on Hideyukis deathBookmark here

Izaya and Mei left the lawyers and sat down in Izaya's car.Bookmark here

"Well he was surprisingly helpful for a lawyer," said Izaya
"He is worried, his longtime client was just murdered and some of his other clients are under threat of death" Mei said
"He didn't even put up a fight when i asked about Sugou's location, that means he either has absolute confidence of his innocence or believes as I do that Sugou is the most suspicious suspect in a murder with thirty million yen on the line," Izaya said Bookmark here

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