Chapter 28:

Return to Stonefall

The Children of Eris

After a month-long deployment on a mission, B-ranked adventurer Connor and his party were on their way back to Stonefall to report their success.Bookmark here

His party consisted of his little sister, Kella, his childhood friend, Alisa, and an adventurer that he had met seven years ago called Tiergan. Bookmark here

The four of them had defeated a group of bandits in the Rock Lands that had overtaken a small village and saved the villagers. Bookmark here

They were now eager to get home and rest.Bookmark here

“I can see the city walls,” Connor eagerly announced to his weary party.Bookmark here

Connor, their main frontline fighter, wore steel plate armour with a coat of chainmail beneath and wielded a sword and shield in battle.Bookmark here

“Finally,” Kella said with a small smile. “Can’t wait to write home about this.”Bookmark here

Like her brother, Kella had light brown hair and blue eyes, though her hair was much longer and tied up in a ponytail. She was wearing a combination of leather armour and chainmail. Unlike her brother however, Kella fought with a spear.Bookmark here

“You really think mum will want to hear about her children almost dying in a cave hundreds of miles from home?” Connor asked with a wry smile.Bookmark here

“She’ll love it, I’m sure, just like last time,” Kella said.Bookmark here

Connor scratched his cheek and looked off to the side. Bookmark here

The incident that Kella was talking about happened two years ago. Connor, Kella, Alisa and Tiergan had agreed to escort a merchant caravan from Stonefall to Black Port and they had been attacked by bandits along the way. Bookmark here

Connor had been stabbed in the arm, Alisa had taken a bad blow to the back of her head, Kella had been shot with an arrow in the shoulder, and Tiergan had been hit by a terrified horse.Bookmark here

When Kella wrote about it to their mother before the siblings returned home to Pilgrim’s Post, the first thing their mum had done when they came home was slap them; then, she lectured them for the next hour on their life choices.Bookmark here

The only thing that had calmed her anger was the large sum of Rhams the siblings had been paid for their services. Bookmark here

“I just hope that the guild doesn’t call us back to duty for a while,” Tiergan, their archer, mumbled. Bookmark here

Tiergan was wearing tattered leather armour, his bow and quiver slung against his back, and he had dull, grey eyes and unkempt for black hair.Bookmark here

“Why did you even sign up to be an adventurer if that’s your attitude?” Alisa asked in disbelief.Bookmark here

“The money.”Bookmark here

“I think you might’ve been able to make more in the army,” Connor said.Bookmark here

“Nah, the army would’ve kicked him out over his attitude. Oh, wait.” Alisa grinned. Bookmark here

Tiergan sighed and increased his pace. As he did, Alisa raised a small mound of dirt in front of him which Tiergan tripped over on. When he got back up, he glared at Alisa who was whistling innocently and staring off into space.Bookmark here

Alisa, the team’s prodigy magician, was an expert in Earth Magic and could use the other magical schools very well, too. She had short blonde hair, emerald eyes and was wearing a stainless white robe adorned with golden patterns along its sleeves and hood.Bookmark here

I wonder if it’s a miracle or sheer luck that we’ve managed to make it this far as adventurers, Connor wondered.Bookmark here

No matter the job and no matter how many years passed, his party was always like this.Bookmark here

Connor had once wondered if he was the only one who took their missions seriously, but he soon realised that was the only member of his party that wasn’t very confident in their own abilities, so he always found himself exerting more effort than the others. Bookmark here

Tiergan was an expert sharpshooter and could land almost any shot without breaking a sweat. Alisa’s magical abilities and control were unlike anything Connor had ever seen, and his little sister was skilled with her spear. Bookmark here

It wasn’t that Connor was weak by any means, however. After all, he was a B-ranked adventurer and was very strong in his own right, but he still felt the same tension and fear he’d always felt in battles. Bookmark here

He feared his death, he feared that he would fail and he feared that his loved ones would get hurt.Bookmark here

Maybe I should learn to lighten up a little, Connor thought as they approached the gates.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

The moment they stepped foot into the city, they could sense that there was something wrong.Bookmark here

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