Chapter 9:

Megumi is a gamer

Former Magical Girls and their Daily Lives

At the end of the Cleanup Festival, the shoe locker room was completely letter-free. Everything was clean, and the students went to their homerooms, and they received their extra homework. The students thought the extra work was cringe, but they didn't have any say in the matter.Bookmark here

"So, what are we going to do with the homework?" Megumi said, "Do you want to work together to get it done?"Bookmark here

"That sounds good," Kasumi said. "Do you want to go to our place then?"Bookmark here

"Actually, I thought it might be cool for us to go to a place that I like.Bookmark here

"Where's that?"Bookmark here

It was the Cyber Cafe. It was close to Megumi's place and right next to the Cosmic Cafe, the Cosplay Cafe, and the Coffee Cafe. Somehow all of them managed to stay successful despite all of the competition.Bookmark here

Anyway, the Cyber Cafe was a geek's dream. Computers, manga, and video games. You couldn't find a better place for someone like Megumi.Bookmark here

"Hi, Kazuma!" She greeted once walking through the front door.Bookmark here

"Hi, Megumi," Kazuma responded. Kazuma was the guy in the front. He was the first face you saw entering the cafe. He looked like a basic anime protagonist, and we aren't talking about the buff 15-year old average high schooler. He was the type to be approachable by even the biggest NEETs. Naturally, he also developed a friendly relationship with Megumi, since she is a regular.Bookmark here

"Do you want the usual?" he asked.Bookmark here

"Actually, I have some friends this time. So, can we get the bigger place? We need the space."Bookmark here

"Sure, it'll cost more as you may know. Are you okay with that?"Bookmark here

"Of course. Of course!"Bookmark here

The girls entered the place and set their bags in the bigger stall. This stall had two computers rather than one and had much more breathing room. Perfect for a group like this.Bookmark here

"So, why did you pick this place, Megumi?"Bookmark here

"Well, I just like going here a lot. The staff is great. And I can really escape from the world here. I thought that you guys should see this place. We could also play Demon Killers III together here since I only have one computer at home."Bookmark here

"But there are only two computers. We can't all play at once."Bookmark here

"You can rent out a laptop if you want to, but we aren't here for just the computers. There's also the homework we have to do."Bookmark here

"Okay, I guess we have to get to that then."Bookmark here

The homework wasn't that hard since it was just the beginning of the classes, and it was mostly a revamp of stuff you should've learned in middle school. The Lemons did know most of the stuff already. Magical girls do get a good education while they are on the field. They have a first-rate education system. While helpers are a little mischievous, they are good teachers, who don't leave a single magical girl behind. A lot of times, magical girls are better educated than the rest of society, but this doesn't mean that life was easy. The Lemon Quartet was deployed dozens of times on missions. These missions were very dangerous, and everyone didn't come back, but there are benefits, education being one of them.Bookmark here

Megumi was the undereducated one of the bunch. She had so much trivia in her brain that it clashed with her school smarts. But she didn't have too much of an issue with the homework either.Bookmark here

However, that meant that the Lemons were the first ones to finish the homework. As such, they had a bit of free time.Bookmark here

Kasumi went to one of the computers and turned on the screen. The logo of the monitor company popped up and disappeared a few seconds later. Kasumi stared at the black screen.Bookmark here

Confused, Kasumi turned the screen off and turned it on again. Again, the logo popped up and disappeared. Black screen.Bookmark here

"Is this computer broken? It won't turn on," she asked the others.Bookmark here

Megumi turned around.Bookmark here

"Let me see." She pressed the power button on the computer case, and the Winux logo with the penguin popped up, and the computer started up.Bookmark here

"That's weird. It seems to work fine," she said, "I guess it just needed the good ol' Megumi touch. Haha."Bookmark here

"Thanks."Bookmark here

Kasumi tried to find where the Demon Killers III file was. She typed Demon Killers III into the search bar, and she turned on the game. She chose one of the missions and saw that the Cyber Cafe had all of the characters already unlocked. She chose Winston Whurchill as her character since that was the only one she knew about. Unfortunately, she chose the wrong mission to play the game. She chose the beach mission and to understate it, she was confused. She saw Winston Whurchill in swim trunks and she quit the game.Bookmark here

"Hey, Megumi," she said, trying to forget what she just saw, "You ate all of the food you made. How did you even do that? Us three couldn't even eat a fourth of it."Bookmark here

"5 hours of constant work will do that to you. I was completely drained and was starving. I just ate what I had to."Bookmark here

"If I ate that much, I would've been worried about gaining weight."Bookmark here

"Oh, I don't really gain weight that much. All of the food I eat goes into my eyes."Bookmark here

"Your eyes?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, I actually have really good vision. My glasses make my eyesight worse."Bookmark here

"Why do you want worse vision?"Bookmark here

"I see so well that I see all of the little details on everything. I can see all of the pores and dirt on other people's skin. It's quite gross. So, it's more comfortable to have bad vision, or I guess normal vision in my case. Also, my doctor said that my eyes might work too hard, and I could lose my vision early. Those are the main two reasons."Bookmark here

"Weird."Bookmark here

"Yeah, it is. Anyway, I'm done with my homework. Want to play Demon Killers III?"Bookmark here

"Um." Kasumi didn't know how to get out of this situation without it being awkward. She couldn't pretend to be good at the game. She hasn't played any video game in a long time, and she didn't think she ever played a first-person shooter. She didn't want to make an excuse and leave because she didn't want to hurt Megumi's feelings and make her waste her money. Megumi brought them here to play this game after all.Bookmark here

Kasumi put her knees and face on the ground.Bookmark here

"I'm so sorry. I actually never played the game. I don't use Winston Whurchill, and I haven't heard of the game until you mentioned it."Bookmark here

Megumi looked shocked, but then she smiled and said:Bookmark here

"Yeah, that was kinda obvious."Bookmark here

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