Chapter 10:

Chapter 10: The Rumors and Next

Becoming A Seiyuu? I'm In!

"Oh, no! Has Kishi-senpai finally gotten his revenge on me? But I don't have ill intention towards him! I just want him to tutor me, teaching me how to act! I'll run away later! - Aki, panicking.Bookmark here

The three friends were sitting in a small circle, confronting each other while their mouths busily munching on snacks they bought in the canteen. They kept on peeping over each other without a word as if they were cautiously preparing to set an ambush. Tori had the least tension among them three, therefore he as the first to sense the tensed atmosphere never helped in their development. He squinted at Aki and Hiro while taking in a mouthful of cake.Bookmark here

Since the incident occurred between Aki and Mori, the younger never visited the media club room. There were weird rumours lingering around Izumi Junior High School, which bothered Tori too much because it was related to Aki and Kishi, the president of the student association. Everyone, even new students like them, acknowledged the exclusiveness to keep in touch with that senior, however Aki manageably enclosed himself to Kishi unconditionally. Although Aki was naturally born as a boy, it did not ensure him to act all chummy with Kishi. Bookmark here

Kishi-senpai was a nickname that person created of his own. Juniors would normally call him as Kishi-san and his authority in the school enabled him to do most things, hence he was basically almost at the same level as the teachers. Surely he did not teach other students, but his contribution to Izumi Junior High School exceeded normal students. Bookmark here

As claimed by the girls who were his ardent fans, even students of neighbourhood schools had a crush on him. His kindness and warmness towards other party gave out striking impression of him, thus there were times that even the teachers would seek help from him. He never rejected people in need, and he always smiled no matter how difficult a situation could be. In conclusion, he was a prince charming of Izumi Junior High School, packaged with handsomeness, top-scorer, athletic, high-spirited, and-Bookmark here

“And why are you feeling sorry for him instead of me?” Aki frantically pressed both his thumbs to his chest. “I was abandoned till the end no matter how eager I was!”Bookmark here

“It’s because your method is wrong, Aki,” Tori commented with his puffy cheek. Aki never witnessed anyone eating a cake with such large chunk. “You shouldn’t force him to that extend.”Bookmark here

“It’s a pact Ito-senpai made with me. He said Kishi-senpai would see my worth by that,” Aki pulled a pout. He stared at his empty bento and grumbled. Bookmark here

As an earlier member of the media club, Hiro never predicted Aki would do such thing in order to attract Kishi to talk to him. Of all people, he would do anything but confronting Kishi head-on. He disliked the elder, especially after the incident which Mori kept on repeating during club. It happened during Tani’s first year, when there would be a theatre played by the members of the drama club. According to Tani, the students were mostly not into live action, therefore the dull acceptance worried Ito. As the one entity who enthralled people, Kishi asked the help of his childhood friend, Mori. Bookmark here

Their friendship was already shaken because Mori was in other class than Kishi, but it did not mean Mori would not lend a hand when he figured out Kishi’s club was having crisis. Therefore, Mori implied his skills in digital illustration to create a poster specifically for the theatre, with the main purpose to tell people that the promising theatre would be entertaining. Mori’s talent was astoundingly beautiful as a 14 years old kid.Bookmark here

The drama club should be grateful for Mori’s ability other than their amazing talents in acting. Kishi, conspicuously, should show more gratitude towards his childhood friend. As how much Hiro has heard, Mori did not charge the club for the poster because he just designed it. Ito was the one printing it and spreading it everywhere in the school. Bookmark here

“Their president is still Ito-senpai, isn’t it?” Hiro broke his own silence. “How was he doing?”Bookmark here

“Great,” but Aki’s monotonous tone depicted his disappointment. “He was adamant to get his revenge on Kishi-senpai. I guess he was purely mad at him.”Bookmark here

Tori propped his chin, thinking hard to relate the rumours with the actual incident taking place between Aki and Kishi. “I guess Ito-senpai wanted to help you because he felt embarrassed to the media club due to Kishi-senpai’s arrogance.”Bookmark here

Both Aki and Hiro turned to the boy. He flinched as he felt threatened by their tempted looks. He concentrated on finishing his cake so that he would not have to nauseate himself by Aki and Hiro’s combined anticipation.Bookmark here

“You see,” Tori averted from both of them, “From how you guys disclosed to me, Kishi-senpai had something unsettled with Mori-senpai, but I couldn’t think of any possibility regarding that. They are two years older than us, so it’s natural not to have too much information about them both.”Bookmark here

“Even at one year gap doesn’t help much,” Hiro crossed his arms to his chest in deep thinking. “Tani-nii doesn’t tell me much because he really doesn’t know much.”Bookmark here

Aki nodded in agreeing to Hiro’s assumption, “Tani-san doesn’t seem as lying, even though I’ve seen him only once. He’s transparent, speaking his mind out, and he’s strict with his opinion.”Bookmark here

“Are you the little brother?” Hiro squinted at the giggling Aki. “But Aki’s right. Tani-nii never cheats, even if it would cause him problem. He’s really frank. See through.”Bookmark here

“I’m not talking about your big brother, Hiro,” Tori furrowed till his brows entangled.Bookmark here

The blinking Hiro froze. “I’ve forgotten what topic we’re discussing though.”Bookmark here

The trio was wrapping their bento boxes in their respective bags when someone of their class barged into the small circle. They, especially Aki, were purely petrified by the sudden appearance of a cameo for this novel, panicking as they were literally attacked. That classmate heaved a sigh while clutching on Tori’s shoulder for some physical support. Bookmark here

“There’s a third year senior looking for you, Aki. It’s the president of the student association,” that classmate informed the latter, who was already scared over the news. Bookmark here

Was he busted? Has Ito-senpai divulged everything to Kishi-senpai? His mind kept on rotating over any possible punishment he would have to brave thanks to his bluntness in obeying to Ito’s suggestion. He despised violence, but he did not presume his upcoming penalty would be light. With heavy steps and the half-hearted extra support by Tori and Hiro by his sides, he made his way to their class. Bookmark here

That classmate never deceived. There was an actual Kishi–senpai standing in front of 1 – 6, encircled by girls and practically being hit on. The sight was objectionable to the trio, but Aki could not complain. He has done quite grave mistake towards a senior other students looked up to though.Bookmark here

Noticing the presence of Aki, Kishi gently dismissed the crowd gathering around him. He told them that he had some business with Aki, thus the girls gave them space to deal. Aki gulped as a few of the groups sent off death glares at him, believably because of the spreading rumours relating to him and Kishi. Tori and Hiro did not delay to get into the class, comfortably watching from inside. Meanwhile, Aki has turned pallid for overthinking too much.Bookmark here

All right. I am busted!Bookmark here

“Are you busy this weekend?” Bookmark here

Murmurs from Kishi was gentle, yet it gave Aki quite a shock until his pounding heart palpitated his breathing. He recomposed his inhalation and tried to calm down. “Not really. We’re first years after all.”Bookmark here

“So you do aware third years are busy as hell,” Kishi’s tone hardened as if he was gritting, yet his smile contrasted the intonation. “I want you to come to my house.”Bookmark here

“I what?!”Bookmark here

Even a few girls who eavesdropping from inside 1 – 6 class subconsciously ogled at them, authentically stupefied. The outrageously famous Kishi invited a mere junior to his house? Whereas no one other than Ito has come visiting him there! How could he invite a junior who he barely knew?Bookmark here

“Wh- wh- wh- wh- What are you going to do to me, Kishi-senpai?” This time, Aki lost himself and stuttered way too much. His stammer demolished his cool image. “Wh- Wh- wh- What if you come to my house instead?”Bookmark here

“Why should I come to your house? You’re the cause of this humiliation.” The gap between their face was only centimetres apart. “I’ve discovered everything from Ito. Don’t you think of running away, remember!”Bookmark here

Obviously, Kishi would threaten him for his nasty behaviour towards the senior. Aki was not the type to act insolently, plus his strict parents never spoilt him too despite being the only child of his household. Seeing Kishi whining over the incident, he relaxed his shoulders and a long sigh escaped from him. He could never win against Kishi even if he had more brawn than the elder. Bookmark here

A reluctant nod was enough to satisfy Kishi. The elder walked away believably to his own class, leaving the frightened Aki in the corridor alone. No. He was not really alone. The gathering girls in 1 – 6 class encircled him in bewilderment, with murmurs dissolving among themselves. They must be questioning the rationality of Kishi inviting him, of all people, to his house. Not only Aki was a boy, their age gap and their position in Izumi Junior High School contrasted to each other. Bookmark here

With heavy steps, much heavier than those from their hanging spot, Aki paced towards his own seat in 1 – 6. He totally neglected the sharp and intimidating glares by most girl students of his class. His own best friend, Tori, was subconsciously staring at him keenly too. Aki squinted at the latter.Bookmark here

“Nothing much. He instructed me to come to his house this weekend. That’s all.”Bookmark here

“You must be joking me, Aki. That senior is asking you out this weekend?”Bookmark here

“It’s obviously rare of you to mishear things this important, Tori.”Bookmark here

Tori’s parted lips formed a smile though it was not that cheerful. The news was too shocking that it proliferated across the school rapidly. Kishi and Aki became hot gossips which enticed the girls to investigate more about their relationship. Too bad that the information was told to Aki on Tuesday, which also meant he had to brave another three working days to reach weekend and finish his killing curiosity. Bookmark here

Despite being a very challenging first year student of Izumi Junior High School who liked voice imitating, lately Aki has been abandoning his hobby – No, abandoning was not the correct word to describe it. His simple mind has been revolving over ways to get Kishi’s approval. As a proof, he was willing to do anything so that Kishi would hear him, including sending a love letter and pretending as a girl. He even…Bookmark here

All right, that one was excluded. That incident was all Ito’s idea. He has been questioning himself whether it was a good idea or the contrary, but that Ito guy knew how to entail him. After a few times of provocation, Aki finally agreed to do it, which resulted in Kishi’s diarrhoea. That one idea was quite extreme for Aki, but Ito’s irritation towards Kishi was far greater than Aki’s nervousness. Bookmark here

Then, why was Kishi requesting him to come over? Was he setting up penalty for him? Would Ito be there too? As how Tori has suggested, it would be better if Aki arrived there early. If he could not refrain his fear, he should call Ito to join them too. That one idea was not all credited to him though – Ito should have some of his medicine too.Bookmark here

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