Chapter 37:

The Destruction of Black Port (Part 2)

The Children of Eris

There were more than thirty large merchant ships and fourteen military vessels in Black Port, with more than enough room to evacuate thousands of people in the city. Bookmark here

However, not all of the ships docked were willing to wait when they heard the alarm bells.Bookmark here

Six merchant ships had departed right away and were already halfway out of the bay. Bookmark here

The docks were so overcrowded with scared civilians that people were pushing each other into the water just to try and make it on board a ship.Bookmark here

The legionnaires on the military vessels had wanted to come off their boats and into the city to help the other defenders, but found themselves stuck on their boats because of the large crowds forcing their way on board.Bookmark here

“Please, let us through!” A commander begged. “We have to do what we can to help and can’t depart without-”Bookmark here

Someone threw a rock at him, making the legionnaires under his command draw their swords and raise their shields.Bookmark here

“Let us on already!”Bookmark here

“Hurry up before we’re killed!”Bookmark here

“Take my baby, at least! Please!”Bookmark here

“People, we will but first you must-”Bookmark here

The commander then saw a figure floating in the air wearing a brown cloak and carrying a wooden stave. The figure fired a fireball into the back of the crowd, setting many people on fire who desperately dove into the water.Bookmark here

“Get us out of here, now!” The commander ordered. “Get as many people on as possible in five minutes; then, we’re departing!”Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

Back at the gates, Olaf, his sergeant and a hundred men of the city watch were still fighting. Bookmark here

Despite their efforts, they weren’t strong enough to hold back the undead who swept through them and into the city streets, breaking into people’s homes and cutting down everyone they saw, whether they were a man, woman or child.Bookmark here

As Olaf continued to fight, he struggled to keep himself standing.Bookmark here

He was exhausted, from his night shift and from the fight, and he was wounded.Bookmark here

He almost collapsed onto his knees but steadied himself against a nearby building, slowly taking in everything he was seeing and hearing.Bookmark here

The sight of battle before him, the sounds of people running behind him, the screams of people dying all around him. Bookmark here

I’d heard the rumours of the Great Disaster, but this. He ground his teeth and battled another skeleton, cutting it in half. This is beyond what I imagined.Bookmark here

As Olaf cut down one final skeleton, two more skeletons leapt at him, one stabbed him in his stomach and the other slit his throat.Bookmark here

As Olaf fell flat on his face, the last thing he saw was the full might of the undead horde breaking through what remained of his men.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

At the docks, all but three ships had departed, leaving thousands of people behind as thousands more fled the city.Bookmark here

Those who had been left behind tried to climb onto the last three boats, but all three were quickly sunk by a barrage of fireballs. Bookmark here

With no other choice left, many people simply jumped into the water and tried to swim away, but the undead horde had finally reached the docks and continued the slaughter.Bookmark here

The skeleton archers fired arrows at those who tried to swim away, sinking arrows into the backs of their victims, as the unarmed skeletons cut through the crowd.Bookmark here

With every death, the city grew more and more silent, until, at last, there were no humans left in Black Port.Bookmark here

Then, the undead stopped and stared out of the port towards the retreating ships.Bookmark here

The liches landed in front of them and did the same.Bookmark here

They didn’t shoot their fireballs or cast any other magic.Bookmark here

They simply stared until the last ship was out of sight.Bookmark here

Once it was gone, the Lich King that David had appointed began casting his magic on the corpses in Black Port.Bookmark here

One by one, the flesh fell from their bodies, turning them into new soldiers for his army. Bookmark here

The other liches began doing the same and a few began reviving the skeletons that had fallen during the assault itself. Bookmark here

When they had finished, the undead horde had grown to seventy-thousand strong.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

By the time that the riders and reports had spread to Themis and the other cities of the empire, Black Port had long since been destroyed.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Within a week, news had spread throughout the Holy Empire of the attack and of the gathering undead army in the city’s ruins.Bookmark here

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