Chapter 9:

Vol. 3 Chemistry of Friendship A.K.A. Theory of Friendship

Daily Life of a loner

What Friendship truly is? Is it a bond? Is it a relation? Is it real? Is it something that everyone needs? If you don't know, let me explain it to you. I will try to put it as simple as I can. Think of humans as an atom. What is an atom made of? Atom has electrons, protons and neutrons, each has negative, positive and no charge respectively. Let's say that electrons are negative thoughts, protons are positive thoughts and neutrons are just dead weight that doesn't affect our life. In atom protons and neutrons are at the centre, while electrons revolve around them. Do u understand what that means? Positive and neutral thoughts are something that humans doesn't want to share. So they keep it deep inside them. While all the negative thoughts are moving freely. You are with me? Right? I think I am clear up here. Bookmark here

This is all basics to understand what friendship is. Till now I have defined what an atom is, in other words, what are humans. Now think there are countless atoms around you. Some are big, some are small, they all have different sizes. We all know that two or more atoms react together to form a compound. Like to make water, two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom react with each other to form H2O. What makes these atoms react? (Atoms=humans if you forgot) what makes atoms react is electrons, in other words, negative emotions. Atoms share electrons to form a bond between them so that both atoms can be stabilized and form a compound. This compound is so-called friendship. Everyone has something that makes them connected with others. If you still don't get it, let me explain you more simply. Imagine you are having a hard time dealing with your problem yourself. A person comes and lends you a hand. When you are with that person you feel at ease. Do you understand it now? If not then I don't know how can I explain it. Not every atom can react with each other. Bookmark here

For those who don't know these. Electronegative atoms can hold a negative charge more efficiently while electropositive atoms can hold a positive charge. Bookmark here

Moving forward, What determines the strength of these bonds? All atoms are not the same, some have more electrons while others have fewer electrons. When they share these electrons with each other, it makes a bond between them. The strength of these bonds depends on what type of atom they are. If they are electronegative they can make bonds with electropositive atoms easily or vice-versa. Here comes the fun part. Why do some friendships break? Imagine two atoms are in a bond, one is electronegative while the other is electropositive. Then there is the entry of the third atom which doesn't have any bond with the other two atoms, but it is more electronegative than the atom which currently is in the bond. So the electropositive atom will try to make the bond with the more electronegative atom. While it is doing that the bond with the previous atom will get weak and finally break down. That's how a bond between two atoms is broken. Bookmark here

If you consider atoms as humans. Then electropositive atoms are those who can't deal with their problems, while electronegative atoms lend them a hand. Bookmark here

I taught you two theories today. One Bohr model of an atom and the second molecular orbital theory. I think I should become a chemistry teacher. (Lol) Bookmark here

(Extra Knowledge...
The question is Where do we Loners stand? Have you ever heard of inert gases/atoms? They don't react with other atoms, not even among themself. We come in this category.
Like every part of chemistry has exceptions, here is an expectation too. Some atoms are so electronegative or electropositive that they even force inert gas/atom to react with them. In other words, they force a loner to be their friend. Ridiculous right?
You all must be wondering what are neutrons? Just so you know they are the knowledge we have. The things we learn every day. It can be related to your studies, your work, your hobby..etc. That means it's neither negative nor positive.)
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Daily Life of a loner

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