Chapter 6:

Chapter 6: The Chase

Burning X

I got dressed quickly to leave with Nikki. We headed downstairs to the exit of the hotel where we stopped to go over what we’ll do. 

“Okay, so if you want to find out what happened with your arm and to Riz, first we gotta go back to the place it all happened and search for clues” Nikki said to me, peaking in to my eyes with excitement. 

“Go back? Isn’t that dangerous? What about the police?” I was worried and It reflected well in my voice.

“Don’t worry you big cry baby. If it’s too much we’ll turn back and think of a new plan” Nikki said to me, patting my shoulder. I nodded and we left the hotel.

We walked towards the direction of the bank, mostly in silence apart from Nikki’s terrible singing. But it was nice, it felt like the normality I wanted since this whole thing began. 

It was relaxing

“Sooo Nikki…” She turned quickly towards me as we carried on walking.

“Why do you want to help me? There must be a reason you’d want to get involved in this mess” I asked softly, I didn’t want her to think I was demanding an answer. 

“Well, you see-“ Nikki began to answer but stopped suddenly, the pace of her steps slowly increasing to a point where she was power walking.

“Hey slow down, why’d you speed up? I caught up with her, trying to match her speed.

“Listen carefully. Don’t turn around. We’re being followed.” Nikki sounded serious; I thought to myself that maybe she was just messing with me.

“What? Don’t be crazy, why would someone fol-“ I began to turn around to check who was there before Nikki grabbed my wrist and began to run. I stumbled as she dragged me along. As we ran I took a quick turn around, nobody was there.

I stopped and pulled Nikki to a halt. “LOOK! There’s nobody there. What the hell is wrong with you?” I stopped to point in the direction we came in. 

“No, we were being followed. Can’t you feel it?” Nikki letting go of me, we began to walk again, fast towards our destination. A large man stood in front of us. He was close to us, too close to call a coincidence, slightly more than a few metres away. We stopped and stared at the huge figure. He wore a jet black suit, pulling a gun out of his inner pocket.

“See, told you!” Nikki slapped my head as she pointed at the man.

“Who sent you? What do you want?” Nikki shouted to the man. I looked back and forth at both of them. “Somebody sent him?” I thought to myself.

What have I got myself in to?

The man didn’t answer. He immediately walked closer to us, his shape towering over us. Nikki grabbed me and pushed me back before shouting to me.

“Stay there! Let me handle this!” She took a fighting stance and readied herself. All I could do is watch. I wasn’t much of a fighter so this worked out better for me, however I was uncomfortable with the fact I couldn’t help.

“Hey! Big boy! You gonna give me some answers or do I have to beat them out of you?” Nikki was clearly confident in her fighting abilities. With no second to wait she lunged towards her opponent.

I wish I could help