Chapter 1:

Super Hot Fire (ft. Illiterate_Infant)

Big Fat Glistening Among Us Roast of the Century

[Intro: Infant & Pollo]

Fuck that among us mother fucker (fuck).

Yeah. Real shit on god. Fr fr. Yeah fuck that bitch ass mf (yeah).

[Verse 1: Infant]

Im hard like a rock.

I'll beat your head in with a rock.

ill knock your ass out and take your shoes

i don't mess with you, because you smell like poo

none of this is a joke

but if the cops read this then it's a joke

trust me you dont want no smoke

downloaded genshin and now im broke

Im gonna rob all your dumb asses

im too poor to afford glasses

I just beat up a mexican

i cant see, is that a traffic cone or a pedestrian?

Started dealing crack when i was 5 years old

thats why im illiterate

im about to die from the common cold

because i cant afford healthcare

The government doesnt care

they killed all the black people

they built the wall to stop drug smugglers

so they could be the drug smugglers

They use our money to build the hospitals

then they put us in the hospitals

then they make us pay for the healthcare

thats why the government don't care

why we paying the cops to kill us

i can do that myself

why am i being arrested for selling crack

when the government sells crack too

[Verse 2: Pollo]

This is a diss track on among us

yeah you know i'm the strongest

yeah your book's poorly written

on your grave i'll be pissing

your face is a bathroom

you were born in a restroom

i'll slap the shit outta you

i'll slap the shit outta the government too

Yeah, I know they killed epstein

yeah, I know they killed webb

They gon kill assange too

then they gon kill me too

The government is run by pedophiles

i seen them on epstein's island

i would leak all the government files

but i dont want to end up dying

[Verse 3: Infant & Pollo]

this rap is supposed to be a joke

we really dont want no smoke (with the government).

I dont have any government files, im still in highschool

Infant dont sell crack, he lives in the suburbs

but we do want smoke with amogus

someone gotta bring this man to justice

or else i might just end it all.

thats all i got, no more.

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