Chapter 76:

The Vampire Court (Part 3)

The Children of Eris

The woman sat beside Lord Ruthven stood up and curtsied beautifully to David.Bookmark here

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, your majesty,” Lilith said with a bright smile that made David’s heart skip a beat. “My name is Lilith. May I have the honour of knowing his majesty’s name?” Bookmark here

“Aren’t you overstepping your bounds-?” Scylla tried to say but David interrupted her.Bookmark here

“Allaric.”Bookmark here

“May I be permitted to call you Lord Allaric, your majesty?” Bookmark here

“That is definitely-”Bookmark here

“Feel free to.”Bookmark here

Lilith’s face lit up and she giggled happily. “Thank you, Lord Allaric.”Bookmark here

David’s council behind him struggled to not let their shock show on their face.Bookmark here

Only a handful of people at the Dread Keep were allowed to call him by his name, but his chosen generals were not among them.Bookmark here

To Scylla and Charybdis, they couldn’t understand their master’s intentions.Bookmark here

David himself was a little bit surprised at himself.Bookmark here

Why did I allow her to call me by my name? He locked eyes with her, causing the vampire’s cheeks to redden. What the hell is with that reaction?!Bookmark here

“My daughter has been eager to meet you since you first arrived in this world,” Lord Ruthven said.Bookmark here

“F-father!” Lilith became more embarrassed. “You promised not to tell Lord Allaric!”Bookmark here

Lord Ruthven chuckled. “Sorry, but I couldn’t help it, not after you acted so giddy upon seeing a portrait of his majesty.”Bookmark here

Lilith went silent and sat down, hanging her head in shame. Bookmark here

“…You have a portrait of me?” David asked.Bookmark here

“Oh yes, your majesty. Originally, I had our men who were observing you from a distance draw up a reference for both myself, the Court and, as it turned out, my daughter. We even had it painted so that we could fully appreciate your imposing form.” Lord Ruthven laughed again. “It’s currently hanging in-”Bookmark here

“Father,” Lilith growled beside him, baring her fangs.Bookmark here

“A-Apologies, but I seem to have forgotten where it is.” He cleared his throat. “I hope you do forgive me, your majesty, but it was essential that the Court saw who it was that we were to pledge our allegiance to.”Bookmark here

“Why is that?” Scylla demanded.Bookmark here

“Lady Scylla, do you truly think that the members of the Vampire Court could agree to ally with someone without ever seeing their face?” Lord Ruthven asked. “If you so wished, your majesty, we could order more portraits of you created. We have many great artisans among our members. If you’d prefer, we could create a marble version of your majesty to display in the centres of your cities.”Bookmark here

“I-I’ll have to think about that,” David said; he cringed inside when he imagined a large statue of himself in the centre of the capital. “But I am interested in seeing this portrait at some point.”Bookmark here

Lord Ruthven nodded. “I’m sure my daughter would be more than willing to do that, your majesty.”Bookmark here

“With pleasure, Lord Allaric,” Lilith beamed.Bookmark here

David’s heart skipped again.Bookmark here

She’s so beautiful…He thought. I’ve seen lots of attractive people since coming to this world, including my generals, but she’s just so…captivating. Why? David frowned a little. Is it possible that this is a trap of some sort?Bookmark here

What if she’s using some sort of charm magic on me to make me feel this way? That would make sense, given how cute she’s acting. And she is really pretty.Bookmark here

Wait.Bookmark here

When I summoned my first generals, Mimir said that I couldn’t be affected by charm magic like Mania’s, so that isn’t it. Bookmark here

It’s the same sort of feeling like when I met-David bit down on his lip. When I met Kella.Bookmark here

…It’s just like then. This same happiness, this warmth, it’s just missing the feeling of disgust that comes after it. Bookmark here

After all…David shut his eyes. Kella could be dead in a few weeks’ time. Bookmark here

If we make this alliance, Lilith will join us and become my wife. Bookmark here

I could have some semblance of normalcy in my life.Bookmark here

I could-Bookmark here

“Lord Allaric, is something wrong?” Lilith inquired.Bookmark here

David reopened his eyes and saw that almost everyone in the room was gazing at him anxiously.Bookmark here

I wonder if they think I’m upset. David scoffed. Well, they aren’t wrong.Bookmark here

It’s not their fault.Bookmark here

“I was lost in my thoughts for a moment,” David said dismissively as he waved his hand. “Lord Ruthven, you have given me much to consider today. As such, I would like some time to think things over and discuss this alliance in more depth with my generals.”Bookmark here

“Very well, your majesty,” Lord Ruthven said. “As I mentioned in my letter to you, we will be hosting a great ball in your honour tonight. I hope that you will enjoy it and will see first hand just how powerful the Vampire Court truly is.”Bookmark here

“I’m looking forward to it.”Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

Deep in the Beast Woods, Fenrir ran through the trees, sniffing and searching for any signs of the werewolves.Bookmark here

After three hours of nonstop searching, she had found a faint trail but hadn’t found any werewolves yet.Bookmark here

She transformed out of her wolf form and conjured a portal behind her. Two Machai stepped through from the Dread Keep.Bookmark here

“I need to speak to Abaddon,” she said.Bookmark here

The Machai bowed and returned to the keep. A minute later, the demon general appeared.Bookmark here

“What do you want?” Abaddon demanded.Bookmark here

“I…need your help,” Fenrir whispered.Bookmark here

“With what?”Bookmark here

“The werewolves.”Bookmark here

“Werewolves?” Abaddon looked around them and didn’t see a sign of another lifeform near them. “What werewolves?”Bookmark here

“No, I mean…um.” She rubbed the back of her head and screamed in frustration.Bookmark here

“W-what?”Bookmark here

“I need you as backup in case something goes wrong!” She howled; her cry echoed around them for a few seconds.Bookmark here

Abaddon looked at her in stunned silence.Bookmark here

Once Fenrir had calmed herself down, she said, “Just in case is all.”Bookmark here

“Is this about what happened in Stonefall?” Bookmark here

Fenrir meekly nodded. “When we went to finish off the Sons of Tartarus, I messed up badly. Herakles almost knocked me out before I’d even realised what’d happened. Then, against those A-rankers, I struggled because I was still disoriented by that first attack which made me realise something.”Bookmark here

“That there are those that can rival our power?”Bookmark here

“…Yeah. I don’t want to ever go through that humiliation again; I don’t want to make any more mistakes like that.”Bookmark here

“So, you want me to hang back and keep an eye on things in case the werewolves are stronger than you think?” Abaddon asked.Bookmark here

“Yeah.”Bookmark here

“I can do that, but I don’t have much time. I’ve still got my orders from the Demon Emperor to follow and I might not make it if I’m away for too long.”Bookmark here

“How much could you take off?”Bookmark here

“Two hours, maximum. Hopefully though, we’ll be done in an hour.”Bookmark here

Fenrir grinned. “I hope so too and.” She turned away from him to hide her embarrassment. “Thanks.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Don’t worry about it.”Bookmark here

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