Chapter 4:

Must Kill Old Lady

Grimm: Life or Death

Today dad gave me a job to do, since he's a little backed up right now. So I have a scheduled "heart attack" on an old lady named Florence Ambrose. So I'm just approaching the house right now. This house for some reason, feels like I've seen it before, like I've seen it in a vision or something, but I don't know. There she is, just sitting in her big chair, knitting. As I approach her, I grab her knitting needle and stab it in her heart, signifying to the common world that she had a heart attack, because the part that I attack first is where she will die from in the common world, after that I can do whatever I want. So I have some fun with it, and to save your guy's minds, I'm not gonna say what I did, or what I took off. But after I was done I hear out of nowhere a strangely familiar voice cry out "GRANDMA!"Bookmark here

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