Chapter 8:

Back to the nest

Lights Off

Elai: So what do you need to make Molotov?

Lunna: As this is a special Molotov, I will need a cleric

Elai: Hmm... Father John must be busy running the church, Emilya is sleeping right now...

Elai: Maybe Joseph will accept

Elai: I'll text him

1:56AM Me: Joseph, are you busy?

1:58AM Joseph: Not much, why?

1:58AM Me: Lunna needs you outside

1:59AM Joseph: Alright, I'm getting there

Elai: Okay, he's coming, is there anything I can help?

Lunna: No, you can leave the rest to us

After a few minutes Joseph arrived and Lunna was already finishing preparing some black bags

Joseph: What do you need?

Luna: Come here

Lunna: I need you to bless these things here

Joseph: What are these things?

Lunna: It's a secret of mine, but what I can tell you is that when I put it all together the result will be the best Molotov you'll ever see.

Joseph: A Molotov? Do you plan to use this?

Elai: Yes, I'm still mad at Adam and his succubus

Joseph: I see... Speaking of occultists, do you intend to stay here with us?

Elai: No, at first I would but with the reinforcement that our side has I can have the freedom to prevent Annie from getting into trouble

Elai: She told me she would stay out of this battle but you know how Annie is

Joseph: You're right

Joseph: Well, I'll bless whatever's in those bags

Joseph then began the blessing process.

Joseph: I'm not as good as Father John so I'm going to bless consecutively and it might take a while

Lunna: Do you think it's over in less than 30 minutes?

Joseph: Yes

The 2 then got busy assembling Molotov while Klovis and I were free.

Elai: My time here is already running out, Klovis can you help me with the gear for the trip?

Klovis: Yes

Klovis then took a good chunk of weaponry out of the car.

Klovis: So what kind of approach do you want to take when you get there?

Elai: I'm thinking about being discreet, they still don't know I'm here except by a trustworthy person

Klovis: Got it, I can't equip you much without it showing

Klovis then grabs a relatively thinner vest compared to what he was wearing

Klovis: Wear this vest like a second skin, as it's cold it will blend well into your clothes.

Klovis: But be careful, it can take a few shots, they'll hurt a lot but at least they won't pierce you

Klovis: This vest will also protect you if someone wants to stab you with a blade or something.

Elai: Alright, I'll remember this

Klovis: Do you have a firearm?

Elai: Yes but I lent it to Joseph but I forgot

Elai: I'll ask him about the revolver

Klovis: No need to worry about it, I just wanted to know if you knew how to shoot

He then takes a pistol and hands me

Klovis: This is a 38 caliber pistol, Stevan has customized the gun and ammo so you can be sure it will do some damage.

Klovis: I'll just give you 1 clip for you to use, so you'll have 14 bullets to use, got it?

Elai: Right

Klovis: Lunna, have the 38-caliber bullets received a blessing?

Lunna: Yeah, that weird girl helped me with that earlier

Klovis: Great!

Klovis: We haven't had a chance to test how these bullets behave with demons because we're saving our resources for battle, but I trust it won't be a disappointment.

Klovis: You're going to take this gun inside your pants, it's going to be a little uncomfortable at first but you'll get used to it.

Klovis: What are you planning on doing with your scythe?

Elai: People over there have seen me with it, so they're used to it.

Elai: Plus they plan on taming demons so having something in sight like this scythe will give me some morals.

Klovis: You are right

Klovis: By the way, since you mentioned the demons, what's the succubus you want to get rid of?

Elai: She is a woman with red hair and styled like a fifties pinup

Elai: Her clothes were provocative and she has 3 eyes in her face

Elai: Not to mention the mixture of smooth skin and scales she has

Elai: In a weird way everything she did was seductive

Klovis: Hohoho! I'm already dying to see her around here

Lunna: Don't forget Klovis, she's work not fun

Klovis: Sorry Captain

Elai: There's something I forgot to mention

Elai: She is very fast

Klovis: How fast is she?

Elai: Quick enough to pass me and a friend of mine without us noticing and hold her head behind her back

Klovis: Got it, this is going to be a huge problem

Klovis then took a communicator and passed the information to Stevan that I didn't know where he was.

Klovis: Stevan wished you good luck

2:16 AM Annie: Meet me at 2:55 at this location

2:16 AM Annie: *location

2:17 AM Me: Right

Klovis: Who did you get the message from? Your girlfriend ?

Elai: It's actually a message from a friend

Elai: My main goal of going back to the club is to keep her from getting into trouble.

Klovis: Oh how cute! The boy will protect his girlfriend

Elai: If you knew her you'd know it's the other way around

Klovis: Let me see your cell phone

Elai: What?

Klovis: It's a standard security procedure that we've adopted since the team was assembled.

Joseph: He's telling the truth Elai

I handed my cell phone to Klovis and he spent a few minutes looking at the messages

Klovis: What video is this?

He then opened the video I sent to Annie and Joseph

Klovis: Holy shit! look at the size of this sheep

Elai: The best part of the video is yet to come

He then saw the part where I lit the cigarettes and Carmen inhaled them, he then laughed out loud like someone who hasn't had fun in a long time.

Klovis: Lunna! come here you need to see this

Lunna then joined Klovis and as soon as she saw the video she started laughing too

Lunna: Don't you dare delete this video Elai

Elai: Ok

After that a few minutes passed and apparently Lunna had already finished the preparations for her burning mixture.

Lunna: Well... It's all done, now I just need to put it all together and mix it up.

Lunna then takes a black paint and paints the bottle

Elai: Hmmm why are you painting the bottle?

Lunna: It's nighttime so she's going to disguise herself better and besides that it's going to be a spectacle like the transparency of the bottle can't spoil the surprise

Elai: It's going to be a shame I won't be able to see this

Lunna: Don't worry, we'll record it for you

Lunna: Well... It's almost time for you to meet your friend, do you want a ride?

Elai: Of course!

Joseph: I'll let Father John know you're gone back to the club.

Elai: Thank you

Elai: Take care bro

Joseph: I'll be fine, don't worry

Elai: Oh and tell Father John to remember the conversation we had

Lunna then hands the sealed bottle to Joseph

Lunna: Stay with Holyotov until I get back and if possible keep doing your thing about it

Joseph: Holyotov?

Lunna: That's how I decided to baptize it, if it's a success I want it to be known that way

We then got into the car and as usual Lunna took off running

I wondered what those tires were made of, they should have been smooth by the way Lunna drives the car

Elai: I haven't asked you about it yet but this car doesn't use a lot of fuel?

Lunna: You would be right if this was an ordinary car

Lunna: What I can say is that it's fueled with a special concoction that a close friend taught me

Lunna: He is known as "The Alchemist"

Lunna: He was the one who helped me improve the base Molotov mix to make Holyotov

Elai: He seems to be very good at what he does

Lunna: Absolutely, if he hasn't died from some kind of surprise attack he must be crazy doing experiments with demons

Elai: So it's safe to say that it won't be long before we humans build a solid base on this invasion is it?

Lunna: Don't get excited kid, just looking at the sky you should already understand that this won't be a week thing

Lunna: It's good to prepare so that the world you knew before is only in the movies and photos

She was right, I've been through so much that this last day felt like a whole month

I couldn't help but imagine what things would be like in 1 week, 1 month and even years from now

The way that Carmem and Ascla interacted with us humans made me aware of the infinite possibilities

I was also thinking about the angels, if the demons invaded our world what are the angels doing now?

But for now all I could do was survive and protect the people I care about.

Lunna: We're almost at the location your friend sent you, get ready to go down a few streets before

Elai: Why are we going down before?

Lunna: You're on an undercover mission remember? It would be great if no one asked you what you were doing in an armored Mustang with a beautiful blonde

Elai: Hahaha! You're right, I can't tell the truth and I don't want to lie about what we did either

Luna: 30 seconds to arrive, get ready

30 seconds later we stopped in a half deserted street, the few demons that were there didn't seem to care about us

Lunna: Take care kid, you're too cool to die for nothing

Lunna: And don't forget, if you can't aim for the head, aim for the chest

Those were some weird words for a farewell, her giving me advice on how to shoot was a sign that even on a small level she cared about me, was it because we're allies? Or was it because in the short time we spent together we became friends

Elai: Thanks for the tip, see you soon

And then she does a 180 with the car and leaves me behind with that famous smell of burnt rubber on asphalt

Elai: Well... It feels like I'm alone again, time to go to where Annie is

I walked those streets at a normal pace and it wasn't long before I found some occultists trying to subdue some demons

It was no surprise that the demons were winning, they looked like children trying to lasso an enraged bull.

"That's not my problem" I said to myself as I walked away from that situation, the less demons the occultists tamed, the less demons the church team would have to deal with.

It was even good that Joseph hadn't come along, I could imagine him dragging me to help that "helpless" group

I walked away and analyzed the place to practice the teachings of Klovis

Suddenly a demon that looked like a hybrid of wolf and monkey managed to get rid of the group that was trying to capture him and in an instant ran in the direction I was.

He looked at me aggressively but without attacking me, it was like he was waiting for me to do something

"Go away" I signaled for him to leave and then he stared at me until he switched sides and walked away

Soon after that an occultist came aggressively trying to intimidate me

“He was mine! And you let him get away, you shit!” he came snorting with immense anger

Elai: I saw how you were dominating him, you were lucky he for some reason didn't kill you

"Say it again you shit, I'll break you in 2" he shortened the distance in an instant

I was already out of patience to be arguing so I made the first move of the fight

I punched him straight in the nose, he staggered back a little, so I kicked him straight in the abdomen and to finish I hit him with the part of the scythe that didn't cut.

The blow hit him in the back and shoulder causing him to fall to the ground in agony

That obviously wasn't enough to knock him out but what I needed was just to incapacitate him so I could get out without being seen

I could see him fidgeting on the ground as some injured teammates approached him.

I increased the pace of walking until I arrived at the marked place

It was a small building similar to the one I took down earlier but this one looked like it was almost finished.

Elai: I think I should text Annie

2:55AM Me: I'm already in front of the building

2:58AM Annie: *Picture

2:58AM: I'm waiting for you here dear <3

2:58AM: Come soon!

Elai: Hmm... "Dear" ? Did Annie drink again while I was gone?

I entered the building looking for the place where she said she was

As soon as I got into the place I was surprised with a punch to the face so hard that I accidentally let go of my scythe and landed on my left side on top of one of Tyller's friends.

Then I was pushed, kicked and punched as I tried to stabilize until a moment came when I fell to the ground

When I felt I hit the ground I had a flashback of Klovis' class

“Get up boy! Do you think they'll wait for you to recover?”

I then rolled to the side and then I could hear a sound of metal hitting the floor

It was my scythe being used against me, as soon as I looked up I could see Tyller was using the scythe

“What the fuck is this Tyller! Are you trying to kill me?” I yelled at him as I wiped the blood from my mouth and got into a stable position.

“Of course I'm trying to kill you Little Chicken! Now just stand there while I slice you like a pig.” Tyller then advanced with my scythe to attack me

I dodged to the side to avoid getting hit while one of his friends tried to grab me

I defended myself from the grip so that he wouldn't catch me and get in the way of Tyller who accidentally fatally cut him with his scythe

Elai: Why are you doing this? Where's Annie?

Tyller: Don't call my queen by her first name, you worm!

Tyller: Where she is is none of your business! I won't allow your soul to interfere with my love for her

Tyller: Look at the ground, what you're seeing is a summoning circle, Lord Rickshark prepared it, so that with your sacrifice we could summon a powerful demon so that we would fight on his side

On the floor was a strange drawing made of blood that I didn't want to know where it came from, and around it black candles were lit.

Rickshark... From what Tyller said it was obvious he was with Annie, I couldn't just stand there, that meant I might still have time to stop whatever he planned to do with Annie

Tyller wouldn't let me escape the building so easily and I had doubts if I could run to the club even without the weight of my scythe

I tried to get out of the middle of that circle but there was someone in front of the exit with a knife in hand

I had to think fast, I needed more space, so I came up with the idea to test the armor of the vest that Klovis gave me

The occultist came forward with knife in hand and I purposely led his hand to hit me in the chest

I still felt the impact of the knife but used the pain as a motivation to try to disarm the occultist by repeatedly punching him.

He dropped the knife and I had time to dodge another blow from Tyller

I was being too lucky, it was time to stop relying on luck and take control of the situation.

I ran deeper into the building and some occultists followed me

I was already starting to be impressed by my stamina, was it because my body had recently undergone great physical abuse and was soon healed?

I managed to open a small distance advantage and then I started to hide between the columns and walls of the building.

The fastest occultist saw me hiding and then he advanced on me giving clumsy blows

It was becoming clearer and clearer for me to understand Klovis' teachings, although he took it easy on me his punches were far more unpredictable than the occultist's

I defended a punch from him and counterattacked with a knife in the abdomen then I pushed him to the wall causing him to hit his head

The situation had escalated quickly, I had just left a person in serious condition out of pure instinct to stay alive.

I knew what I had to do, I had no choice, if I wanted to get out of the building alive I would have to disable everyone there.

I took a deep breath to concentrate as more people arrived, so I took advantage of the fact that I was near the light switch and turned the lights off from where I was.

I memorized everyone's position before I turned off the light so it was easy for me to locate them after I turned off the lights

They were at 6 and they got pretty disorganized when the lights went out

At that point I should make time my ally, if they were smart they'd know I was in a hurry to get this over with so grudgingly I should go slowly down the enemy's forces

I spent good minutes until the last one after getting hurt decided to run away but what he found wasn't me but Tyller who was looking furiously in my direction, so much so that he killed the occultist without looking away

“I've seen you you little shit! You can stop hiding” he yelled so loud he started to drool

I came out of my hiding place which was 10 steps from where Tyller was

Elai: You know, if you want Annie's attention so much you should be doing just the opposite of trying to kill me

Tyller: Don't be an idiot, my queen just needs me by her side

Tyller: as soon as I summon the demon I will personally take your head to Lord Rickshark

Tyller: I will be worthy to join him and it will give me power and status to win Annie

Tyller: I can barely hold back the urge to take advantage of that little body of hers without anyone stopping me

He said this as his eyes grew wider and he ran his hand over his body like a psychopath

Elai: I have bad news for you

Elai: You'll have to kill me first before you touch a strand of Annie's hair

Tyller: This is going to be ridiculously easy to do.

I then threw away the knife I was using and teased him

Elai: What's up? Do you want to solve this as a man?

Tyller: No way

Elai: Me neither

Tyller then ran at me like a dog would run at a really big steak and I quickly pulled out my gun and unloaded the entire clip on him.

He fell like a bull after being stabbed in the heart dropping my scythe to the ground

"Welcome back" I walked to the scythe and picked it up as Tyller lay dying on the ground.

“How can this happen to me! My destiny is to rule on the side of my goddess Annie” he crawled on the ground that was starting to get soaked with his blood

“Rickshark… Did he lie to me? It can not be! He said that with demon blood no one in this world could kill me" he said in tears seeming to be breathing his last breath

"Wait a second! What is this demon blood story?" I tried to question Tyller but he was already vomiting blood and then he started to burn with a blue flame and he screamed until he quickly turned to ash.

Elai: Burn in hell motherfucker!

I didn't have time to celebrate my victory when I heard the sound of bodies squirming and rising from the ground.

Elai: Is it serious? From a demon apocalypse I was transported to a zombie apocalypse?

I was wrong, it wasn't just zombies, they had gray skin, their nails were black and their eyes were red

I had already spent an entire clip to kill Tyller, I couldn't spend more ammo for nothing, so I faced 1 to 1 the demon zombies

I had a theory, if they were like pop culture zombies what I needed to do was cut their heads off or hit their hearts

So I waited for them to make their assault on me, they all came together almost synchronously as they screamed

The way they came I wouldn't have the strength to hold my scythe after the first blow to redirect it in time so what I did was make a diagonal swipe from below to the top and spin around to maintain strength as I advanced.

Some demons went in pairs and others came alone but they all met the same fate of being torn in 2 by my scythe

After my attack I lost my balance a little making my scythe hit the ground, I got a little dizzy because of the consecutive spins but it passed after a few seconds

The zombies were on the ground still crawling towards the exit of the building

Elai: Looking at it from this angle I look like the Grim Reaper himself

Elai: Whatever... Harvest time

So I calmly cut off the demons' heads until there's no one left alive

“Church people need to know about this” so I took some pictures and called Joseph as I left the building and headed to the club.

After some time Joseph finally answered the phone.

Elai: Joseph! Put the phone on speaker and gather whoever you can from the team

Joseph then called Klovis who was near him and then went to Father John's office.

Joseph: I, Klovis and Father John are listening to you

Elai: First the most important news

Elai: Who sent me the message wasn't Annie but someone else

Elai: Rickshark is likely to have her hostage or worse

Joseph: Worse how?

Elai: I sent you some pictures of something Rickshark did with the occult members

Elai: As far as I know, this happens after you ingest demon blood

Elai: It's likely that Rickshark gave his succubus blood for them to drink

And then they saw the photos I uploaded

Klovis: You did a lot of damage there boy

Elai: If you hadn't given me that class maybe we wouldn't be talking right now

Klovis: You're welcome boy

Joseph: Are you okay Elai?

Elai: I was punched square in the face, pushed, kicked and stabbed in the abdomen region where I'm wearing the vest

Elai: So far I don't feel any strong pain but later when I rest I'll definitely be sore

John: It's good news to know you're alright, I'm going to ask Lunna to pick you up

Elai: No need, the more allies you have available on your side the better it will be

John: What are you planning to do? how are you going to get back to church

Elai: I don't know how I'm going to get back to church but I want to make sure Rickshark doesn't have a place to go back to.

Elai: I'm going to tear down that club just like I did a nearby building

Klovis: You do damage wherever you go boy, that way you'll become famous

John: Well... Good luck Elai, may God be with you, if you have any new news don't hesitate to tell us

Elai: Right

As soon as I hung up the phone I headed towards the club and as expected I spent a lot of time with Tyller so there was no one outside the club

I spent some time observing the surroundings to see if there were any entrances I hadn't seen

I found an entrance at the back of the club and apparently it was unguarded.

I reloaded my gun and sneaked in through the back of the club

I walked silently through the empty corridors and finding it strange the lack of people inside the club

"This guy is old enough to think of a good strategy, it's not possible that he hasn't let someone else take care of the club" I was already starting to get impatient with the suspicious quiet

I eventually arrived in his room and then the urge to loot his objects came to me.

I tried to open the door normally but nothing happened, that door felt pretty hard for a wooden door which I thought was weird, so I tried to cut the door using my scythe and surprisingly the scythe acted like a normal scythe

That had only happened once and that was when I used the scythe to cut the wood from its own handle

That meant the door had become a demonic object, so I remembered that he said he considered people to be tools

It was obvious that he would never trust anyone enough to guard his secrets, if he put a shield on that door it meant he had something so valuable that he himself would strive to protect

I was convinced there was no one in the club but me so I shot the iron door lock which turned a bluish tint like it was hot

It seemed that the bullet's blessing was conflicting with the door's curse, the blessing was weaker than the curse but the bullet's impact turned the tables in my favor.

So I fired 3 more shots at the lock and it broke and I was able to enter the room

I walked into the room and immediately rummaged through the drawers and shelves without finding anything that could be considered important.

Even money I found but I didn't think it could be useful in that situation

It was then that I came across a painting of him with a panther on the side, I don't think I noticed it before because of the tension I was in the first time I walked into the room.

I got closer to the painting and the yellow eyes of that black panther seemed to be alive when suddenly the painting moved, startling me in such a way that by pure reflex I punched the painting with my left hand.

To my surprise my punch made a loud bang and when I looked surprised at my hand there was my brass knuckle

I looked impressed because I could now "toggle" and "disable" the brass knuckle in my hand

I was wondering how this had happened while I was testing the knuckles' abilities

It appeared embedded in my hand whenever I gave a mental command, but it appeared in one hand only

When I was getting ready to punch it, it started to heat up, something that didn't happen before

After distracting myself a bit with the new surprise I had, I focused again on that painting on the wall.

I then focused energy on my punch to the point where my punches started to burst into flames and then applied the technique Klovis taught me to maximize the power of my punch.

This time what I got was much more than a bang, that painting cracked and shattered like glass, crumbling and showing a strange book in which the cover was made of a material I didn't recognize

I tried to open it but it didn't matter how hard I pushed the book it didn't even move

So I put the book in my pocket and started the fun part of my invasion.

I started by cutting everything in the room that didn't offer any resistance to my scythe, then I made big holes in the walls and destroyed the door using the brass knuckle

As soon as I left the room I started to damage the internal structures of the club until I reached the stage

There I plucked the woods off the floor, and gathered them in one place, then I took the drinks and poured them in places that wouldn't catch fire easily using a lighter.

I grabbed a bottle of vodka for myself as I went back to Rickshark's room to pour alcohol on his stuff and then I started the fire in his room.

The fire started to spread fast so I ran towards the main door and put more fire in the club

I left, closed the doors and stayed at a safe distance from the club when the idea came to me to record the club burning

A few minutes of recording later I got a message from Joseph

3:33AM Joseph: They arrived