Chapter 8:

Chapter 8: The Sisters o' Two Brothers

Beyond Waters

Lad, you've heard stories o' the tribe, haven't you?

"We're taught in school. I don't like them too much. They're scary.

Well, I can see what you mean, I guess. But back then I didn't realise how terrifyin' they were. If I could trade somethin' in exchange for that knowledge to be given to me back then, I would, an' I would in gramble.

So, every hour o' me magic practice I went to the Arch-Mage, yellin' at how bored I was. I wanted the trainin' to be over as soon as it could be. I wanted to try out magic. I was keen set on it, an' I wasn't goin' to let go any time soon.

Eventually the Arch-Mage came down from his study room an' out from his deep thinkin' hat an' scrambled out to see me.

- We should be fine for now. We're in a bit of a sea cucumber though. We can't exactly leave thes mountain you see.

- What? How come?

- Well, if we do, the tribe will come after us. We're safe for now staying here.

- What do ye mean though?

- I figured out what they are after. All thes time I was wrong—they aren't after me. They're after the pupils I train. They're practically allowing me to keep pets to feed them off until graduation. After said graduation they take them from my care and put them into their rankings. Can't believe I didn't think about thes before.

- Oh. Wait, if they know where we are couldn't we just hide somewhere else?

- No, they'll just catch onto our next location. They've probably planted spies amongst the people of not only thes village, but probably every other village too.

- How many people are in this tribe anyways?

- Not too sure, just know it's a lot.

- Fair enough. So, how long is this goin' to take?

- What?

- Me trainin'.

- Years probably.

- Years?!

- What, did you seriously think it would take less?

- Well...

- Listen here lad. It took me 5 to learn the basics. For you it should be a good 3 to 4 with your memory.

 - That long?

- Yes, that long. If you want to simply cast magic it'll take a year.

- How many spells are there?

- Spells are a while away for you yet. There are a lot of spells, don't focus on them for now. You need to first learn how to even use magic to begin with. The spell I showed you earlier was me just releasing mana.

- Mana?

- Magic particles.

- What?

- What magic es made up of. It's stored in the soul.

- This is more complicated than expected.

- You're not a kid, you should behave your age. In fact, how old are you anyways?

- 19 years o' age.

- 19?! You look like you're in your late 20s.

- Do I really look that old?

- Well, it's mostly your eyes. They show experience, and lots of it. You've seen many meet their end in your lifetime, haven't you?

- Yeah. I haven't exactly k-killed before. But I've seen murders happen before me very eyes. Me hometown wasn't the most peaceful. Me family were involved in a chain o' dodgy business, it was a tradition. I had a lil' sister. Me an' her said we didn't want any part o' our family's agenda. We were followed by some lackeys an'—well, our old town had a lot o' alleyways. We ran into one an' ran into a dead end. I managed to escape but... 

- I see... I'm sorry to hear that. I may be a bit crazy but... a family member es never easy to let go of. I'll always understand that. I too once had a sister. The war was a terrible thing. Nobody deserved to go through what they did. Unfortunately, whilst you may not have killed, I have. I was my own sister's killer after all.

- Ye killed yer own sister?

- It was a mistake. Me and my sister have different fathers. Her father was a coral. Plus, she lived in the Capital. So, in the end they were forced into war. After many years of not seeing each other, the next time we did meet was on the battlefield. And that too was the last.

- So that's yer reason for hatin' the tribe?

- I guess some part of me blames them for that yes. But it was my weakness that gave in to murder. I saw their blue hair and silver armour and didn't think twice. By the time I saw their face it was too late. Really, I hate the corals just as much the tribe. But I can't bring myself to hurt them. She was one of them. I can't hurt her friends. Not now. Not after all I put her old ones through. I'm surprised I made it out of that war. I always was left alone by my colleagues. But after those battles, I was truly left alone for the first time.

- It may seem a bit high o' me self to say this but... I think ye've done well to stay alone for so long. Don't worry though, I'll help ye out. I'll go as far to fight the Kraken for ye.

- That old legend?

- Don't take those words too seriously, but 'ese ones ye can, I'll try an' do me best to help ye. Once again, I can't kill a kid, but if it comes down to it... A tribe member won't be too much a cake slice to handle.

- Thanks. It's a little lonely up here, could use a bit of company. Some company that won't try to kill me for a change.

- Hey, ye're like the brother I never had, I won't not help someone with that kind o' similarity.

- You call me brother when we barely even know each other. An odd lad aint you? At the same time though, I think I'm a little too old to be your brother.

- Fine, ye're like a grandpa.

- I don't exactly want to be called a grandpa.

- Which is it 'en?

- True.

- Ahakakaka!

- Why're you laughing?

- Why else? Ye're a funny guy.

- Well, brothers have to make each other laugh, I guess.

- Ye're not wrong Ichlam, ye're not wrong.

Real Aire