Chapter 1:

You are weak


Someone was in the forest, and appear ing elsewhere, without understanding anything he wonders, if he fell into a dimensional dungeon? but when he looks at the landscape he sees a beautiful field with mountains and grass, the sky was orange, the purple rocks, he uses his senses to scan the surrounding area, then notices several scattered beings, so thinks this place is another dimension or another planet? When you question yourself with various doubts,

-these beings are not from my universe, their energy is different, some can't even feel the soul, but... my instincts warn me that no ordinary beings, some strong and some weak, who is behind it? Is he a God? A mistake in dimensional fabric, or a dimensional tournament dungeon? ahhhhh are many possibilities I will explore and see what gives.

When he turns into a human attacks, he swerves and asks - who are you?

The being responds

- I'm Hercules a demigod, your head will be mine.

He looks debauchery-like

-hahaha dude if it's crazy how well you see me and attacks me?

Hercules smiling talks about it

- You don't know where your fucking boy is?

With this he looks at him and analyzes the enemy and nothing looks like the laws of his universe, he ask Hercules

-what kind of soul is yours?

Hercules responds with an arrogant manner,

-hahaha as if I were a trash like you the only thing, I'm going to tell you is that we are not equal

The redhead thinks how I suspected him not and the same universe as me, probably should not have even a kind of energy in his universe, looking with a confident and superior face,

- Óooooo "herculi" by what I see his level does not come close to even aahandshake rank E. Hercules rages and leaves up screaming, -his insolent die!!!!!!

With several sequences of Hercules punching smiling like a psychopath as he gives the showers of punches, the redhead gives Hercules a snack, throwing him a little back, half-stunned Hercules thinks what happened??????

- Damn you used some illusion against me, I the mighty demigod Hercules one of the beings but strong would not lose to a freak like you!!!

Blue green-eyed redhead speaks

-illusion? Is this pain and blood on your face an illusion? I'll show you what illusion my dear is. Hercules to see being humiliated uses his best technique.

-Fury of Hercules

Then part with everything on top, the punch goes through the redhead's face and Hercules with a smile on his face thinks I come...., at the same time half his body was in the air and falling, Hercules see the underside of his body on the floor and does not believe what goes on in his eyes, then he approaches him lying on the ground,

- that's the illusion I told you, that you were never going to beat me.

Hercules then frightened,

-I just killed you with my Hercules rage my biggest punch. The Redhead begins to laugh,

-man your universe is that simple? You put a name on your punch but strong as if you were going to destroy a mountain.

Hercules then wonders

- You're crazy no one can raise a mountain so it must be an illusion I didn't miss!!!!

He takes Hercules by the hair and gets close to his ear,

-is my plate it seems that you did not understand the situation, from the level difference, until a shot is but fast than you, so in your perception you thought you hit me, your punch only had the strength of 3 tons this misery would never affect me, you are not weak you lack notion of danger ...,

Hercules screams

-my father Zeus is going to kill you!!!!!,

-cala oh it seems that we have a daddy's little boy here, but his soul of demi God interests me, Hercules frightened asks

- Who are you? I make a deal with you, let me live and will have the best women in the world and the position of my bodyguard!! All serious says,

-I’m Ren Dracae a Reaper, which impressed me in you that even party in half did not die.... But the Hercules of my world is not a piece of crap like you who throws responsibility on Dad's shoulder.

Ren then of his coup de grace and absorbs his soul, and looking to the side walk away, -I will investigate...

And disappears at high speed, meanwhile elsewhere coming out of a bush finds a lost girl and wondering

- where was she? This sinister place will be a dream? There's a lot of magic in the environment.

Then the girl walks out and see a person on the ground injured in the chest full of blood, with this she will run help, coming close she asks - what happened?

The girl answering

- I was attacked out of nowhere do not know what it was? Help me, please.

She lowers herself and holds the girl by the arm

- Hey, I'm going to stop your wound.

She then creates a flame and swerves the wound and then uses her wind magic to cool the wound and cool the pain,

-very well you held it well, what's your name?

- it's Lili Wartre, what's that you used on me?

The girl get scared.

-you don’t know what magic is?

Lili looks to the side

Idon’t know where I am? Never hear of magic,

The girl pronunciation with doubts,

-hey seriously you don't know? What do you use then...?

Lili speaks with doubts,

-it seems that this place is another dimension and by what you said our worlds the laws are different...

- The problem is, I don't know how I got here, in my universe there's no "powers" just super. Technology, I'm from the space confederation of earth 23.

The girl responds,

-ahhh now makes sense, you not knowing what magic is, not scared, I'm Sarah Uchiro an alien from the planet nerago.

Lili smile

- I've noticed you're not human, I'm going to use my identification device to see what universe this is, what? Wait for that guy who attacked me stole him from me!

Lili then speaks

-you can see if my bag is there, Sarah gets up to go to the place, then Lili goes up with a knife, and hits Sarah in the back the knife breaks and Lili gets scared, Sarah turns around

-you think I'm an idiot? I realized that your wound is fake and since you're from a confederacy you weren't going to be all kind to people you don't know even more on an unknown planet.

-so you’re not as innocent as I thought, how did you break the knife?

-I know that magic in your world is fiction and so deduce that it is equal in my world most most only know magic by movies and etc. you think that only foot use magic Am just a person with magic and fragile body you deduced wrong, now if income you have no chances.

-haha you think too much now taste the taste of my weapons! Lili materializes a bazooka

-this bazooka has the power to destroy a well-reinforced war tank.

Then she shoots Sarah, and gives Lili a blast to smile - haha turned ground beef!!!

Amid the smoke Sarah appears

- like I said don't confuse me with a fictional movie mage...

But since you didn't even suffer any damage????? Magnificent want this magic for me, -Magic is not easy to learn and you will never have.

Lili brags about saying

-with our technology nothing is impossible. When Lili goes to the immobilizer on Sarah's suddenly Lili is blown up, Sarah looks and screams -naaaaaoooooo !!!!who didit?

Amid the smoke appears a big guy laughing, looking at Sarah

-now now we have a snack here I'm going to play with you a lot, Sarah looking at that question - why did you kill her??????

- Why I wanted and this give points....

- What points?

- The fewer participants who know the better,

Then he disappears and appears behind Sarah and prepares a punch, Sarah swerves away from one and another hits her face throwing her a little back, the man jumps on her with a kick Sarah swerves his kick with his hands, and hits a punch in his stomach, but he swerves and takes distance between the 2, -you're very good girl but it's not enough so it carries an attack -energy blades! and shoots, Sarah strays from everyone and says

-the joke’s over

Then she uses her speed and appears from under the enemy damage a kick on her chin, throwing him up,

-what did you deviate from my power attack?

Sarah responds

-shut up,

And moves her arm and the man starts to catch fire and turns zinza, Sarah then thinks about what he said about points and participants and then she feels a strong magic and goes after, she deduces that it is even in another dimension and that here is dangerous, so running on the way she has a big surprise.

What’s that?

Elsewhere far from Sarah, spark of swords are seen, and several blows between 2 swords being exchanged at high speed we see a girl and an old woman fighting each other, the lady says

-your skill on the sword is very good, but lack a lot still girl, the girl smile

-every attempt I get stronger, and don't think grandma the old lady looks at her saying

-I'm the tenth samurai of the kingdom of myrts put yourself in your place, and tell me girl why don't I feel your chi energy?

What's that, ma'am? You haven't got it yet?

The old woman responds

- How do you behave a sword without chi energy? Only the swordsmen have these energies, without it are only normal humans, the girl uses her speed and hits the old woman but she defends.

-you don’t know we're not from the same world...

The old woman hits the attack to throw the girl back, and speaks all would be,

- So the rumors were true that demons are from another world, ran out of tea, girl you will be killed by me Mayuri Kim the top swordsman!!!!

Mayuri goes up on the girl

-I’m not a demon and then he strays from the blow.