Chapter 6:

Epilogue - There is Nothing You Could Do About It

The World Is Ending And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It

Then nothing happened.Bookmark here

That is to say, the entire planet exploded and then imploded and became nothing. Nothing happened.Bookmark here

I climbed out of my vessel and watched the last bastion of E-Arth’s people fall towards the blue pearl in the void of darkness suddenly blip out of existence. Everything that remained of the planet gone. Its moon returned to whence it came, the satellites that orbited gone, and the debris that orbited around the planet burnt to a crisp. Well, I lie. Not everything that remained from the planet completely disappeared. An flying box that advertised a red soda can that ceased to exist remained. But in actuality, nothing of significance remained.Bookmark here

How many times have I watched the planet crumble into nothingness?Bookmark here

How many was it this time? 5? 13? 37? I’ve lost count.Bookmark here

You can’t stop it, they told me.Bookmark here

It was inevitable they said.Bookmark here

But I did not want to believe it, I did not want to listen.Bookmark here

I’ve been watching this planet for a very long time. I was there when the rising ape was visited by the fallen angel. I witnessed the many of destruction that had displaced many of its inhabitants and worked together to build anew. I’ve taken witnessed of several wars, crimes, and oppressions and see humanity pull through with their resilience. Taking their first step out of the darkness and into the light.Bookmark here

That is not to say that I was only one to bear witness of the events on planet E-Arth. There’ve been many others just like me. Some with good will, others with ill intentions, and some who’re just looking for a good time. All that work we put in, gone. In a flash. All that hard work and effort gone. And at the last moment everybody scrambles, not to save the planet that we’ve grown to love, but to make a withdrawal as fast they can.Bookmark here

So, it’s just up to me to save and preserve this speck in the night sky. Every time, I reverse its destruction to the most peaceful of when this planet has been. Finally seeing these children finally grow into maturity as they realize that they can resolve their petty squabbles. Only to have it gone in a blink of an eye. I thought that once they reached a certain point, we’d invite them in with open arms. But as shown with this last attempt, it is fate that this will never happen. Every time it always ends the same. Being torn down by corporate because the money stopped coming in.Bookmark here

“Nobody wants to watch a planet whose people are at peace! They want conflict! They want wars! They want bloodshed and atrocities! They want blood hungry people vying for metaphorical control for a piece of land the size of a small water biscuit! They want to look down at the people and gawk and laugh at them for not being as intelligent as they are so that they can feel better about themselves. Resolutions should be short lived and perpetuate more violence! If it doesn’t excite the audience, then how can we sell travel packages and tickets to get people to travel to these sh- buttholes of the galaxy?”Bookmark here

It’s a shame really. Television has really gone down the tubes.Bookmark here

You’d think that with several years in the making that they just up and decided that the newest season of E-Arth wasn’t up to par and decided to end it reboot it instead of making do with what they have.Bookmark here

I take one last look at where the blue planet once was and climbed back down in my ship and drove away. Maybe I’ll come visit again.Bookmark here

I just hope that the tenants are considerably better this time.Bookmark here

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