Chapter 22:


The Rise of Outcasts

It has been a month since that chaotic night where our fates were decided. I and Valentino went to their headquarters as representatives of our country. Bookmark here

After some formal discussion and signing, they sent a huge number of workers to build a proper society and they did a lot of it in just one month. The rebuilding of the civilization was going with rapid speed. Bookmark here

They sent in a lot of ministers to handle the current affairs for the time being. As all of this was going on, we decided to conduct our weddings.Bookmark here

"Both of you look gorgeous." Marsia remarked. Bookmark here

I and Trey were standing side by side, wearing extremely well-made Tuxedos. I was wearing a maroon and black one while Trey was on a blue one with white designs on it. Bookmark here

Once things calmed down, I discussed things regarding dual marriage with Trey. He was a bit hesitant about it since he only said that as a joke but I went along with it. Bookmark here

"I literally cannot believe you actually went along with my plan…"Bookmark here

“Oh, come on. This will be fun but quite awkward as well.”Bookmark here

“Don’t laugh. I am already getting nervous.”Bookmark here

"Don't worry, we are in the same boat."Bookmark here

And where did you think we were holding that ceremony? At Lavister Hall, of all places. It was Fina's idea because to her, it served as a memento of our first victory. Well, whatever. I don't mind it, either way, to be honest.Bookmark here

"Alright, time to go, you two." Marsia gave us a signal and we walked towards the stage.Bookmark here

The crowd went crazy on our arrival. I could see Valentino, Aida, Sophia, Angelo, Coda, Orlando, Jeronimo and many other familiar faces. To my surprise, the four district leaders were also there, especially Magnum. She was pretty angry since I gave the order to blow up her district. I had to make a special apology to her to neutralize her rage.Bookmark here

Shortly after our arrival, the two heroines appeared, looking extremely beautiful with those white wedding dresses and netted veils.Bookmark here

My heart was palpitating with such crazy speed that it could literally burst at any given moment.Bookmark here

They arrived at the stage, and the formalities of the wedding began. Once that was finished, I put the ring on her ring finger of her left hand. Bookmark here

She gave a heartwarming smile. I went straight for the kiss. The crowd went crazy over that. Everyone was cheering on our rosy wedding.Bookmark here

“Shall we go?”Bookmark here

"Sure." I held her hand and went downstairs. Trey did the same. Bookmark here

As we were walking down the stairs, people started throwing flowers in the sky with sparkling smiles on their faces. Sophia was shouting my name.Bookmark here

I was not embarrassed during the kiss but Sophia made me feel awkward. Bookmark here

All in all, that was truly a magnificent scene.Bookmark here

But this was just the beginning of our eventful yet peaceful lives.Bookmark here

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