Chapter 8:

The War

Beyond The Flowers

“Lyna”, the deep male voice hissed.Bookmark here

Lyna and Arthur sat together in a small room on a small bed, along with Adele, Arthur’s younger sister. The female Anne had kidnapped. Bookmark here

Arthur was talking to his sister. Although, the conversation was very awkward. He hadn’t seen her for many years. The two were never close, his sister was probably two or three years old when Arthur had been left alone to live with Leonardo. The girl was now nine. Bookmark here

Lyna turned around, where she saw Jafar. The tall, handsome, brown-haired man stepped towards her, arching a brow. Bookmark here

Lyna stood up almost immediately, “Jafar—“Bookmark here

“Who’s he?”, Jafar inquired. Bookmark here

Arthur stood up, his red eyes now visible to Jafar. Jafar relaxed after seeing the young boys’ eyes. Bookmark here

“He was a Camellian. At the Orphanage.”Bookmark here

“A Camellian… at the orphanage?”Bookmark here

Lyna nodded. “He had been living amongst the humans. I figured him out after a… friend of his told us he had been feeling extremely under the weather.”Bookmark here

Jafar glanced at Arthur, who nodded after Lyna spoke. Bookmark here

“Alright.”, Jafar turned around, exiting the room.Bookmark here

“Jafar!—“, Lyna yelled.Bookmark here

Jafar turned around, raising a brow at the girl.Bookmark here

Lyna grinned nervously, “Well- I was hoping…”Bookmark here

Jafar stood, waiting for her to speak, “You were hoping…?”Bookmark here

Lyna looked up at the taller boy, struggling to find the right words. Bookmark here

Jafar gave the girl a smile, “I’m sorry. I have been really busy lately. I missed you, Lyna.” Bookmark here

Lyna smiled up at him, “Don’t overwork yourself…”Bookmark here

Jafar leaned down, placing a kiss on her forehead, “Don’t worry.” Bookmark here

And then Jafar left. Bookmark here

———Bookmark here

The group were in the forest, all of them dressed in loose white shirts with hoods on, to make it easier for them to move. Bookmark here

They had changed their plan a day before the battle, due to Arthur and Lyna’s betrayal, and Fleur’s passing. Bookmark here

They gripped their swords as they sat down somewhere in the middle of the large forest. It was night.Bookmark here

“Going over the plan once more;”, Anne started to speak. Bookmark here

“Jade, Leonardo, Benedict and Adam will be attacking first. Based on our information, there are six guards at the entrance. Whatever you do, do not look into their eyes, it’ll affect your behaviour. Cut off their heads to kill them, there isn’t a single possibility that they will survive beheading. The four of you can easily take them on.”Bookmark here

The four she had spoken to nodded.Bookmark here

“While the four of you keep the guards distracted, Aiden, Tyler and Theodore will go from behind. There’s a hole behind the tree closest to the edge on the right. The Camellia used it as a hidden entrance but after constant research, I found it. I do not know what is inside the cave so keep your guard up at all times,” Bookmark here

They nodded in response. Bookmark here

“Then, Javier, Marceline and me will enter from the front while the other four keep the guards busy. Remember our training, everybody.”Bookmark here

Everybody nodded.Bookmark here

Anne stood up, “Let’s go.”Bookmark here

Everybody stood up, following the woman. Bookmark here

Theodore gripped his sword tightly, his face full of anger. All he wanted to do was to kill Lyna.Bookmark here

Leonardo, on the other hand, was extremely depressed. He couldn’t believe anything that had happened in the past few days. Bookmark here

Aiden and Tyler gripped each other’s hand, scared this would be the last time they could get the chance to be this close to each other.Bookmark here

Adam wanted to go back. He wasn’t scared of the enemy he was approaching, he was scared of what would happen to Mary, the girl he had promised to marry. Bookmark here

———Bookmark here

“They will be here anytime soon”, Lyna predicted. Bookmark here

“Are you sure of that?”, responded Emma.Bookmark here

Lyna paused, before nodding her head, “I’m sure.”Bookmark here

“Why would they come now? After the betrayal of two of their most trusted companions , they must be spending their time thinking of a new plan.”Bookmark here

Lyna shook her head, “No. They aren’t like that. Humans are emotional. After I ki—…After I killed one of their loved ones, they will definitely come. They’ve spent two years preparing only to be betrayed, they’re not going to waste anymore time.”Bookmark here

“It doesn’t matter when they come. We’re prepared”, Emma responded, a glint in her eyes, “We’ll be free.”Bookmark here

Lyna nodded. Bookmark here

———Bookmark here

The children, elderly and those incapable of fighting had been evacuated, sent into the deepest part of their home, whilst the other fifty soldiers stood inside their cave, another ten of them outside. Bookmark here

They were prepared. What could a couple of humans do against the notorious Camellia? Bookmark here

“Are they all there?”, Jafar asked the male soldier next to him. The male soldier nodded, looking at Jafar, “Are you sure the human girl will not betray us like she did them?”, the male soldier asked. He had short, dark brown hair while his eyes were gleaming red, like the rest of the soldiers there. Bookmark here

Jafar paused, looking at the other male. After a short intermission, he nodded with a smile, “She will not.”Bookmark here

“I have never doubted your decisions, Jafar, so I will trust your judgement.”Bookmark here

“Thank you, Finn.”Bookmark here

Finn nodded.Bookmark here

“When did the five of them depart?”, Jafar asked.Bookmark here

“They left yesterday, so I expect them to reach anytime now.”Bookmark here

“And they are sure of the Orphanages location?”Bookmark here

“Yes.” Bookmark here

“Their orders?”Bookmark here

“To kill anybody left at the Orphanage.”Bookmark here

———Bookmark here

They reached. Bookmark here

They hadn’t been spotted by the ten Camellia guards as they stood within the outskirts of the large forest. Bookmark here

“Ten?”, Leonardo whispered. Bookmark here

Anne looked worried, “It is most likely because they know about our plans.”Bookmark here

Adam looked at them, “Don’t worry. We’ll be victorious.”Bookmark here

Jade nodded, “Of course.”Bookmark here

Aiden, Tyler and Theodore had already left to circle around the caves entrance. Bookmark here

Meanwhile, Adam, Jade, Leonardo and Benedict had stepped forward, visible to the hooded Camellia. Javier, Marceline and Anne backing away.Bookmark here

Nobody wasted a single second, the ten guards rushed forward, they didn’t have any weapons on them. Bookmark here

Adam and Jade were the fastest. The two sprinted forward, sliding their long, sharp swords as they decapitated the two soldiers closest to them, almost in sync. Bookmark here

Eight left. Bookmark here

Meanwhile, Benedict slashed continuously at the Camellian in front of him, avoiding the gaze of her red eyes as she dodged each slash, the enemy had lost an arm in the process which grew back almost instantly.Bookmark here

It was horrifying. Bookmark here

Leonardo was having trouble, two of the guards were targeting him as they rushed forward behind and in front of the boy. Leonardo was quick, he was able to stab one of the Camellian in the heart, which didn’t do much to her, but the pain was a distraction, so a few seconds after he was able to slide the sharp blade deep into her neck, watching her head thud to the ground. Bookmark here

Leonardo hated every second of it.Bookmark here

Seven left. Bookmark here

Benedict stepped forward quickly, only to step back multiple steps after a few seconds as the Camellian he was targeting closed in on him. Thankfully, before he could get hurt, his sword slashed at the waist of the Camellian, making her incapable of moving, after which he beheaded her. Bookmark here

Six left. Bookmark here

Jade and Adam were fighting off against three other Camellia together. They were easily able to slice off multiple limbs, making decapitating them simple.Bookmark here

Three left. Bookmark here

Leonardo was still having a one-on-one with the Camellian. His enemy was fast and dodged easily. Leonardo kept trying to close in on him, only for the roles to be reversed each time. Bookmark here

Benedict stared into the Camellian’s eyes, horrified. Bookmark here

The other three hadn’t noticed. Bookmark here

Benedict’s mouth was agape as his sword fell to the ground. Bookmark here

Leonardo, Jade and Adam looked back instantly, scared to death. Bookmark here

“Benedict!—“, Jade yelled, springing forward. Leaving the other Camellian to Adam.Bookmark here

Leonardo wanted to run towards him as well but the Camellian he was up against kept him preoccupied. Bookmark here

Jade slashed her sword, cutting the Camellian’s, which Benedict had been up against, head clean off. After that, she rushed straight towards Benedict, but it was too late.Bookmark here

Just looking straight into their red eyes had caused the young man to collapse. Bookmark here

Jade stood over the body. His rheumy eyes were wide open, skin pale and froth dripped out of his mouth. Jade gritted her teeth, tears swelling up in her eyes, but she held them back. Bookmark here

This wasn’t the time to grieve over the dead. Bookmark here

Adam had dealt with the other Camellian as had Leonardo. Bookmark here

Whilst the four of them had been occupied with the ten guards, Anne, Marceline and Javier had entered the cave. Bookmark here

Adam, Jade and Leonardo stepped towards Benedict’s corpse, nothing but pain written over their faces. Bookmark here

“Come on—“, Jade mumbled, turning around to face the entrance of the cave. Adam and Leonardo complied, turning around as they left Benedict’s body behind, entering the cave. Bookmark here

———Bookmark here

Before any of that happened, Aiden, Tyler and Theodore had snuck around the cave, finding the hidden entrance. Bookmark here

They three found it quite easily as they knew the location. It was hidden right next to the tree Anne had told them about, covered with dirt so it had taken a few minutes to dig that up. Beneath the dirt was a small door in the ground, Tyler had tried to open it but it seemed to be locked so he forced it open.Bookmark here

The door clattered to the ground beneath them, it wasn’t too deep below. It was dark, so they couldn’t tell what was hidden underneath. Bookmark here

They didn’t waste any time entering, they wanted to attack first for their own advantage. Bookmark here

The three entered, immediately raising their swords as their eyes adjusted to the darkness. Bookmark here

When their vision was normal, they paused, heavily breathing as all they could see around them were Camellia and their red eyes gleaming in the darkness. Bookmark here

Directly in front of them, there were four guards. Bookmark here

One of the guards yelled, “Stand back—!”, referring to the Camellia there who weren’t guards. Bookmark here

Tyler and Aiden were fast, together at least. The two of them speedily killed off the Camellian guards, the children that were present there stared in horror, only for their eyes to be covered by their mothers’ hands, who were also terrified of what the evil humans would do to them.Bookmark here

Tyler and Aiden looked around, there were about fifty other people there in the cramped room, probably seeking refuge. None of the Camellia looked like they were in a well enough condition to fight. Bookmark here

Tyler and Aiden gripped their swords, stepping towards the crowd as they were about to start attacking, but then they stopped abruptly. Bookmark here

“Lyna—“, they saw the girl, the murderer. Bookmark here

She stood there, her hood removed unlike the other people there. She stared at them in shock.Bookmark here

Theodore was behind the two boys.Bookmark here

Tears swarmed down Aiden and Tylers face as they stood there, frozen. Bookmark here

Theodore pounced forward, yelling pushing Lyna down.Bookmark here

Lyna fell to the ground as he did so, nobody tried helping her, they all just watched in horror. Most of them were either children, elderly or people incapable of defending themselves. Bookmark here

Theodore raised his sword, aiming for her neck. Bookmark here

“Theo—“, the girl croaked, tears in her eyes as she looked up at the green-eyed boy. Bookmark here

He gritted his teeth, his tears falling down on her face as he opened his mouth to speak, “You killed her.”Bookmark here

“I had t—“Bookmark here

“You killed her!”, the boy yelled, bringing the sword scarcely close to her throat.Bookmark here

“I had to”Bookmark here


Lyna furrowed her brows, tears streaming down her face, “Theo—“Bookmark here

“And then you almost killed me.”Bookmark here

“I—“Bookmark here

“I hate you. I despise you. I want you dead.”Bookmark here

Theodore brought the tip of the sword closer into her neck, only bringing out a tad bit of blood as Lyna winced at the pain. Bookmark here

“She loved you, you know?”Bookmark here

Lyna’s eyes widened at the statement, looking up at the boy, “I killed her—“Bookmark here

Theodore nodded his head, “Yes, you killed her. You’re a murderer, you’re a traitor.”Bookmark here

Lyna spoke, “I killed Fleur?”Bookmark here

Theodore dropped the sword on the side, burying his head into her waist as he wailed. Bookmark here

Lyna looked at him in disbelief, “I love Fleur.”Bookmark here

Theodore shook his head, “No—, you don’t”, his words were muffled as he covered his face.Bookmark here

“I do”Bookmark here

“Then why did you kill her?”Bookmark here

“I killed her?”Bookmark here

“Did they manipulate you? They did, didn’t they?”Bookmark here

“They manipulated me?”Bookmark here

Theo stood up, picking his sword up as well, “I will never forgive you, no matter what.” Bookmark here

Lyna still had tears streaming down her face, her eyes swollen. Bookmark here

Theodore turned around.Bookmark here

He froze. Bookmark here

Aiden and Tyler were holding hands, as they laid down on the floor together, eyes open and saliva bubbles falling onto the floor from their mouths. Bookmark here

Lyna was also staring at the corpses. Bookmark here

He looked to the side, an old woman stood their with her hood removed and her red eyes glistening in the darkness of the room. Bookmark here

Theodore sprinted towards her, slicing off her head and watching it land right in front of the crowd of ‘innocents’. Bookmark here

He cried and he cried and he cried as he annihilated each and every one of the fifty Camellian there, they were too weak to retaliate. Lyna watched in horror, but she didn’t do anything to stop it. She didn’t know what was happening, all she could think about was Fleur. Bookmark here

Theodore was practically showering in blood, he didn’t care. He didn’t feel any sense of remorse as he decapitated each and everybody’s head, whether they were a child or an elderly. Bookmark here

Lyna crawled over to the bodies of Aiden and Tyler, bawling her eyes out as she tried to shake both of them awake. They weren’t going to wake up, ever again. Bookmark here

“What have I done?”, Lyna asked herself.Bookmark here

Theodore and Lyna were the only people left alive in that dark room. Theodore walked over to her, biting down on his lip to stop the cries from escaping from his mouth. Lyna looked up at him, “Where is Fleur? Is she at home? Is she alright?”Bookmark here

Theodore dropped his sword, kicking Lyna’s stomach. Bookmark here

Lyna fell backwards, coughing as she looked up at the boy in pain. Bookmark here

Theodore gritted his teeth, kicking her again. And again. And again, continuously. Bookmark here

He then turned around to face Aiden and Tyler, walking towards them as he wiped the saliva off of their mouths and closed their eyes. Bookmark here

“Get up if you can move.”Bookmark here

Lyna looked up at the boy, he had a menacing look on his face. Bookmark here

Lyna complied, standing up as she gripped Aiden’s abandoned sword.Bookmark here

They opened the door seeing a truly tragic scene behind it.Bookmark here

———Bookmark here

Javier, Marceline and Anne entered to dozens of soldiers standing in front of them, their hoods removed so all they could see were red eyes. It was difficult to avoid their gaze. Bookmark here

“Just three?”, a familiar voice chuckled. Jafar stood in front, he was the only one with a weapon, examining the three people. Bookmark here

Anne grunted, stepping forward. Bookmark here

Jafar gripped his knife, glancing at it after which he looked back at the three humans, “I’ll give you terribly gruesome deaths”Bookmark here

Then, the three sprinted forward to which the others also reacted. Bookmark here

Many Camellia died almost on the spot as the three swiftly moved, but their numbers were limited. Bookmark here

After a while of only defending themselves due to their numerical minority, Adam, Jade and Leonardo entered shortly after, immediately joining them. Bookmark here

Javier stood next to Jade as they both fought together against two Camellia, easily being victorious, “Benedict?”, Javier asked, his voice trembling. Bookmark here

Jade gritted her teeth as she spoke beneath her breath, “With Fleur.” Bookmark here

They continued to fight against the enemy, it was difficult. Bookmark here

The knife pierced through Marceline’s chest, she looked at Anne who was right beside her.Bookmark here

Anne quickly beheaded the Camellian she was up against, looking at Marcelines body, Jafar looking down at the girl he had stabbed. Bookmark here

Anne’s eyes widened as she processed the scene, “Marceline—“Bookmark here

Marceline looked up at Anne, clearly in pain as she coughed up blood.Bookmark here

Anne bent down, ignoring all the soldiers that tried closing in on her as she stared at her daughters’ dying body. Bookmark here

“Miss Anne, it was an honour staying with yo—“, Marcelines words were interrupted by the blood she once more coughed up. Bookmark here

Tears streamed down Anne’s face as she gripped Marcelines body, “Marceline—“Bookmark here

Marceline sobbed, biting her lip, “I just—wish I could’ve met my—“Bookmark here

Anne paused.Bookmark here

“My real mother—“.Bookmark here

Then her body went cold. Bookmark here

Anne looked at Marcelines corpse in horror as she repeatedly told her she was her real mother. Marceline couldn’t hear her, Marceline couldn’t hear anything, she was gone. Bookmark here

Anne let go of the body as Jafar stepped towards her. She immediately stood up, her sword in her hand as she stared at the tall man. Bookmark here

Jafar smirked, looking down at her, “Sad”, he said sarcasticallyBookmark here

Anne yelled, attacking the brown-skinned man, he easily dodged each and every hit, “You’ll be with her soon. Don’t worry.” Bookmark here

Anne paused, she was vulnerable. Bookmark here

Jafar took advantage of this, stabbing her right where he stabbed her daughter. Anne smiled, falling to the ground where her daughters’ corpse was. Jafar grinned at the scene, “What a lovely mother-daughter relationship. They’ll burn in the depths of Hell together.”Bookmark here

“ANNE—“, Javier yelled as he noticed, trying to walk towards the body, but the Camellia weren’t allowing him. Bookmark here

Javier turned around, “Leave!”, he said to Adam, Jade and Leonardo.Bookmark here

The three of them stared in horror at Javier. They wanted to leave, but they couldn’t.Bookmark here

“Retreat, Goddamnit!!”Bookmark here

The three of them ran towards the entrance, feeling nothing but guilt at their decision. Bookmark here

Javier ran with them.Bookmark here

The Camellia didn’t try chasing after them, Jafar had told them to stop. Bookmark here

Before Javier could leave the cave, Jafar sprinted forward, staring at him dead in the eye.Bookmark here

Javier collapsed, he was a goner. Bookmark here

Jade, Leonardo and Adam turned around as they heard the thud of Javier’s body. Bookmark here

Adam rushed forward to him as did Jade. Bookmark here

Javier was dead, his rheumy eyes and the froth said it all. Bookmark here

Adam was the first one to attack Jafar, he was quick with his sword and he was also infuriated.Bookmark here

Jafar was faster, he easily stabbed Adam, multiple times, before turning back to the remaining Camellia. Bookmark here

Leonardo stood there, his eyes were fixated on something else. Somebody else. Bookmark here

Jade collapsed onto her knees in front of Adam and Javier, looking at them.Bookmark here

She was crying, she hadn’t cried in a while.Bookmark here

“Jade—“Bookmark here

Jade looked at him, sniffling, “Yes—?”Bookmark here

“Take care of Mary for me—“Bookmark here

Jade wailed as she nodded.Bookmark here

“Tell her that I’m sorry—“Bookmark here

Jade nodded once more. Bookmark here

“You promise?”Bookmark here

Jade nodded again, “I promise.”Bookmark here

Then a door opened, Theodore and Lyna exiting. Bookmark here

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